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  1. It sure is! It's been in use ever since it showed up. I've got a little over 5,000 miles on it now since I got the truck on the road. Not too many miles, but it's been hard to find time/opportunity to drive it since my son was born. Maybe I'll figure out seat belts and a way to retain the bottom seat cushion this winter to safely put a car seat in so I can take him with me.
  2. To bring this to a rest, I finally got the transmission put back together and installed Friday night. I took it for a drive Saturday morning, and all is good. I only replaced the bad stop ring and both bearings on the main shaft. The transmission shifts smooth again, and it is quieter with the new bearings when the truck is sitting at idle. It always had a slight noise at idle from the transmission, but now all you can hear is the engine. It was very straight forward and easy to repair, I just couldn't find the time! Since I bought a spare stop ring, I think I'll repair my spare transmission t
  3. I never thought of putting lights down, but I like the idea. I put lights on my lift to light the bottom of a car while on the lift. I used LED adhesive strip lighting with 45 degree angle brackets made for under cabinets. it work very well. I think I have around $80 invested in this.
  4. As a follow up, I thought I'd share what I found. I finally had some time yesterday, so I pulled the trans and tore it apart. It proved to be a little frustrating that I had hoped and I ended up not following the service manual. The front bearing retaining nut is staked on and short of cutting it off, it wasn't going to move. I took it apart by dropping the countershaft then splitting the bearings on the main shaft to pull everything out of the case. I made a pipe to replace the countershaft to drop it in the case, but I messed up and the rollers dropped out of the bearing. It was very frustra
  5. They're different. Google pictures of them and look at the door notch on the cabovers and how long the cowl goes down the side of the truck. Same goes for the B series.
  6. From my experience, it takes some trial and error to get the sound you want. On my B3B with a 230, I have a single 2" exhaust all the way back. I started with a thrush turbo muffler which was quieter than I wanted. I went to a magnaflow straight through muffler, which was still too quite. I finally ended up with a 22" glasspack that sounds perfect to me. Its by no means loud on my truck. Now to stir the pot a little, based on the experience with my truck and the 230, I jumped straight to a glasspack for our 48 Desoto with a 237. It had the original exhaust with 1-3/4" tail pipe af
  7. That's kind of what I'm leaning towards. The engine is loose and I don't think it'll take much to get it running. With a growing family, work, and keeping up on everything we own, there isn't much down time!
  8. It does shift nice when its working. I guess it's a somewhat rare failure but I'm glad someone else has seen it.
  9. I went through hell and back with those grill bars! I'll go to the grave with them besides me lol. Just a 3 on the tree standard 1/2 ton trans. 2 and 3 are synchro.
  10. Here's a couple. It's a project. Most likely going to sit a while longer before I get to it. It was in a barn that was falling down when I heard about it. It was going to be destroyed if I didn't get it out of there, so at least it was saved!
  11. You're not kidding, I was beyond lucky on this one. I'm starting to lean toward installing my spare transmission while I fix this one. The spare is a crunchy shifting and noisy SOB. It needs bearings and synchros at minimum, but it should survive a month or so to keep the truck driving. There is nothing wrong with the boring steel grills 🥱 lol...but nothing beats the stainless. My COE just lacks some bling every time I see it!
  12. It's been a while since I made any posts, but has anyone had a pin style synchro stop ring fail in their truck? I took my truck on a 2.5 hr trip to pick up a new toy (hit and miss engine) and on the way back all of a sudden I had no synchronized shifts going into second. I drove it again a couple times since with no change, so last night I thought I'd drain the oil and see if any metal was in the case. Sure enough, I pull a broken off pin to a synchro stop ring. I was curious if this was common. I'm happy the pin didn't run through any gears and chew up any thing. I guess I got luck. from what
  13. I have Auto Owners insurance. I have been through this with them regarding my B3B and towing, and my agent told me I am covered using it to tow. I have it in emails, so I would think that I'm safe. I used my 1/2 ton every year to tow with. I have a farm policy so I could have coverage for my antique tractor, and it equated to roughly $50 a year more than a standard homeowners policy. You might be able to insure the truck with a farm policy, but I'm not sure. I need to figure it out when I'm ready to get my 52 2.5 ton cabover on the road someday.
  14. Thought I'd bring up an old thread! We ended up putting around 10,000 miles on that engine. Not too long after we started driving it, it started with a wrist pin knock. We pulled the rods and fitted new pins and rings. It ran well until it got a lower end knock last year and parked it. We ultimately decided to have the original engine for the car rebuilt. I got ahold of George Asche and we made the 4.5 hour trip to his place back in September. He did the rebuild for us and we picked up the engine 2 weeks ago. The stock 228ci is now 250ci. It has a 251 crank and it is bored .030 over with a sha
  15. Our 48 Desoto has it on the underside of the body, on the back side of the fenders, and under the hood. The frame does not have it. It's tough stuff to remove if needed. My only complaint with it is the use of it on the hood. It is heavy and the hood springs struggle to keep the hood up with the added weight.
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