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  1. I'm pretty sure you can drive them through. Probably a lot of gunk on the inside blocking them. Would apply a lot of lube to get them loosened up.
  2. How are you measuring the oil pressure, stock gauge or external gauge?
  3. Post a pic of the bell housing. Or take the clutch pan off and post what is inside.
  4. What exactly are you asking about in the picture?
  5. Just a reminder, the ads make this site free to everyone.
  6. Also the FD transmission has a different bell housing. Post a pic it you can.
  7. Did you replace the cam bearings? Did you plastigauge the main bearing while doing the assembly?
  8. I could set it up to present all the content in a Pilothouse section. I just need the source files and images.
  9. Welcome to the site! Great project!
  10. According to my records P15-D24.com launched 24 years ago today! Now with over 12,000 registrations thank you for making it such an ongoing success today! GT
  11. Again, they are not split rims, they are lock ring rims. Most automotive tire shops don't know the difference. As Los says go to a truck tire shop. They deal with this kind of rim all the time. You will need flaps and tubes. Size is pretty unique, I don't think you will find a easy more modern rim to swap. Stockton Wheel makes a updated replacement but big $$$$. as Los mentioned if they are in good shape it shouldn't be a big deal. You also might want to consider bias ply as finding the narrow size will be easier. I have 225x16 on my B1C and I wish I had gone with 215 instead. 265 are overkill. Stock bias is like a 6.00 or 6.50 which will crossover to 205 or 215 radial. Check the tire section in this page. https://p15-d24.com/page/p15d24/tech/enhancements.html/. WIth no power steering those big wide radials will be tough to steer at lower speeds.
  12. Well you have 1 ton model, with a later Plymouth engine. Usually they are 230 ci but that engine may be a 218 ( I don't have my reference book near by). Looks like someone started a 6 to 12 conversion but didn't really finish the job. Is the battery in it a 6 or 12? It should be under the drivers side floor panel.
  13. I just sent him an email but I don't think it will work because the email uses the old domain name.
  14. First off great call re the Wayback Machine! Perhaps we can make this a community project. First we have plenty of storage available at p15-d24 to store all the DPETCA content online in the Downloads section. Next if individual members can volunteer to download a couple articles from the Wayback Machine, post a list of which ones they have downloaded (so we don't get a bunch of duplicates) and then upload to the Downloads section we may be able save most of the content. Anybody willing to volunteer?
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