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  1. If you car is a daily driver Dot 3 will work fine. If it is an occasional weekend driver switch to Dot 5 and you brake jobs will last a lot longer. When Dot 3 brakes sit they tend to have corrision issues, like rust and leaks in the wheel cylinders. Remember if you switch to Dot 5 you really need to switch out everything with rubber and flush steel lines.
  2. I think I have some left. PM so I don't forget.
  3. I started a while back trying to bring some of the content over with Bob's approval. However I didn't have direct access to the source files and the browser used for displaying the image files appears to downsample the images quite a bit. The result was a very poor render of the image files and I stopped. I do think would be a great idea to get all the content moved over so it doesn't vanish forever and I would be more that happy to roll it into this site. I haven't communicated with Bob in years but if some of you have maybe contact him and see if he would be agreeable to moving the. entire
  4. Is the noise coming from the clutch area or pedal area?
  5. Have to agree. I have had good luck with USPS flat rate, but two month's ago I had to 2 day ship some documents to my dad's estate attorney. Three weeks later they finally arrived and then they charged me $1.88 for additional postage! Been using UPS instead, more expensive but no delivery issues so far.
  6. Please keep it civil in the replies.
  7. And expensive!
  8. The worse is the Office ribbon. Every major version they move something. I use to be pretty proficient on Word 5 & 6, but now most of the time now is I know Word will do this but how. Lots of Google searches! (Yes I had to use it in business for nearly 30 years and old habits die hard)
  9. Looks like most of the "new" Windows stuff is user interface stuff, like rounded corners on forms. Also known as lipstick on a pig.
  10. FYI Mac updates have been free since 2013, so yeah more cool free stuff.
  11. You are better off just making one with a dial indicator. Use search to see how others have done it. You can start here.... https://p15-d24.com/page/p15d24/tech/brakes.html/ in the brake shoe adjustments section towards the bottom. One other point, have you turned your drums to make sure they are not out of round? Even with a correct gauge it the drums are out of round you will never get them adjusted correctly.
  12. Well the ads basically pay the bills and that's it. I don't really expect an "income' from the site, it's just too narrow in focus. Traffic has been slowly going up but the bills also do the same thing. As for me I'm now retired but started in technology sales in 1983. As in the last century when computers were still using punched cards!
  13. So IPS (the forum software vendor) is releasing an update soon that will have a new capability called "Achievements". Basically the more active you are in the community you gain points that can result in rewards. Rewards could be different types of recognitions like badges on your profiles or posts. I'm thinking something a little more tangible, like additional free disk storage quota. Again rewards are based on different types of activity like posting threads, liking posts, responding to or following threads. Inquiring minds might be thinking "But doesn't additional storage cost you money?"
  14. From the hosting ISP: This maintenance is necessary to install a critical security patch. Downtime is expected to be less than 10 minutes.
  15. I will check again to be sure, but Hollanders Interchange does not show that as a distributor you can swap in.
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