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  1. I once found an 5 pound box of eight penny stainless steel ring nails in the middle of the road in front of home depot. It was a busy road, and the box had broke open. I picked up what I could. I used those nails for years for little repair projects around the house, they just ran out last summer.
  2. Why do you think that your trouble is in the charging system? You said that the engine backfired and stopped. Perhaps you should check the ignition points gap and perhaps the timing. Another thing to check is the carb float, it may have stuck and caused the engine to flood. Check the battery voltage at 1500 rpm as suggested. If it is OK then look at these other possible problems.
  3. On my 48 Dodge there is an oiling hole on the back of the speedometer. It is on the top of the cast housing and is difficult to get to. I used a "Zoomspout" oiler that has a long flexible tube to oil it. Just a few drops of oil are enough.
  4. My '48 D24 business coupe was originally military maroon (very dark). Now it is red. I had it repainted in 2008 to match the color that was on it when I bought it. The closest match I could find was a 1988 GM truck fleet color.
  5. i had a small leak in the radiator that pissed out on the top of the motor and manifolds. When the motor warmed up I could smell coolant, but it was on the outside of the manifold, not the inside. ... Just something to check.
  6. You will get more and better responses if you putthis on the truck forum on this site.
  7. Thanks Dan and Dodgeb4ya, I had never seen that warning light set-up before. It may be interesting to try to retrofit one.
  8. Dan, tell us about the flashing map light used to warn that the parking brake is on. My D24 does not have one. How does it work? How about a picture or two? Dave B.
  9. The rear of the head was hotter on my engine than the front or middle of the head, but not as much as you report. Mid head on mine was 170 deg. rear of the head was 190 deg. It is possible that your water distribution tube is partially blocked. However, if the engine runs OK and nothing is above boiling temp then you are probably OK running it.
  10. I think that the red jewel may be a warning light for the parking brake.
  11. It has been ten yrs, but I bought a headliner from Kanter. They were very helpful an sent me some samples to choose from before I bought it. I also bought some extra fabric to have my sunvisors covered to match.
  12. i just found this battery cell tester at a local antique shop. It is a Hoyt model 638. i can't find much about it online, but I suspect it was made in the 1960's. I will probably never use it because modern batteries do not have exposed bus bars, but it is a welcome addition to my collection of garage oddities. I already have several other old cell testers.
  13. I just found PDFs of the complete 1911 edition and the complete 1920 edition online for free. Simply Google Dykes Automotive Encyclopedia. The 1911 edition is listed by Google, the 1920 edition is listd by the Dodge Bros. club. I think that the physical book would be great to thumb through, but the online version offers immediate gratification for zero cost.
  14. I envy all you guys in southern California. You can drive your old cars year round. Here in New England we get about 7 months of driving weather. My Dodge has been in the garage "resting" since Dec 1, except for a brief run on New Years day.
  15. You've made me jealous! Our house has a brick courtyard with a crude fire pit, but right now it is buried under a foot of snow and we are currently enjoying freezing rain! ...... Spring is coming,,, I hope.
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