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  1. Sorry I couldn't make but I did get a trophy! Thank you ! 😀
  2. Yep they were available in both the 8" bed and shorter bed. They also had a 20" wheel option for the dually set up.
  3. Space Is Still Available, Jump Over To The Store To Get your Free Ticket! Join Forum member Chris Bamford and good buddy Jerry de Jong on an epic two-week road trip past the Arctic Circle and up the ice to Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories, following the most northerly road in mainland Canada. Minus 35° weather? Got it. Stolen gas? No room at the inn? Narrow gauge railways? All that and more. Car troubles? You'll have to watch and see... They are travelling by vintage flathead of course, specifically Chris' ratty original '47 D25 Canadian — owned by him for almost 30 years and washe
  4. Are ads displaying? If so they are usually the culprit. They load off different remote servers and can bog down slowing the main page load.
  5. Lee, if your looking for parts please use the Classified Wanted Ads: https://p15-d24.com/classifieds/ They are free for wanted ads from members.
  6. The 2021 AC Regatta is going on right now. NZ is the defender while Italy is the challenger. (US didn't make it through the challenger round robin and almost sunk in one race when they got airborne and blew open a large hole in the hull upon landing.) Just more boring slow sailboat racing, right? NOT! This year they are using 75 foot long mono hulls on foils. They fly above the water. They weight in around 17,000 pounds and are reaching speeds in excess of 50 knots. (57 mph) in 15 knots of breeze. Three times faster than the actual breeze. Tonight may be the last night or it ma
  7. I don't expect any issues but if you see any new unusual behavior let me know at info@p15-d24.com.
  8. Actually surprised you had so much trouble getting one. McMaster Carr has all three styles of taps listed in that size with no warning about availability. Not cheap (175.00) but available. I would bet any of the other industrial supply houses like MSC would also have them.
  9. Working at keeping the mice away!!
  10. P15-D24


    Got my first shot today. Appointment was at 2, arrived at 1:55. They had an army of volunteers directing cars, checking people in and getting shots. Hundreds of cars moving through the parking lot at any given moment. Didn't even have to get out of the car. I was finished and pulling out of the parking lot at 2:15.
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