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  1. Some may not know it, but out BBQ host is a Gonzaga fan. The just beat UCLA. Go Zags!
  2. For health reasons I won’t make the Q this year. That I will miss Desotodave makes the miss even sadder for me. I’m getting better but first Lyme infection, then a broken legs in October followed by a bout weigh covid has taken its toll. I’m in the shop daily but only for about three sometimes four hours. Biggest challenge now is walking and fatigue. I painted the dash on my suburban yesterday, only have to connect some dssh wires and it is legal.
  3. This year will be my fourth miss. I’m up and around but just barely, get in a couple hours in the shop each cah. Because walking is so limited, i wont make the drive. To me its like missing a family reunion. I’m hoping to get my suburban legal and on the road this week. I repainted the dash yesterday.
  4. I remember a Dodge truck when I was a teenager. To get it started you had to stomp that post and I hated that, so I immediately changed. I also put in a car starter which was easier to install and remove and it required a push button start. All in all, the push button was just a nice convenience which I enjoyed.
  5. Mine post fire. Thus the recycle sign.
  6. I did what Merle explained, would never return to the foot pedal. It is still in the truck, just for safekeeping.
  7. Did not know you had a driver beetle. Nice fun cars, I’ve had several, and have a kit car now.
  8. I made this a while back, sure glad I painted it red. Works great. Never like the gauge that comes with the kit.
  9. Thank you. I’m still recovering from the effects of Lyme disease and a broken leg. So basically lost two years. I healing but it is very slow. I’m back in my shop usually after lunch for about three hours. At present my body won’t follow my mind.
  10. My long roof will go back to a daily driver today. Very anxious to find out how it drives.
  11. Leg is pretty much healed, not to get strength back. I should get the suburban legal for a daily driver. Doing mechanical first then cosmetic.  

  12. Monday, yesterday, DMV/CHP came to my shop to verify vin numbers for me. On the vehicles they took the engine number. I don’t think DMV cares as long as they get a vin number and we license the vehicles, then they can tax and get revenue accordingly. D the CHP that come out had a list of vehicles to verify, so it is obvious it is a common practice.
  13. Today I returned my suburban to the shop. Went to storage, started it and drove it home. So now begins a next phase. I still only work every other day and even then very carefully. I have a video but too large to post. CHP on Monday! Making progress again.
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