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  1. I reluctantly post these days, but this interested me because I’m torquing the rear axles on my suburban, just now. I have really slowed down, at age 82 my mobility has become very limited, but generally feel ok! The 53 suburban and the Empi Sportster are nearly completed. It has been a great hobby for the past 10+ years. It’s been quite a learning experience, classical literature not so demanding. I would love to take my truck and spend 60 days on the road visiting many of you. Thanks for the advice and the memories! paul flaming
  2. I’m no authority, but the proper way to tighten the castle not is to torque it, then back off to the nearest hole and insert the cotter key. Thus the washer now is not tight, and with the tab, the washer, drum, axle washer all rotate as one. We’re the washer without the tab it could free spin and work against the nut or drum to change the tightness, could even work the nut off, should the cotter key remove. Some one with engineering expertise could explain the washer, et al.
  3. This was only the third one I’ve missed and I missed it all day today. I’ve had leg and fatigue issues this winter, a rod went out on the truck and I just couldn’t get the suburban ready. Send photos. paul flaming
  4. I do not understand the above comment. The tab locks in the washer to the axle thus rotates with it. I always thought the tab was to keep the washer rotating with the drum and the axle so it could not looses nor tighten the castle nut.
  5. The above replies have been very helpful. Conclusion: i will leave engine as is. Will build a one high side panels on the box, use that to ship items, and ship it East. No time to do more here. And will, ship my replacement engine TKS for the input.
  6. I have a 2nd engine to swap, but we leave for the summer in Maine May 10. I’m shipping the truck there, so with this partial solution, I won’t swap it, save time. Will fix over there. Thanks guys!
  7. So for a way to survive around home until I have time to deal with it properly, this will get me around. Thankyou.
  8. Is it possible to put a vehicle on a lift, drain the oil, drop the pan and replace the bearing? I know that a bad bearing can damage the drive shaft, so, if the shaft is ok, then. . . .
  9. These came to the states about the time the VW came. We had one when first married. Drove it from California to Nebraska 1700 miles, $17.00 for gas. Got 32 mpg on that trip.
  10. Please identify this car.
  11. Do joy still have snow?

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    2. Dan Hiebert

      Dan Hiebert

      Yeah, it usually takes me a week to clean up all the dog poop that accumulates over the winter in the snowbanks, once the snow melts.  At least she (a German shepherd) doesn't do her business in the trails I keep clear.  I'd be up to go visit once you'uns get settled in and once I can get a COVID vaccine (not "old enough" right now).  They are projecting things to be settled down quite a bit around May.  Maine has done a comparatively good job around the pandemic.    

    3. pflaming


      I will keep you informed. May I suggest a tour of the woods in your area, unique items, small villages, etc?  I’m more interested in the woods of Maine than the coast.  Much better authentic history.

          We get our second shot on the 28th.  What do you hear about the southern border reopening?

         Take care, lord willing and the creek doesn’t rise will see you this summer.

    4. Dan Hiebert

      Dan Hiebert

      Same as the northern border, commercial and essential travel only, when they will open fully is a moving target.  I'm not privy to the benchmarks that will allow fully opening any more - retire and you become a mushroom.


      I'd be up for a sojourn into the willy wags and hamlets.  Main concern is time and distance.  It's like when we were living in the southwest, traveling to places is expressed in time, not miles...but it's green...with snow.   

  12. German WW II soldier. Must have been quite a ride in all that mud!
  13. One ‘54 Plymouth park lens and base was for sale on eBay for $45. There was a bid option so I bid $25 which was accepted. The part arrived today complete with rubber gasket, four mounting screws, and three lens, two late design, one early and the complete mount. Now that is what I call honest business. Thank you JVP!!!
  14. My floor shifter progress. Should be driving the suburban this week. Will be telling to discover how the shifter reacts on the road.
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