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  1. I have an air hose reel in my garage which recently wouldn't stay in lockdown position. No name on the reel only a small sticker with a model number and S/N. Google search suggested it might be a Sears product (parts not available) or maybe Reelcraft. However a search of the Reelcraft website didn't have the model number. But the website listed a Customer Support number so lI figured I would give it a try. First, a live person answered on the second ring! She confirmed it wasn't one of their standard model numbers but asked me to hold on so she could check a cross reference to OEM models the
  2. FYI, your are totally welcome here but the best site for PowerWagons is https://www.dodgepowerwagon.com. The forum software is a bit dated but the owner, Joe Cimoch, has been running the site as long as this one. It is a great resource for Power Wagon owners. A lot of the 2WD and 4WD does cross over so stick around and join the conversation. We have a few Powerwagon members that chime in quite often. And again welcome to the site!
  3. Second the issue with the cutoff switch.
  4. Another Drill Doctor user. Little bit science and art and learning to use it but I've had good results. I would avoid the cheapest, low end models.
  5. Remove the front valve cover and set it so #1 is TDC. Confirm the exhaust valve starts to open as you continue turning the engine over by hand. If I remember the spec correctly it should start to open around 12 degrees ADC. (Check the shop manual for the exact spec) If it isn't correct the timing chain is installed incorrectly. If OK back up to TDC for #1, pull the distributor cap and it should be around 7:00. If it is off 180 degrees, pull the distributor and rotate to the correct location. If neither, oil pump is not correctly installed. Need to pull it and rotate so the distributor drive
  6. We checked it out last night. Clear cool night on the coast starting with a beautiful sunset! Was hoping to be able to see Saturns rings with my binoculars but could only pick out some of the moons around Jupiter. If you can get to a telescope it's worth the effort. If you check YouTube for will find a couple streams of telescope images live. Just do a search .
  7. Many years ago I working the booth at a trade show and the company next to us did explosive welding. Didn't think much about it until I started looking at the samples on the table (It was a really slow show) and a sample of aluminum welded to bronze caught my eye. Wait a minute, how did you do that? He explained the process and and noted production days were a lot of fun with all the explosions! Customers were mostly military contractors who needed weird hybrid materials.
  8. Found it! It's uploaded now in the Downloads section.
  9. I have a set of factory instructions for the Ammco unit somewhere. If I can find it I will post it in the Downloads section.
  10. Agree, check the oil lines. I had one crack and it was leaking a quart every 30 seconds.
  11. Yes they should but don't bet on it. Better to have spares than trying to find some after the fact. Check you PM, just sent you the Hollander info on your block choices.
  12. That's good, gives you more choices. Is this a standard 3 speed? Standard clutch, fluid drive or Hy-Drive? Make sure you get all the rod and main bearing caps back.
  13. Hummm, that number shows up as a head casting number. Let me check another reference book.
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