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  1. I run 235/75R-15's on my truck too. The trick is to only steer when moving. It will be very hard to turn the steering wheel when sitting still. But just ease forward, or reverse slightly and it'll turn. We're used to power steering where you can turn the wheels stationary without any effort. You just need to re-learn how to use the steering when parked, or when parking. Plan ahead a bit so that you can inch ahead slowly while turning the wheel. You'll be surprised how much easier it turns when the wheels are rotating.
  2. A face shield is very useful when pressure washing. Can be used in conjunction with sun glasses.
  3. Looks cool, but to my eye the base seems kind of small for the size of the top. How stable is it? Looks like it could tip over easily.
  4. I have a 3/4" drive torque wrench that goes up to 600 ft/lbs. It's about 3 feet long, or so. I used to use it all the time when I was a full time technician on heavy equipment. Now it mostly takes up space in my tool box.
  5. That would be for a front wheel bearing nut. The OP asked about the rear
  6. That bend in the tail pipe looks like it should be at the rear. What's the other end look like? Do you have the pipe reversed?
  7. From what I've seen in the B-Series literature, the 15" tires had a higher load rating. That's probably why the 3/4 ton trucks use 15" wheels vs. the 16"ers on the 1/2 ton trucks.
  8. I sent in for a build sheet on my truck a few years ago. I got a copy of it in the mail a few weeks later. They never did cash the check. I finally just deleted it from my check register so I could reconcile it easier.
  9. I think mine are Gabriel’s that I got at Auto Zone back in the day. They seem to be working fine, but I don’t put on the same miles as you.
  10. Both headlights on my truck are stamped “DEC 1950” on the back side. And when I finally got a build card for my truck it was built in December of 1950.
  11. Probably available either way, depending on the application. Same as the exhaust. Some may need down flow, others exit up top...
  12. I believe 80 or 90 gear lube has approximately the same viscosity as 50 engine oil. Gear lubes are rated differently than engine lubes, hence the difference in numbers. Why wouldn't gear lube work in the air cleaner?
  13. Merle Coggins


    Got some of them. Back in the day when I was a full time field service technician I practically lived in them all winter long. Wore out a few pair along the way... Can't beat them for keeping warm while working outside in the winter months.
  14. That was my though too. Having the air cleaner tight to the carb must have disturbed the base gasket, if loose. Loosening it up allowed it to settle back down. And YES, there should be a gasket between the air cleaner and the carb flange.
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