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    Raised in western Nebraska, taught school in the late 60's and 70's, sales career, now retired
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  1. That was very interesting.nt Those boys nuts have been around 15 or 16 yeahs old!
  2. So, headed out too huntmoose?

    1. casper50


      leaving on Tuesday.  It's been raining everyday for a week here.  Hard to get things together.  Did manage to go out last week and sight the rifle in to make sure it hits where I want it to.

  3. Too bad I don’t know you were doing all this because I have a solid, none rust pan I have no need for.
  4. Update: 83 in September. Snowbirding inMaine. Cool and beautiful out here. I wasn’t careful when we arrived early June, was bit by a deer tick and contacted Lyme disease. 7 days into a 28 day med. currently my legs are rubber, lots of joint Paine and high level of fatigue. Not good, but should start improving soon.
  5. Are you enjoying Maine. I'm getting ready for the float hunt.  Not doing much on the truck.  Scored two original headlight lenses for the 33 off of Ebay last week.

    1. pflaming


      Yes, yes, yes on Maine. Will spend summers here from now on.  Good luck on the float. Who is going with you? 

    2. casper50


      My son's brother in law.

  6. Yes! The highs have been in the lower 70’s all summer. Health issues are slowly being resolved. Will take some time, then take it much easier from now on!
  7. Update some of us! What happened? My truck, Phoenix, was in a fire , I rebuilt it.
  8. Truck, will ship it to Maine. That is my first classic, our daughter gets it when I’m gone. May put in an overdrive, then would be a nice driver on these hilly roads in Maine!
  9. I have two on my shelf. Didn’t realize they might be worth that much!
  10. Shifting vs overdrive. I grew up with shifting so much so that I learned to shift all gears up and down without using the clutch. On,y used the clutch for reverse, 1st and to stop.
  11. In my truck which has a 218 and a 3:73 i cruise with the semis and still have the ability to pass them at will. On along climb, the change down to 2nd is too severe. Pacheco Pass , Ca was all 2nd at the top. It should have pulled it, maybe reason for more tuneups!
  12. Since i started and was educated on this side of the forum, will post this here. Now in Maine til early October. Then will seriously down size my cars and shop. Today I’m about 30% of what I was at age 80. Trying to get control of full nighttime body spasms, effects of Lyme disease, leg bursitis etc. I’m not complaining, just informing, each and all of these should be controllable. Weather out here has been very wet and cool, mostly in the low 70’s thus everything is green and lush, rivers and sky pure blue. I fully enjoy these woods and the rural pace.
  13. When I fully disassembled the front suspension on my ‘53 I asked the same question. A long time mechanic told me to check the bushings with my thumb nail. If they would indent, do not change. They are better than current new ones!
  14. Thanks Rich. I’m in Maine until mid September. Then back to California to down size my shop, MOPAR parts and vehicles. Nice up here. July 4 , the temp a chilly 60 degrees. Love it!
  15. VA has AC for VW’s. The condenser is designed for VW 30 hp engine. That’s what I will put in my truck!
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