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  1. I have an old Sears dwell/tach that works off of the cars battery; no 9 volt battery involved. The instruction say that it is for 12V neg. ground, but it works fine on my 6V pos. ground '48 Dodge.
  2. Make sure all of the connections in the starter circuit are clean and tight. Also, you can check the battery by turning on the headlights then try to crank the engine. If the lights go out immediately the battery is not up to snuff.
  3. About 20 years ago I had a 1965 Ford Mustang. I wanted to have YOM plate on it and discovered that in the mid sixties Massachusetts only issued plates every other year. I ended up with a 1964 plate on the Mustang. I also had people thinking the car was a '64 model, or else telling me that I had the wrong year plate.
  4. On my 1948 D24 the original engine number is stamped on the frame on the outside of the frame, just ahead of the driver side wheel arch; not on top of the frame. The serial number is stamped on a plate riveted to the driver side door jamb.
  5. From the slot in that gasket it looks like the countershaft was expected to weep a little.
  6. Several years ago my Dodge developed a noise that at first I thought was a knock. It would tick at idle when cold,but would quiet down when warmed up. I finally figured out that it had a crack in one of the exhaust manifold 'ears' where it bolted to the block. When cold there was a leak causing the tick, but when warmed up the crac closrd and all was quiet.
  7. What a great idea! I'm not currently working on the wiring in my car but I might have an enlarged copy made just in case I need one.
  8. I think that the P15's and D24's had them, but they were probably lost over the years as mechanics took them off for access to the engines.
  9. I worked in gas stations part time from 1971 to 1981 while I was in college, then teaching school after graduation. I loved it, and briefly considered going into the buisiness and getting my own station, until I realized that my livelyhood would depend on the reliability of high school kids! The gas crisis of '73-'74 was an interesting time to be a pump jockey, the business changed after that. Gone were the green stamps and free glasses of the late sixties. Maybe it was me getting older, but the business seemed to take a more serious turn.
  10. The speedometer has an oiling hole on the back. You can try putting few drops of very light weight oil into the speedo to see if helps. I used a zoom spout oiler to reach up behind the speedo.
  11. If the fluid drive is very low on fluid it will slip, not bog down the engine. Since the car has sat for a number of years and bogs down the engine when you try to drive it, I suspect that the brakes are siezed up.
  12. You're lucky to have a cat that coordinates with the upholstery😉
  13. When I taught high school science, we had metal poles with tapered ends that would fit into tapered sockets in the lab tables. Perhaps this socket drive was made to fit into a tapered socket on something like a wrecker or fire truck. ...???
  14. You could check to see if a fluid drive coupling is in place, or if it has been removed. Lift the carpet on the right side of the transmision tunnel and remove the access panel on the passenger side of the hump. You should see the fluid drive unit if one is installed.
  15. I've got a tripod jack, like the one shown, in the trunk of my car. I don't intend to use it, although it would probably be more useable than a bumper jack.
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