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  1. The 218 CID 8 hole flange cranks were used with FD so didn't require a pilot bushing bore. Any 218 I've seen with a standard trans had a 4 hole flange.
  2. Didn’t have much on the agenda with my truck for today. I was planning a bit of a garage cleaning and organizing so that we could get back to work on my wife’s Metropolitan. But since it is IWOYTD I figured I’d start by cleaning off the truck. It tends to suffer from flat surface syndrome. Then I decided to fire it up just to hear it run. That’s when I noticed that it did need a little maintenance. The battery was dead in my clock. I swapped out the AA battery and set the clock. As I was setting the clock I looked at my shop clock for reference and realized that one needed a battery too. 🤨 Before and after photos included to satisfy the rules of IWOYTD. I should have taken the before pic last week before I made a cardboard run to the city recycle center. It was piled up with boxes. Only 1 has collected since then.
  3. I made you do it? Makes it sound like I stood over you with a whip until you got it done. 😁 Did you find anything interesting in there?
  4. Maybe you could create a new thread and copy / quote her post to the new thread?
  5. The little tab at the end of the spring must hook into the points arm during installation. If not it will not offer any spring tension to help close the points. I made that mistake once and it took a while to figure out why the engine wouldn't run above about 1500 RPM. I eventually discovered my mistake and got it installed correctly. The copper strap offered just enough spring tension to close the points at idle, but at higher RPM they wouldn't close fast enough and would start to bounce, causing a serious lack of power as the timing was very erratic.
  6. You are correct. With a Positive Ground system the Positive (Red) lead of the meter would go to the ground side and the Negative (Black) lead would connect to the points wire from the coil. You're not really "reversing" the leads as Red is still going to Positive and Black to Negative. Some people refer to this as "reversing" the leads as they are used to putting the Red on the coil-points wire and Black to ground, which is correct on a Negative Ground system. Either way you connect Red to the Positive side and Black to the Negative side, so you are not "reversing" the leads.
  7. If you have all of the bolts removed it should just be sitting on the crank flange. It may have a bit of a rust bond holding it on. Try giving it a little love tap with a rubber mallet.
  8. Go to Then and Now Automotive for a kit for your fuel pump. https://www.then-now-auto.com/product-category/fuel-pump-kits/
  9. If you have a machine shop on base they should be able to fix the rod eye too.
  10. "Runs and moves under it's own power"... Doesn't say how far it moves, or if it'll stop. But it does seem to be a good start, and a good price for what it is.
  11. That lug may not be used in your application.
  12. For Hot restarts I find that holding the throttle open (about 1/4 - 1/2 throttle) will allow a quicker start. The fuel percolation issue pushes fuel into the intake manifold and the engine is flooded. Holding the throttle open gives it more air to counter the flooded condition and allow the engine to start.
  13. It's basically a short piece of heater hose.
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