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  1. I approve! some year im going to have to attend
  2. I did nothing to my truck. i had to walk around it to get tools but i looked at it. i have a guy coming out thursday to finalize the details on my new garage. by the end of the summer the truck will be back home in its new spot and maybe ill be able to work on it then!
  3. zero progress since spring of '19 im not a cabinet maker, i had no idea they needed turbos!
  4. im sure you already know this but make sure the center section of the turbo, the oil drain points straight down. ive heard you can get away with the 5 o' clock to 7 o' clock range but too much and the oil seals can blow out making a smokey mess. Ive never reclocked a turbo housing so im no help there. *i really need to make a trip over some sunday after the BBQ so i can see the progress!!!
  5. plane tickets purchased. looking forward to it already!
  6. if you're looking for replacement parts try Bruce horkey. He has a good selection of box parts
  7. Something to think about that i didnt see mentioned is wheel bolt pattern. i dont know what it is for the 1 ton axle but i know its larger then my half ton. next question is if you put something modern in are you going to care about dealing with 2 different wheels incase of a flat tire. How about the looks of the different wheels? the wheel backspacing will likely be different so think about that when looking at fender clearances and suspension movement. What gear ratios are available for the new housing you just picked and will that get you where you want to be with the size of tire? Theres free gear ratio calculators available. Grimm Jeeper comes to my mind first. Thats what i used. I thought about all these things and realized i wanted to upgrade all these other things in the drivetrain as well so ended up with a Fatman IFS and an 8 3/4" rear end. Definitely not the cheapest route but this way i solved all my current issues with the truck and hopefully all future ones that might pop up? Good Luck!
  8. I go every year. i preregister my truck even though i know im not going to have it there. they just raised the preregistration price to $40 this year which probably means the spectator tickets are also going up this year. So i have to make an educated guess based on last years prices but when you preregister they give you 2 buttons so you can come and go as you please all 3 days of the event. If 2 people go only 1 day its cheaper to buy tickets at the gate. if both people go 2 days its cheaper to preregister a vehicle regardless if you drive it there or not but at least i have the option to drive inside if i wanted to. The break even point used to be between 3 and 4 tickets at the gate. Then if you go 3 days the cost to preregister really goes down. Now if you drive your vehicle inside the fair grounds you can bring a cooler with you, a little grill and food, or make sandwiches. now your not forced to buy expensive food and drinks on top of it. The last year that i drove my truck in was 2015 and we did bring a cooler and chairs. My girlfriend and i make a point to go 2 days which is usually enough for me. sometimes ill go back a third day, but i found it easier and less stressful to just drive a modern car then driving my truck on the freeway. Thats my$.02 but i look forward to 50s every year!
  9. ill take a picture and attempt to upload it. my 49 had the fatman welded in next to the stock crossmember.
  10. ^^^ I agree i have changed directions with my truck but i to was going to go this route years ago. 97-01 jeep cherokee is the best but honestly the flathead dont make more torque then the stock jeep does so any year 84-01 will be fine
  11. its looking fantastic! i need to make time to stop over and check it out in person,
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