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    shop work on an old car
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    1952 B3B Pickup - daily driver
    1953 Plymouth Suburban, under construction

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    Raised in western Nebraska, taught school in the late 60's and 70's, sales career, now retired
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  1. At age 83, infected with lyme, near deaf, and now struggling with covid, I read your courageous account with great interest and full respect for your candid reports. Your name is on my prayer list. May God provide. Paul
  2. Saw this test on You Tube. Interesting results, i use only liquid wrench.
  3. “Drift off” well, not always. No forum is perfect, this one remains my only source for Mopar Flatheads, google also works well for me. But then, I have slowed way down.
  4. Happy New Year. How is your health.,  Any progress on the feet / hands issue?  I’m still lying very low with a lingering head cold. It will warn up in about 30 days and will get more active then.  Lyme still lingers. 


    1. casper50


      I have neuropathy.  They are still doing tests to see if it can be treated or not.

    2. pflaming


      That’s no good. Sure hope there is help. Its foggy and cold here, so I’m just laying low until it warms up. 


    3. casper50


      This week is suppose to be mostly low 30's.  Which is good for here.

  5. pflaming

    V8 swap

    What is the easiest mopar V8 swap into a 53 Plymouth?
  6. Mr. Gasket. Best to mount on the frame, but best if cushioned.
  7. That is where mine is. At 83, dont like to work under the vehicles anymore. Sky hooks are not readily available.
  8. I’m going back to the mechanical pump. Been running an electrical pump on my truck, but if it does not get fluid in a few seconds it burns out. I will put up with the mechanical challenges, I’m in calif so the mild climate and my cars always in the shop or garage may be a benefit. Also , to run an electrical pump safely, one needs an oil pressure cut off valve so the pump wont work after an accident.
  9. How did you get the CHP to come to your house to get you a vin number?
  10. Made a tool to adjust the carb float. Very easy to use, the screws are at 5/32”s, it is not easy for me to read numbers under the hood, this eliminates that. If the wood bar lifts, the float is too high.
  11. I have one of these and have no need for it. So for $900 and freight it is available.
  12. Modern engine filters clean all the oil all the time, maybe the diesel one is different. I may be in error, but just don’t like the clutter by the engine.. JMPO
  13. Years back Greybeard, since passed on, helped me repair and start my first engine, the 218 flathead. I asked about the oil filter. He said to leave if off, it didn't ‘do enough to bother with it’. He taught high school mechanics so was quite knowledgeable and a VERY nice guy. So now I have three of those on my parts shelf.
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