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  1. On a more serious note, we are seeing very high "guest" activity which usually means an attack. At the time of this message we have nearly 650 "guests" trying to access the site. So just a reminder password security is very important.
  2. Post the casting numbers on the side. Their is a list of them in the Downloads section.
  3. To set up go to "Account Settings" under your user name in the upper right hand corner. Select "Settings", "Account Security" and either "Choose New Answers" to enable or "Disable this method" to skip.
  4. I've been increasing security setting for the site to make sure it stays a safe place to visit. No threats have been seen but I want to be proactive to reduce the possibility in the future. Part of that is adding two factor Authentication at log in. For registered members it is optional. It you decide to use it you will set up answers to a set of individual security questions that will be prompted at login in. If you have "Remember Me" set for login you will NOT be prompted for the questions. While we actually store very little personal member information it is still a best practice to use two factor authentication as it helps not only protect your account but also the site from potential attacks. And after the initial set up it is a painless process, only needed if you are using new new devices or have totally logged out. I strongly recommend you use it moving forward! Thank you, GT
  5. JB, I would do a Google search with site: p15-d24.com shifter column The thread number is no longer valid as it is over 4 years old and used the old forum format. Google actually does a pretty extensive index of the entire site (it has a special "backdoor" for it's search engine) and it is the best way to pull up really old threads.
  6. P15-D24

    Extra wheel

    Best to post a parts wanted ad please. They are free.
  7. Missed us in Santa Barbara County. Had outages to the north and south however. I purchased a tri fuel generator 6 or 7 years ago thinking I would only need if we had a major earthquake down south that took out the power. (We have only one supply line coming in from the south over the mountains.). It's been getting plenty of use with the fires, floods, maintenance downtime and now the shutdowns!
  8. Wow, you all do a great job!
  9. You are not the only one unhappy about the change. The IPS support forums have quite a few comments about this issue from admins of other sites. IPS responded that it was done to improve performance and currently have no plans to bring it back. Sorry.
  10. The errors in my admin center didn't show up till this morning, had to do with the first of the month. I'll keep an eye on it for the next couple days but I'm pretty sure the problem is fixed. We will be doing a maintenance/security update later this week or early next week. I hope it goes more smoothly than the last one!
  11. And they were stuck in the outbound queue. Looks like it running correctly again but you may have been recently delivered some delayed emails from a few days ago.
  12. This has the information http://p15-d24.com/page/p15d24/reference/p15_spotters_guide.html/
  13. In the Downloads tab their is a document called CHRYSLER-DODGE Block Forge By Numbers.PDF Might find it helpful.
  14. Low pedal height is shoes out of adjustment. Multiple pumps to get full pedal is air in the line.
  15. Pressure bleed them.
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