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  1. hello someone will have a original flange yoke for sale in classifields thanks
  2. Hello friends I have problem whit the flange yoke that has broke and it was difficult for me to disassemble it to change the u-joints. Does anyone know if there is a modern replacement or a used one . It's for a truck B1 1949 1/2 ton 108 wheelbase regards
  3. Maybe Im little sentimental and a bit of a purist . I know its Maybe a throwback
  4. Hi boys I have a problem . I have one dodge truck 1/2 ton b4b and has a diferential ford truck of the 70s I want to put a dofferential dodge 1949 1/2 ton but I not have the shaft cardan tibe my questios is should I put the shaft tube the 1953 or 1949? what is your advice? And if anyone have one for sale thanks
  5. After some cleaning I found the plug in front the transmission the hand brake removing the whip
  6. Hi guys I have a problem Does anyone know where I can fill the transmission oil? . the manual say the plug in side but my transsmision I cant find it. My truck is 1953 b4b four speed. I put photos the transmission any can help me thanks
  7. Hi guys any have the messures the windshild and rear window glass?
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