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  1. SAVE THE DATES ANNOUNCMENT FOR 2022! Sept 15 through 18 P15 Picnic USA planning is under way. 2022 will headquarter in the MANCHESTER NEW HAMPSHIRE area. We will gather and explore the area. This year will be a Surf and Turf event. Arrive on Thursday for a bit of local poking around,, then there will be a Mountain tour on Friday and a shore loop on Saturday. With scenery and attractions to explore offered by the great features that make NH a beautiful place to visit. We will be doing a Diners, Drive In, and Drives format so pack you
  2. Need another? https://classics.autotrader.com/classic-cars/1960/rambler/american/101603078 Three is also one in Mich with a dual carb aluminum head.
  3. You aren't welding galvanized are you? Fumes can be problem real quick. https://www.cmac.com.au/blog/5-things-to-welding-galvanized-steel-safely
  4. Suppose you could dremal it off if it's replaceable. https://www.autozone.com/brakes-and-traction-control/brake-hose-locking-clip/p/brakeware-brake-hose-lock-h1457a/709338_0_0?cmpid=LIA:US:EN:AD:NL:1000000:BLH:8362369872&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI4q71vf7m8wIVRIpaBR1U0QC1EAQYASABEgIjIvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  5. Watched your Lexus 400 vid today. Saw the right rear c pillar of he 54 in the background. Looks like it's getting ready for its close up. Saw the one on the Oldsmobile. Waiting to see what you discover on the Plymouth. Please include the engine number in your walk around. It is stamped into the block above the first freeze plug drivers side, It is also usually repeated on the drivers side frame on the arch above the rear axle. Should start with P25. Engine swaps were pretty common to keep these year mopars on the road, as it is a fairly easy and quick swap. Your numbers
  6. Found a listing for a 1989 Gran Fury Sport Suburban. Looks like a station wagon to me.
  7. Does your book call out the other makes, and years for those numbers? That might be some good information to have in the downloads area.
  8. Sol goes to the starter solenoid and should only be hot when the switch is turned fully clockwise. The rad could be radio and other accessories you would want available driving down the road. Like radio, heater fan, windshield wipers if electric. This should be the first position clockwise one where the key returns to when the starter is released. The COMMON might be labeled this way and might Also power things like horn, signals revers lamps, fog lights. So you can bench test the switch and determine which terminals are hot in each position assuming batt and Amm are Usually power
  9. In the downloads area is an article from a 1950s magazine that details common changes, like adding dual intakes, exhaust, raising compression ratio, boring, porting, and a couple of other changes that were state of the art at the time. This article was submitted by member Mark Duggan, if you can't find it you might contact him to see if he has it as a pdf file he might e mail. There is also a chart for all flat head sixes illustrating the compression ratio changes that occur through planing or milling cylinder heads by various amounts. This presupposes the head is stock before
  10. Measure the stroke, which is the difference in displacement. 4 3/8 vs 4 5/8. There is a pipe plug in the head above #6. A piece of wire placed into the hole will ride the piston through is travel. It's function is to assist in finding top dead center, but measuring the stroke is the bonus in the setup. Just make sure your wire is long enough as to not dissappear into the cylinder. While relaxed cruising and highway rpms can be arrived at by swapping gears or rear axles, the preferred method is to find and install a borg warner r10 over drive unit. These however are becom
  11. The factory service b[k presuposes a basic level of mechanical familiarity and knowledge of toolls for procedures. If you don't have that basis, some of the procedures can seem daunting. Even finding all the fasteners the first time through can be a challenge. So yes removing the transmission without knowing you need to take off the shifter rods,, and linkage, the drive shaft, the e brake cable, the speedometer cable, the reversing lamp wire, the clutch fork rod and oh yes, the pesky bolt way up on the drivers side that you can barely see, can be an agitating prosess. Take pictures and cle
  12. Had a situation with mine. The very small passage way in the center of the ear bud was plugged. Took it back and the tech shower how to change them and gave me two or 3 packs of replacement inserts If any one is thinking of getting hearings, my experience with Costco was positive. They are selling last years top technology at deeply cut pricing. Got mine 4 years ago, for about 3500 bucks. This after we paid 100 for a gold level membership. The gold level gave us 5 percent cash back on purchases. So the cash back on the aids paid for the membership. Their units are warranted
  13. U haul has been renting trailers since just after WWII. Give them a call or visit. If they don't go back far enough perhaps the have something similar like a 63 belvedere with slant six and manual trans. A friend had a 63 Dodge crew cab pickup that he towed his modified 4 cylinder dirt track race car around with. That with tires, tools, and fuel in the bed. It had a receiver style hitch welded to the step bumper. The tongue weight was such the both of us could lift it if necessary. It was a slant 6 automatic. Wouldn't get over 60 but always got him to and home from the track.
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