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  1. Well rust is steel that has been converted to an oxide with no structural strength,then what does the the converter convert it to. Does the oxidation stop when it's encapsulated? What comprises the encapulation?
  2. The first engine in the above pics was put together and documented on this forum by Pete "Blueskies" Andersen. Pete and Don Coatney were building their cars at about the same time. Their progress was documented with nearly daily updates on these pages. Their contributions inspired a good many members to continue or start work on several project vehicles. I believe that content is still available here via member name content search. Those two guys made the p15-d24.com site a daily must visit for about two years.
  3. I have a dyno max turbo flow on mine. It cost me 35 bucks at pep boys. Dont know if they still make it. It talks a bit at wide open throttle but at cruise from 35 to 65 its quiet. No drone, no closed throttle crackle pop. System was custom bent 2 inch id, muffler in stock position. It has 50 k miles and 17 years and still doing its job. Check their web site to see if there is something similar. Failing that something stock for a later slant six full size car or pickup truck or van might fit the bill.
  4. Look in your area for a construction vehicle repair company. Many times they will be able to bond or rivet new friction material to your shoes. The place in our area says. They can d0 any thing including carousels to elevators.
  5. Pu)I g the seat bottom frees up a lot of room. Look,s like a modified weight lifting bench might be good candidate for conversion.
  6. Well several brands had fast back designs in 49. That was the first year of that design. A prototype before production wouldn't be uunusual.
  7. Do you have power to the light sockets, do you have power at the distribution block on the inner fender or radiator support? Will lights illuminate if powered through a jumper wire from the battery? Do you have a lighted circuit tester? Cycle your stomp switch about 20 times to clear the contact points, also test the fuse for continuity. May look OK but be bad. Another thing to consider is to rower your brake light switch from thr battery side of the solenoid through an inline fuse to the brake light switch. This takes the brake light load away from the main light circuits, This can keep a lot of heat off the 30 amp fuse especially at long stop lights on up or down hill intersections.
  8. Stock bell crank, rest sourced at hardware store Heim joints are from go cart parts shelve.
  9. We went to visit some years ago. Because my dad wasa plank holder and a member of the museum tech advisors, we got a private tour behind the scenes look at some stuff that is not on the public tour path. Got a good look at the actual workings of the 16 inch turrets. Amazing stuff. Akin to hurling a vw beetle 20 or so miles with an accuracy of 50 feet or less.
  10. Good idea! I have a trove of stuff from my father's service aboard the US Missouri (BB63) from member of the commissioning crew assignment through to witnessing the Surrender signing in Tokyo Bay. Maybe my brother and I can do something similar with 2 suitcases and a portfolio folder of stuff he had put together. A lot of stuff to wade through for the essence of his experience. He was a gun captain on one of the 16 inch guns. His crew garnered the ship's first "E" for efficiency and effectiveness of fire.
  11. There is also a flow quantity test in the service manual. Easy to do but needs an assistant or a remote for the solenoid.
  12. Any air infiltration on the suction side of the pump will have a negative effect on pumping efficacy. Slight cracks, loose flare connections, clamps can be culprits. Or opposite that would be insufficient venting, causing impared flow under high demand situations.
  13. Seen them called over riders.
  14. http://carnut.com/specs/gen/dodge40.html
  15. 102hp till 49 when cr went from 6.7 to 1 to 7.0 to 1 and hp went up to 103.
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