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  1. Looks like some folks just can't follow the rules about political comments so locking the thread. Instead, time to pay respect to the 87,000 plus Americans who have already died and think about the tens of thousands who will die in the oncoming months. Also a heartfelt thank you to first responders and medical professionals who literally put their lives on the line to help protect others.
  2. We are experiencing issues with the automatic account validation for new registrations. If you click on the link to validate your registration but still can't log in email info@p15-d24.com with your registration username and email address. I can then activate your account. This issue appears to be a software conflict with the new forum version and a third party add on package and I'm working with vendor support teams to get it resolved as quickly as possible. Apologize for any inconvenience it has caused.
  3. Just didn't want to work the way it was suppose to! IPS support (the forum software vendor) got it sorted out the site back online.
  4. Please post wanted requests in the Classifed ad section. It's free.
  5. First, it's his car and he can do whatever he wants. Second, he is asking for help. If you have something productive to add, please join the conversation. Third, if you disagree with his approach you may state your reasons in a respectful manner, never forgetting it's his car and he can do what he pleases. Lastly, he is welcome on the site and to ask these types of questions. Maybe if you present a logical and respectful argument he will consider other option. Or you will get a better understanding of why he wants to follow a particular approach. Enough of this bickering, thread locked.
  6. I deleted a recent thread regarding the quality of parts from one of the larger mopar specific parts suppliers. This was done for several reasons after being contacted directly by the vendor. First, several statements were made about the vendor by members who had never done any business with them. So they were expressing opinions not based on any first hand knowledge of the subject. This is not acceptable. Second, the original poster assumed the vendor would not be willing to work with him in resolving the issue. These types of situations are often resolved with a single phone call even after a lengthy time period. The mopar community and it's supporting vendors are a small group and it's to the benefit of the vendor to have the opportunity to try and fix the issue. As others noted in the thread we don't have a lot of alternative vendors like the Chevy and Ford guys. Giving vendors constructive feedback on needed product improvements will often result in better products. If not your other choice is heading to the boneyard and getting lucky. So just a couple guidelines before going off on a rant: If you have an issue with a vendor, contact them directly to see if you can come to an agreeable resolution. If you don't have first hand knowledge, don't pile on with opinions based on stuff "you heard". Realize your unsupported claims/comments could put you in a position for legal action for libel. (It also potentially exposes me as site owner) Lastly, when a vendor does the right thing, share that experience also. I learned a long time ago having an issue with a customer at some point in time is just doing business. It's how those differences are resolved that determines how the vendor should be judged.
  7. Please post parts wanted requests in the classified section.
  8. Please post parts for sale in the Classified section, text only ads. Thank you
  9. TIme for everybody to step back from their keyboards for a few days.
  10. This has turned into a page long ad, If you want info contact them directly.
  11. As IPS gets closer to releasing a major upgrade they are rolling out info about new features. One of interest is a new "Club" feature, basically a way for members to join a specific group. We have talked about splitting up the forums in to different sub forums like W,B and C Series but my concern is the site then gets too complex to easily navigate and search. Clubs look like an easy way to set up a common interest group without having to restructure the entire site. They are opt in and will have a moderator. Let me know what you think, what groups you would like to see and if interested in becoming a moderator for a certain group. You can read about it here: https://invisioncommunity.com/news/new-clubs-r1017
  12. Time for everyone to step back from their keyboards for a bit. Remember it's just a forum about old cars, so lets keep some perspective by not assuming.
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