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  1. P15-D24


    Previous post deleted due to political content.
  2. A crisis seems to always bring out the bottom feeders so if you get any "special offers" in your email because you are a p15-d24 member, it is a scam. Don't open it and delete it immediately or let your anti virus software dispose the file. Any offers, promo and such will be announced here first and always come from the p15-d24.com domain in the the email address. Be safe in your health and online!
  3. Template is on the downloads page.
  4. Skip the /6, just do the 318.
  5. P15-D24

    VW owners

    Had a 66 bug, got it for $300 cause it was "dead". Presale check out revealed a dead coil. Drove it for years around town. Back in those days, 1975, you had to put on a NOX device under the carb to pass smog. Made the car run like crap.First thing after getting your smog sticker was to remove the NOX device till next year.
  6. I'v used the Allison/Crane Cams optical kit for decades. Never had a problem and you don't destroy your original ignition. It can easily be converted back to stock in the future if ever desired. Only issue is they no longer make a 6 v Pos ground version. But if your going 12 volt highly recommend.
  7. Just a reminder, if you use two factor authentication the answer field is case sensitive. For example, if you entered an answer that began with a capital letter you must type in the capital letter in the answer field or you will get a recognition error.
  8. T think you are correct about using excerpts. However things like a whole chapter I pretty sure would require permission.
  9. Are you the author? I think it has a valid copyright which may restrict use.
  10. for your recent donation. Apologize for the late acknoledgement but the recent site issues had me pretty distracted. Again thank you for the financial help!
  11. for his very generous donation to the forum! JB is an active participant on the site and I look forward to his helpful input. Again, thank you for the donation!
  12. Check you private messages.
  13. Excellent Idea, too late for this year? Or make it Feb to Feb 2021?
  14. I'm pretty adamant about doing backups on everything. The one lesson I learned working in computer industry since the early 80's is backups are your very best friend!
  15. What was suppose to be a couple minor web server configuration tweaks by the ISP turned into a total disaster. We ended up having to restore from the previous day backup twice as we managed to break the first restore with another issue. 😞 We identified some/most of issue(s) causing the outage but still don't know why it is causing the problem. Will probable revisit on Tuesday or Wednesday next week in a more scheduled (and announced) manner as I still need to resolve them for the longer term.
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