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  1. Get some parts and motorize that wheel chair. It will give you something to do“. I like the idea, so i am researching servo motors, a good battery and a joy stick!!!!!
  2. Rat Rods from Africa. This older guys ideas are really impressive and are reasonable to do. For a beginner builder, for me it is a must watch. Happy Holidays to all.
  3. I have several. What size do no need. Im in central California.
  4. Found this surfing. I dont’ know, but the wheels and tail light might give good clues.
  5. “. . , So, if you have a power failure, then you cannot look at it to figure out what's wrong. He allowed as that could be a problem.?” I love it when such questions are raised!
  6. And hard body mounts, i will replace those, lots of great help in this thread.
  7. I did not know this body style existed. Anyone know of this?
  8. Thanks guys, very, very helpful information for novice mechanics like me. My exhaust system will be very tight from now on. So much to learn and so little time to learn it. My leg is healing.
  9. It seems , to me, that trucks, unlike cars of the same age are engine noisy and have a strong engine smell. How did they do that in the cars but not in the trucks. That aroma is the main reason my wife does not like to ride in my truck.
  10. Update: Stitches and staples were removed on Wednesday and a new cast. But I’m required to stay with the wheel chair for another four weeks. So I’m trying to figure out what to do during that time.
  11. I have a trailer like that, paid $50 for it, but it has 15” rims.
  12. I visited with this Desoto owner when we were in Winnipeg five years ago. His back yard was the river that runs through Winnipeg. His cars were near perfect. I cannot recall his name.
  13. Harvie, Rusty Hope’s. I have installed two of them. Best on the market from a very honest person.
  14. Good advise. Thankyou. Will not remove the cab. We have delayed moving east. I’m focusing on completing those projects. Was on track when I broke my leg. It is healing nicely, just have to wait out the healing process.
  15. If memory serves me correct, only 16 bolts are required to do a PH frame off. What that then allows one to do is raise the chassis and most of the work is at bench height. This eliminates most “on the concrete’ work.
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