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    retired, now a novice mechanic on '50's mopars

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    shop work on an old car
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    Raised in western Nebraska, taught school in the late 60's and 70's, sales career, now retired
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  1. Bought these. Did not know these slim fins existed. Bought them from Canadian seller! Are these Canadian only early back?
  2. The dash, in progress. Interior details remain. Time takers.
  3. So, what have you decided? Want a suburban that is 95% done with all the upgrades you want? I have one.
  4. I never trust any Jack or small hoist. I always use Jack stands. I also give the vehicle a GOOD shake to settle in the Jack heads. What concerns me is cats!
  5. Brent, us left coast folk have 1:40 left, happy new year to you, your lovely wife and all still alert on the forum.
  6. My interest is hobby related and the sound of the flathead engine. Additionally the discussions with interested people. What I have learned and the people I’m now in touch with are priceless.. my one limiting fastir is my age. It has significantly caught up with me!
  7. Update. You all know it takes a lot of time and work to get this far. Still have some trim to attach.
  8. A39 Chrysler Royal. Five rears ago I turned down on, estate sale find. I could have driven it home. I’m drill grieving. non MOPAR, this truck, for sale now in Maine where we are going in spring.
  9. Photos from a wave whisky still build video. A very interesting video.
  10. I saw this sign last week in Henderson NV, Suburb of Las Vegas.
  11. A week ago I shipped an r10 from Fresno, Ca to Boston in a wooden crate, cost was $110.
  12. How much was the freight? From where ro where. Who was the carrier. The.cardboard box is very interesting.
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