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  1. Saw this pic on another site. It shows Stan Musial accepting the keys for a 49 DeSoto woodie from a St Louis dealer. Wonder how many were made and who made the bodies?we
  2. What transmission are you referring to, three speed or gyromatic?
  3. There is the factory OD operators and maintenance guide in the resources section of this site. If not there, it is in the dow!loads section. There are three major electrical components for the r10. RELAY, takes the signal from the run or add terminal of the ignition switch to switch the power side to power the SOLENOID this provides two functions the pull in circuit about 12 amp load, and an internally switched hold in circuit 6 amps that engages through the movement of the pull in. These are controled by contact points internal to the solenoid. Both of these circuits are g
  4. Does it have the cable shift or rods and links?
  5. What year is the d14?? What model is the OD. R7 R10?? Is it for a Chrysler brand?
  6. What brand of aluminum head are you installing? I had an Edmunds on mine and the stock plugs are not long enough. The electrode is shrouded. They do not water past the threads of the plug hole. So you do need plug with longer threads o put the electrode into the combustion chamber but not so long as to interfere with the valve. And most aftermarket heads do not use the stock plug location they tend to center the plug rather than the factory offset.
  7. If your car has an overdrive, it should have a push pull cable somewhere on the dash board. There should also be a relay on the firewall or inner fender with an intregal glass tube 20 amp fuse. Take a look at the transmission it self, it should have two cylindrical assemblies with wiring attached one is the solenoid the other is the governor. No cylinders, no OD. Is this car a three speed manually shifted vehicle? In US Plymouth didn't get OD till 50 or 51, but Dodge and Desotodid have them earlier, who knows what the permutations were in Australia.
  8. What number is on your ownership documents???
  9. Ah! ok 23 inch not 1923... Sent you a private message.
  10. Edmunds heads had a problem with pourous castings of the head, bad quality control in their last years of production. You can test it by duct taping all the coolant passage holes and the heater outlet then pour several ounces of water, put some food coloring it it, put 10 or so psi of compressed air to the temp sensor pot and watch for leaks. Typically they occur between the cooling fins on the top of the head. If it leaks it's garage art worth the scrap value of 8 or 10 pounds of aluminum. By the erosion of the casting in the thermostat area, I would guess this may be one of the problem lo
  11. greg g


    No one makes a replacement rubber mat for Plymouth. There are some carpet supposedly cut and sewn to fit. They don't.
  12. Two important numbers, the engine number stamped into the flat spot on the block above the generator. And the serial number located on one of the "A" pillars between the door hinges. The body number was a subcontractors sequence number either assigned by Briggs manufacturing in the US or JR or is it TR Richards if bodied over there. Your Dodge is a Plymouth frame and sheet metal with Dodge trim. The leather interiors were usually a convertible only deal in the US with no leather optional for closed cars except maybe taxis and police cars. The dash board and window surrounds most likely wer
  13. greg g


    There is a test to check sufficient flow outlined in the shop manual. Disconnect the coil wire, disconnect the fuel line from the carburetor. Direct the fuel line into a suitable container, a soft drink bottle have an assistant crank the starter while you observe and count pulses coming from the line 12 pulses should give you also 8 ounces give or take a bit in the container. Less flow will not support normal driving. The compressed air trick will work but depending of the condition of your tank may need to be done regularly to keep the pickup filter free or debris. Also any air leaks on th
  14. Hey Pete how much would you charge to rebuild another pair??? Currently I only have one that works. I think it's the longer bass gorn and the treble is in operative. Have filed the points and tried other adjustments and put 12v to it to no avail. Don't need the powder coating, just the honk...
  15. At 40 psi hotI would re use a proven component.
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