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  1. This is an abandoned mine road in PA or nearby. Due to increased vandalism in the area, the mine is going to cover it and plat trees. I like the road, sad that some just can’t leave others property alone.
  2. New lines and master cylinder are already installed! Brakes are number one issue with me! New look.
  3. Sportster is on stands for brake repair. I pulled one front drum today. Drum has no wear marks and shoes look usable. I have new cylinder kits so will replace them. any suggestions?
  4. Ulu, yes, we are fortunate to live in rural California. I’m 30 miles south. I’ve never been to those head waters, but now will. The mighty Kings River is the primary source of water for that Reservoir.
  5. As I lamented the canceled BBQ, I continued work on the Sportster. It’s getting very close to complete. It will be sold, but if not by 2014 BBQ, will tow it up. Stay safe everyone. In the meantime.
  6. My sentiments exactly! The White House, just a favorite shot.
  7. not at all. With the increased reliance on computerized cars, many small shop mechanics today won’t touch modern cars. Can’t afford the software required. Makes my interest in my ‘53’s grow.
  8. I see by the number that some are watching this thread. I’m proceeding very slowly theses days. Yet I am still in the shop about 4 hrs a day. Yesterday I srartedto. Trick out the bed. I will use this for my fuel for the time being. I’m working body sheet metal now.
  9. The bow tie on the hood says chevy. Interesting that in that line up is a convertible and a suburban. What year is the Chrysler?
  10. Ulu, haven’t worked with the parts yet. Bed is essentially done, will be welding on the body next. At only three to four hours a day, progress is slower, but I’m getting there. Will get another cortisone shot in my right knee next week.
  11. About done with the bed. The bed sprayed with bed liner which has a texture finish. Will ad castle nuts, a cross rod to tie it together, and. bolt the stakes to the body.
  12. The cars are 1951’s or ‘52’s. Great photos.
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