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  1. Links and Member Map are also off line.
  2. It's legit, I posted a while back two factor authorization (2FA) was enabled as a log in option for more account security. When I did the update it basically forces everyone to log in again and the option is presented at that time.
  3. First, unless you have absolutely nothing of value on your laptop, including any financial info, personal info, or doing financial transactions (I.E. BillPay) you need to upgrade to this century. Using WIn7 on the internet is a big security risk. Second, disk space and server space cost money. That said most home ISP accounts provide a free web server space as part of their internet package. You can use that, up to the limits of storage they provide, to host pictures, post the URL and they will display in the threads. Third, I can increase the storage available to membe
  4. If Lisa can get you access to his PB email registration account you might be able to do a password reset.
  5. Ok, I didn't click on the plus, just submit reply.
  6. That's Roxie at around 6 months. She is now as big as her step sister Sunny in this clip. sunny3.mov
  7. File is from iPhone, .mov format. I just dragged it to the section that says "Drag files here to attach, or choose files..." Clicked Submit and it unloaded and displayed in the thread.
  8. Lets see it this works... IMG_0083.mov
  9. If you can get the photos we can host them here for everyone. I need to figure out how to do an extra large gallery for all the images. Only issue is the photo links from the threads will broken but we can deal with that later.
  10. Following this line of thought, jack up both front wheels and do an inspection when the steering wheel is cranked over. If it only happens when cranked over something is binding.
  11. Standard 3 speed transmission?
  12. I've mounted them under the dash in my P15 and B1 horizontally.. Easy to get to, out of the way. I would avoid the trunk as I had one go off when a piece of cargo hit it. Big mess. I also use CO2 around the house, lot easier clean up if you use them. Also good for calming down pissed off rattlesnakes😀
  13. I just got an Ebay shipment from Israel that took 8 days. Two days were in New York clearing customs. I thought that was pretty good.
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