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  1. Here's the hose, overly long but may work well with trimming, seethe radiator end with the larger diameter.
  2. Ok, I got the outlet and the hose on hand. Just a couple of quick shots. I'll try to tackle it this weekend. Outlet, see the difference in height?
  3. Pricey, but is this the right carb for the OP? https://www.carburetorcenter.com/product-page/1949-1953-dodge-stromberg-bxves-3-carburetor-remanufactured
  4. Butch's kit left a bit of engineering to do. I would go with a universal engine mount brackets similar to these https://chassisengineeringinc.com/product-tag/dodge/ They also make universal transmission mounts, but if you look at the offerings you could probably fab something up easily https://chassisengineeringinc.com/product-tag/universal/?category=engine-transmission-crossmember Your biggest issue will be the exhaust clearing the stock steering box is you keep it.
  5. The two biggest issues with the stock front suspension are the upper shock mounts and the very short driver's side tierod assembly. Upper shock mount relocation is pretty common and well covered here. Though I found a set of stiff gas charged shocks that fit the stock mounting and seems a good improvement along with cut down Aerostar springs. The tie rod issue is probably best solved with a rack and pinion swap as in the first link I posted. Power steering could be added then. Adding disc brakes to the front is easy, several vendor's have kits, each have issues though. Rear axle will definitely need replaced which will give you better brakes as well. Explorer 8.8 swaps are common, several threads here on it and can be had with discs as well. I would not do a frame swap, but I don't weld. Same with clipping it. Rear suspension will need addressed, I can wheel hop with the stock flat 6 power, lol.
  6. Thought you were going with a Hemi?
  7. Hello, not sure anyone has put a newer Hemi in one on this site. There are a couple of members here that have done similar though
  8. No idea at all. I am a stick guy myself
  9. I looked at RA's listings for a 52 Coronet, all are Carter.
  10. Yes, I probably got more into my 51 than I bought it for and it's reasonable, to the extent that I have not and will not add up those costs. Otherwise I would pull my hair out.
  11. My biggest peeve is the people who apparently do not know that when you are merging onto a freeway you are supposed to either merge smoothly or yield. In the company truck I will pinch them off., same with people that wait till the last second to move out of a lane that is closed.
  12. Here's a clip of the Dynomax Super Turbos on a sound test setup
  13. Found a couple of Mopar flathead muffler videos. Dual Smithy's Dual Cherry booms, on a truck, sounds like a truck Duals, no mention of what muffler though Straight pipes (I like this one best, lol) Open pipes
  14. If a rope rear main isn't leaking let it be. Never wake up a sleeping dog, lol.
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