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  1. I have been known to put the Texas Rangers on the garage TV while I am working on my cars. I don;t really watch it, just listen to it. takes me back to the days of my youth listening to Harry Caray shouting "Holy Cow" when the Sox or the Cubbies did something worthwhile. For sound in the Plymouth I added a couple of speaker to the rear shelf below the package tray and a bluetooth amp to drive them. I use the old wiper switch on the dash to turn the amp on/off. Unless you open the trunk no one can see anything. And when Zeppelin is blasting no one suspects the old car of rocking.
  2. The CP ones were made in Australia by Fountain IIRC, I think they are not longer made. You could try to email them polymuscle318@hotmail.com but that address is pretty old, not sure it's still valid. Edelbrock made some cast aluminum ones years ago, no longer made. So the only suggestion I have is to keep an eye on Ebay if anyone lists a set.
  3. Having served I can tell you that in Mil Spec speak expired means expired, if it meant inspect it would have been labeled inspect and given an inspect date. Mil Spec is pretty good about being very specific and not leaving any grey areas. MIL-STD-129P is the relevant document.
  4. Don't have a pic of the Delco cap, this is a Motorad but the venting setup is very similar. Looks like it might have a spring loaded valve behind those 5 holes.
  5. https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=4646622 Shows to be vented. Went to AC Delco's page, it give no specifications other than a picture and a listing of what it fits.
  6. Good tire selections are thin in 17's and even thinner smaller than that. And by good tire I like Michelin Pilot Sports, not BFG's, lol.
  7. AC Delco 12F7 is what I bought, the specifications do say it's vented. The old cap appeared to be a vented one as well. Inspection of the venting apparatus is fairly limited but I saw nothing obvious in either. I almost wonder if modern emissions regulations made a difference. There is no spec showing at what pressure it vents, nor do I have a spec for the original cap. So who knows.
  8. That almost 10 year old expiration date worries me though. Must be something about aviation types, lol. I was cleaning out the pantry and my wife had stuff in there with expiration dates almost as old, in the can it went. She used to be an aviation mechanic in the Navy.
  9. I plan to go with late model Crown Vic 17" steelies and moon discs. The Crown Vic rims because I plan to use Crown Vic 12" discs/calipers in the front and I know the rims will clear.
  10. Which brings up a question I have regarding fuel tanks. Mine does not vent. I bought a new vented cap and it still does not vent. On warm days you can heard it oil can when the fuel expands. Once I had gas shoot out when I opened the cap. Is this normal? If not should I add a vent?
  11. AC 588 Airtex 73201 Spectre Premium SP1296MP - available new
  12. pop rivets, lol, what genius decided that was a good choice. Pull the sender, drill out the pop rivets, use solid rivets. Of course you will need to use the right tool to set the solid rivets. If you already have an air chisel then Ajax Tools sells the rivet set that uses your air chisel to set the rivets. You can find them on Amazon as well as the rivets. Now I do have a secret weapon, my wife was an aircraft mechanic in the Navy and she knows all about rivets.
  13. A larger diameter crankshaft pulley will drive the water pump and alternator/generator faster. Assuming you don't change those pullets too.
  14. NP, I ran into this issue some years ago, pre internet, when the machine shop used anti seize on some ARP rod bolts when installing them. had to make a phone call back then to ARP to see what they suggested, their suggestion was to carefully clean off all the anti seize and use their specified lube at their specified torque values. I suspect that was the safe answer and with rod bolts that was probably the best way to go.
  15. For my 51 Plymouth, Flaming River says it uses the same adapter as my 65 Cuda, which tells me that the Cuda's wheel should fit the 51's steering shaft. It also says it will fit your 49. By implication the Grant adapter for my 65 Cuda should also fit both our Plymouths. Now will it cover all the gaps and work with the horn button? that is the questions nor have I actually tried it.
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