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  1. Excellent Idea, too late for this year? Or make it Feb to Feb 2021?
  2. I'm pretty adamant about doing backups on everything. The one lesson I learned working in computer industry since the early 80's is backups are your very best friend!
  3. What was suppose to be a couple minor web server configuration tweaks by the ISP turned into a total disaster. We ended up having to restore from the previous day backup twice as we managed to break the first restore with another issue. ๐Ÿ˜ž We identified some/most of issue(s) causing the outage but still don't know why it is causing the problem. Will probable revisit on Tuesday or Wednesday next week in a more scheduled (and announced) manner as I still need to resolve them for the longer term.
  4. Good question. Let me look through the admin stuff to see if an "offline" or "On vacation" banner is available. I have installed a new yellow sticky note option that I'm still testing and maybe that can be tied to an individual user name.
  5. Got another one for breakfast this morning! ๐Ÿ˜€
  6. I think we have a copy of this in the Downloads section.
  7. for you recent donation! Any help is always appreciated and goes a long way to helping keep the site going. Thank you again, GT
  8. Only admins or moderators have that access. However if you want full control of a thread sign up for a blog. You then have the option to approve what gets posted before it is published.
  9. The site has been online now for over 20 years! Our average uptime for the last 6 months has been 99.96%. We are rapidly approaching 11,000 registered members. In November 2019 we had a record 4.68 million hits, with the site averaging over 4.5 million hits for the last 12 months. The great thing for me is in the last 20 years I have had to permanently ban less than 5 members total! They shows the respect for our fellow members even when we disagree. I've tried to make it easier for new members to sign up but we still have to have some security tests in place to stop the omnipresent spammers. What I hope to see in 2020 is more members providing reference material we can store and share in the Downloads section. Basically building a vintage library reference center for all to use for free. And we have some new feature planned for 2020 so keep checking back. Lastly, like everything else, costs keep going up. Now the site is on a larger dedicated server with additional security to make sure you have a responsive and safe browsing experience. (We sometimes see up to 500 users online at a time) If you would like to help the site financially consider buying a logo cap or P15-D24 decal, or making a donation. Just click on the Store tab and make you choices. And let me know if there are any specific enhancements you would like to see. Lastly everyone have a great 2020!
  10. Nothing better than fresh gopher in the morning... Ok. I'll stop ๐Ÿ™‚
  11. Julius at work... Him helping with one of the woodpeckers destroying my house rafter tails! Also caught 2 gophers and one mouse this week. And yes that was him growling at me. IMG_0043.mov
  12. Show your shop cats! Sounds like a purrrfect idea to me!
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