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  1. Went to the Timken site, looked up 7216, Timken says it's leather.
  2. Sometimes you have to play Sherlock Holmes to get things sorted. Good luck.
  3. I did nothing to the sisson choke when I converted to 12v. never checked to see if the wire got hot though.
  4. Some of us have our quirks, I, for example, can be like a dog with a bone about things. Loren is a big fan of the original brakes. Maybe to the point of not being able to see another viewpoint on it. I don't think Loren was trying to denigrate you rather so much as point out a difference in perspective, shall we say? Me? I am doing away with drums altogether. I don't think any of the brakes that were available back then are worthy to be on my rides. But I drive them as a daily driver and am in the process of teaching my 16 yo son how to drive with the 51. I like my cars to s
  5. If it's the 9 1/4 axle the aftermarket came up with a solid sleeve/shim setup to eliminate the crush sleeve. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/yga-55048
  6. It should not have changed, but you should check it. Preload is set by using shims, spec is 15-25 in/lbs. add shims if it's greater than 25 in/lbs, remove shims if it's below 15 in/lbs. This is measured without the oil seal installed. So it might be too late, lol. The MINIMUM pinion nut torque is 180 ft/lbs, maximum is 320 ft/lbs.
  7. That is the preload on the bearings, not the nut torque. Preload is basically how much effort is takes to spin the pinion (without the axle shafts installed). The torque on the nut should be much higher. 180 ft/lbs per the Plymouth manual
  8. In the case of this picture, if the end play/preload is good all you need to do is replace the seal. Since this is setup using shims and not a crush sleeve it is a simple R&R job. Rockauto shows both the seal and a speedi-sleeve for this location. SKF18880 and SKF99187. The speedi-sleeve is designed to fix a scored or worn haft so the seal will seal, 37-54 non- 8 passenger and wagon applications.
  9. Pinion backlash is the clearance between the pinion and ring gears. Pinion end play is the clearance when you grab the end of the pinion and move it in and out.
  10. My SIL had issues with his Ram when the quicky oil change place substituted a smaller filter. Who knows what oil they actually put in it, he changed both and his error codes cleared up. Dealership wanted to change all that phasing stuff for big money. The factory TSB starts with "change the oil and filter and then retest first". Not sure I want that thin an oil myself. 10w30 works just fine for me.
  11. Modern PCV's are definitely not closed at idle, just limits the flow though. Not sure about the factory setup though.
  12. We just had a discussion about this very thing here. Turns out the clearances really are not any tighter, in fact the specified clearances for our 230's is a hair tighter than the modern 5.7 Hemi.
  13. the PCV acts as a check valve in case of a backfire, not sure you can blow that hard, lol. Any other time there is some flow.
  14. Maybe for the rings they are $200 a bore. I talked with him some months back and he was estimating around $4500, iirc.
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