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  1. It's also good to change out the air in your tires from winter air to summer air.
  2. I didn’t think it was too difficult when I did my Rusty Hope upgrade. If you have access to a good drill press you can drill and tap the spindles without much issue. If not you’ll have to rely on a shop to do that. I think the spindle nuts gave me the most grief, but I made it work.
  3. I was out in the garage yesterday, shuffling things around and wrapping up a couple of smaller projects and I decided it was a good time to fire up the truck and let it run a bit. I switched on my priming pump for a bit, then gave it a crank. Fired right up and settled into a nice idle. To many other vehicles in the way to get it out for a drive, but it was tempting.
  4. Wasn’t a D25 an import version of the Plymouth P15 in Dodge trim? If so it’s likely the 25” version of the 230 CID engine. It may have come out of a Fargo, but it would have originally been in a Dodge car.
  5. That video is me. I didn’t have a YouTube channel at the time, so Tim posted it on his and shared it on the forum. Yes, the inner fenders come out, and in, through the top. It’s a tight fit, and you will need to wiggle it around to find the right angles. Be careful though. I ended up scratching the paint on the firewall a little bit.
  6. Good one Brent… Flights and hotels are booked. See y’all there…
  7. Nice... That's what we call a "DuPont Overhaul".
  8. I want to say 1 inch, but I'm not 100% sure on that.
  9. I wouldn't try that on our ice right now. It's been so mild lately that the ice is pretty soft, and disappearing fast. Our big sturgeon spearing season kicks this weekend on Lake Winnebago (largest inland lake in Wisconsin), and other upstream lakes on the Fox River chain. There is much concern about the ice conditions with everyone that will be out there.
  10. I got that from them a couple years ago and I downloaded everything I had there and saved it to an external storage. I then canceled my account with Photobucket. I didn't see enough benefit with their service to warrant paying for it.
  11. Good to know. All of the ones I've dealt with had conditioner.
  12. Those coolant filters used on diesel engines have a conditioning agent in them to replace depleted chemicals in the coolant to extend it's life and keep internal corrosion at bay. They may also do some filtering of debris, but their primary purpose is to recondition the coolant.
  13. Today's physics lesson... Basic Hydraulics... PSI = Pounds per Square Inch, or Pounds/Sq. In. I'll use a 1 inch bore and a 3/4 inch bore as examples. So first we have to find the square inch surface area of the piston using the pie are square (π × r2 ) formula. 1" bore = 0.5" radius. 0.5 X 0.5 = 0.25 X 3.14 = 0.785 square inches of surface area. 3/4" bore = 0.375" radius. 0.375 X 0.375 = 0.14 X 3.14 = 0.44 square inches of surface area. If I were to exert 50 pounds of force on the master cylinder piston with my foot how much pressure will be generated? 50 lbs. / 0.785 sq. in. = 63.7 PSI with the 1 inch bore. (metric conversion; 22.7 kilos = 4.4 Bar) 50 lbs. / 0.44 sq. in. = 113.6 PSI with the 3/4 inch bore. (metric conversion; 22.7 kilos = 7.8 Bar) So, as you can see, the smaller bore will create more braking pressure with the same pedal force. Or, you could say it will take less leg force to generate the same braking force. However, as alluded to, the smaller bore will move less fluid so it will take a longer pedal stroke to apply the brakes. So it comes down to will a smaller bore master cylinder displace enough brake fluid before bottoming out to apply your brakes safely, yet apply more pressure at the same leg effort? Or do you need a larger bore to get the fluid displacement required, and need a little more leg effort to achieve the braking force needed.
  14. Looks like someone may have cut off the back half to make a trailer.
  15. Hey Ed, you want to borrow my bucket seat for a test drive? ?
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