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  1. Your seat is a bit more elaborate than mine, and probably a bit more stable as well. Also, I didn't have my fuel tank installed yet, so I have a boat tank sitting on the deck next to me. I suspect that was a good 'Initial Test' of your brakes, getting out of the driveway at your old house. 😧
  2. Do it!!! LOL!! I had a bit of a hesitation with my carb tune, which created some interesting moments on my bucket seat, but it was a blast.
  3. I usually use my wire cutter pliers. Grab the end of the key as close to the shaft as possible with the tips of the cutter jaws. This will bite into the key enough to lift it when I pry against the shaft with the pliers. Pops them out almost every time.
  4. I also didn’t see it as a want add. I read it as someone asking for advice on where to look for the wheels he needed.
  5. What about adding an inline overdrive gear box, like one from Gear Vendors
  6. The wall of tools is just a distraction as I drool over the hoist in the floor. 🤩
  7. Just a quick note on the clutch job, if you're not familiar with these trucks. You don't need to remove the bell housing. In fact that would be a monumental task. Instead, remove the transmission and remove the lower inspection pan of the bell housing. You can now drop the clutch out the bottom of the bell housing. Flywheel too, if you are getting it ground for the new clutch.
  8. A saying I picked up from a previous co-worker... "If at first you don't succeed, a bigger hammer is what you need." 😁
  9. Front sump pans will have the dipstick tube attached through the block. Rear sump pans need a dipstick tube attached to the pan, the the port in the block gets plugged.
  10. Nice... That's either awesome planning, or just dumb luck.
  11. I got some DPCD key blanks for my truck a few years ago. I was able to have my local True Value Hardware store grind them for me. They warned me that if the key grind didn't come out perfect, and they didn't work right, they wouldn't be able to compensate me, or correct it. I trusted them, based on earlier key replacements, and told them I wouldn't hold them liable. They've been working fine, and I'm happy. Many places don't want to cut any keys that weren't purchased from them. That's one advantage of smaller town hardware stores where they know you.
  12. Ha!! The problem is that our stock is getting low too, and TP has been excluded from the company store at this time. ☹️ Good to hear that you didn't get shut down.
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