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  1. I wish I was closer. I’m in Fresno area. We have a fantastic MOPAR BBQ just East if Lodi, the first weekend of April. You might want to form a caravan and take a look at what we have. Each year 49-60 cars and trucks. paul
  2. Do I take from this there is no POC in California?
  3. All that remains is the wiring. Needs color spark plug wires and silver air ducts, muffler tips. Installing the tin and repainted items was a challenge. It is an interesting mechanical puzzle, parts are codependent so two or three parts sometimes go on loosely, then tightened down. I put all new lock washers everywhere. So now ready to install. My mechanic called, the Suburban is ready, but now it will have to wait.
  4. very interesting to enlarge this and study the different people, wealthy to not so. The sign, “room to let “ ELECTRICITY,
  5. Dave may be correct, and conditions in wetter, more humid environments may affect the magneto. I lived in Western Nebraska. We had two Model D Jon Deere tractors, two combines, two MM tractors, two IH tractors, one AC tractor and other engines with magnetos. We never had one Magnito failure and never adjusted or even checked the points. Im not criticizing Dan, just relating my/our western Nebraska experience. However every machine that had distributors had match books in the tool box, the cover was the proper width for setting points. I’m 80 years old I knew how to set points when I was 14 years old when I started putting in long days and weeks of tractor driving. It was a fun life to be able to play with real toys, plows, cultivators, grain drills, corn listers, sickle bar hay mowers, side delivery and dump rakes, balers, skip loaders. At age 12 I knew how and when to pull a calf, how to push it back into the womb, out my hand into the cow to turn the calf around so the front feet and nose come out first, knew where to drive a sharp knife into the first stomach of a bovine to release bloat, how to casterate, dehorn, and give shots to animals, etc., make butter, slaughter chickens, etc. life was quite different then. To this day I dislike urban living, crowds, cities, and vehicles in which I can’t hear the engine run. And new paint. sorry for the history lesson, but that’s who I am and I guess the way I am. Different strokes for different folks.
  6. If the carburator has a pet cock under the bowl, drain some fuel before you start. You may find a small amount of water in there. Also, those tractors started on gasoline, then ran on what was termed “tractor fuel” which I think is similar to kerosene. Hi test gas might be too hot. I grew up on these tractors. Good luck, that two banger sound is music to my ears! our fathers tractor. We found it four years ago and had it restored.
  7. Photo for environmentalist poster! LOL
  8. Rims/tires (rollers) put on today. To my shop tomorrow for basic to drive wiring, engine install, cosmetics, brakes, then seats and running lights later.
  9. Those are NOT California prices!
  10. I have a ‘53 Suburban all side glass is flat. My glass seals do not leak, so will not remove the glass, windshield and tail gate the same. Won’t fix what ain’t broke!
  11. Stopped by to visit a friend. All he started with was a frame and frozen engine.
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