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  1. Sniper


    So I am watching Roadkill and they are in Darlington. In the museum, Freiburger points out his favorite exhibit, the winner of the first 500 mile race. A 1950 Plymouth.
  2. I was watching a Gale Banks video about his rear diff cover and they showed it what happens. But I imagine the bubbles should go away after sitting?
  3. Simple resolution, put some UV dye in the radiator. A UV light will tell us if it's coolant.
  4. Since they smell, look and taste different it's be hard to confuse oil for coolant. I have a similar issue at #4, no idea where it is coming from, maybe the oil bath air cleaner.
  5. You can believe that if you want. No way to test it though, Can't open it to get a baseline then put it back on the shelf. As for the tester collection moisture? Really?
  6. One fallacy in your meme, GL1 isn't cheaper. My transmission is 73 years old, I think GL1 has proven itself and I am in no mood to experiment. Net time you have gear crunch drain your ATF and put in gear oil. Bet it goes away, btdt. So much for "better". As for the rest of your meme's claims. Disc brakes are better. Electric fans save fuel and allow more of your of the flathead's meager hp to hit the road. Electronic ignitions are better.
  7. I believe 3% was the red zone on the tester. The fluid we used was Bosch ESI6-32, which exceeds DOT 5.1, $14 a quart, yes it was in quarts, lol.
  8. Just because something is new doesn't make it better. I give you gangster rap as an example, lol. Seriously, we drive 70+ year old cars.
  9. This past weekend I helped my son flush the brakes in his car. We used that pen to check the old fluid first. It said 2%, which was still good. We flushed it anyway as it was due. We tested it on the new fluid, it said 0%. The fluid we used was in metal cans not plastic bottles. Little known fact is that moisture can, and does, migrate into the fluid when it's in a plastic bottle and the linger it sits on the shelf the more opportunity it has to do just that.
  10. Looks like half the splines are wiped out. Probably why it sits deeper?
  11. Same way you set timing at TDC with the plug above #6 cylinder.
  12. If you brought him up right he'd know how to hotwire it, lol.
  13. How far off the ground is that lower control arm going to be? an inch? Will it hang lower than the scrub line?
  14. Yes they will, don't know if they have a minimum though
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