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  1. my car has turn signals added by a previous owner. They use the front parking lights with dual filament bulbs, but the rear has separate added lights, with blue dot lenses.
  2. Their online subscription prices are quite reasonable, and no pile of old magazines accumulating next to your reading chair.
  3. At the top ofthe page is a header with several topics. The pull down menu under"resources" has a listing for brakes. This section shows the proper puller and describes how to use it.
  4. Do you have an aftermarket turn signal switch bolted to the column? They have a rubber wheel that rolls against the steering wheel to turn off the directional after the turn. The rubberwheel gets old and hard and could squeek. If you have one, take it off of the column to test for squeeks.
  5. Tonight the senior center in the neighboring town held an antique car "rally". They usually host a small unjudged car show but this year because of covid the decided to hold a rally, more like a parade. about 60 cars showed up and were led through the town by an antique fire truck. Lots of people lined the route, it was a fun time for all. There were a few mopars, my 48 Dodge coupe, a 40 Plymouth, 50 Desoto. There was also a 57 Dodge and a 70 Baracuda, but I did not get photos of them.
  6. The main seal on my Dodge 230 cu. in. was bolted to the rear of the block, and the bottom half was bolted to the rear bearing cap. It would not slide out. Is this "new and improved" seal meant to replace the bolted in seal?
  7. You can bump the starter this way, however unless the key is turned on to turn on the ignition, the engine will not start.
  8. The tank in my 48 Dodge had a crack in the tank at the top left corner, just behind the filler tube. It would only leak if the tank was full. I ran the car for a year or so by filling the tank half way. Finally I took the tank to a radiator shop. He cleaned it, soldered the corner, and fixed the cracked filler tube. That was 10 yrs ago and all has been fine since.
  9. They are sealed units, but the can leak if the seal is worn. 4 years ago I moved from coastal North Carolina to central Massachusetts. In N.Carolina the biggest hill in town was the pitchers mound at the high school field. My car ran great. In Massachusetts my house is on a hill several hundred feet high. One of my favorite rides goes past a ski area that is over 1000 ft. higher than my house. My car was having difficulty making it up the hills. I checked the fluid drive and found I had to put 2 qts in it. It only holds 6qts. my car has run great since. I check the level every year an
  10. If your fluid drive unit is low on fluid it can feel like you you have a slipping clutch. The port for checking it is under the carpet on the passenger side of the front floor center section. Remove the floor hatch and the coil wire, then use your starterbutton to bump the engine so that one of the two fill/drain plugs is lined up in the hatch. Remove the plug being careful not to drop it onto the bell housing. You can stuff rags around it before removing it to prevent this. The fluid should be up to the edge of the fill port if the car is parked on the level.
  11. I did not do the welding, so I am not sure how it was done. It looked like it may have been done with a torch.
  12. I had an "ear" on one of flanges on my exhaust manifold welded about 5 years ago. It is still OK. Yours is aq bigger break, but that might actually be easier to repair because there is more surface area to weld to.
  13. I tried to make some flair joints, but was not confidant that I had done a good enough job. So, like Sam, I bought some pre-made tubing in a couple of lengths and replaced my brake lines that way. It has been ten years and all is well.
  14. The gasket is supposed to be very thin. Some pumps use a special square cut o-ring. If you use the wrong gasket there will be too much space between the rotor and the cover and not build any pressure.
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