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  1. Pull the pipe plug in the head over number 6 cylinder. Insert a 10 inch long piece of stuff wire. Pull the spark plugs, turn the engine over by hand. The wire will ride the top of the Piston and allow you to measure the stroke. With known bore and stroke you can determine the displacement. What is your engine number?? It's stamped into the block above the generator. Should start with P6. Don't forget to replace the plug.
  2. Many aftermarket switch assemblies had the repeater in the switch body, or some of the fancier ones had the light at the end of the switch lever. Not sure when signals got to be standard equipment. They could be an option, a dealer installed before delivery deal I'd state mandated or aftermarket owned perogative.
  3. Luckily my switch is fine. Can't really recommend an after market one. There are a few used and oder aftermarket ones similar to stock on eBay.
  4. Does you pedal have a couple inches of Freeplay before building pressure? If not adjust as require to make Freeplay. Also look in the bottom of the mc reservoir and assure you have 2 open ports. The larger is fluid to the piston, the small one is pressure release. Debris in the relief port can cause brake lock up. When this occurred is the brake lite on? That indicates pressure is not being released. Make sure the reservoir is not over filled and the vent holes in the cap are clear.
  5. Are you trying to get a few miles on before snow fall? It will be tough to do all this thrashing to get her done just to stick it in the garage under a cover for 5 months...
  6. My 46 busicoupe has the model 36. It works very well with the exception of defrost. It basically just moves the cabin air around and redeposits humid air back onto the windshield. I remember my dad's 49 Dodge had a small rubber bladed fan blowing toward the driver's windshield. He always drove with his vent window open so the fan would circulate fresh air up to the glass. Worked ok but still not a real defrost setting. I believe 49 was the first year in Dodges and Plymouths got the heater setup with the fresh air ducting from the radiator support through the heater coil and int
  7. Those old aftermarket switches aren't robust enough for 6 volt operation, especially those with a rotating dial. Make a jumper wire out of ten gauge wire with an inline 20 amp fuse. Power the heater directly from the accessory terminal of the IGN switch. This should power the fan on its high speed setting, which is the default. The original switch works on resistance to decrease voltage reaching the fan to reduce the speed. Those aftermarket switches supposedly do the same thing through a resistance winding, but they create a lot of heat and can be dangerous. After you determine
  8. Without looking I believe the factory lube chart calls for oil filters to be changed with every other oil change. So if conventional wisdoms said 3000 miles for the oil, that would be 6000 miles for the filter.
  9. They tend to make expensive noises when operated near or at 4k rpm unless you address lower end lubrication remember the stroke on these is pretty close to 5 inches. Can you build one to do it, sure but it doesn't make a lot of sense for a street engine.
  10. Maybe try vintage motorcycle sources. Lots of bikes used bu!lb and reflector stye lamps well into the 70s. There may even be halogen equivalents. Which also suggests European conversion lights like Bosche, Cibie, Hella, etc.
  11. Outboard engine lower unit grease works well.
  12. Somebody did similar to their 38. Do both lights function as brake lights? If so, wiring seperate fixtures is the easiest way to accomplish indicators as you don't need to tap into the brake light circuit.
  13. Pete to adapt indicators into the fronts you can add dual element pigtails to your parking light fixtures to accept dual filiment bulbs then wire accordingly to power the blinkers. You can do same to rear lights also. I am not familiar with the rear lighting scheme but on my 46, I added motorcycle lamps with brake light fixtures for rear blinkers.
  14. Indicaters in non American English is turn signals.
  15. After market replacements, Usually sold from a cardboard merchandiser near the cash register in parts stores and service stations. They were also one of the makers of blue dot replacement lenses.
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