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    Senior Member, have way too much spare time on my hands
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    68 yrs. old built 32 ford pick up when I was 14 yrs old
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    Retired Steamfitter UA local 33, 47 Years as of 9/2017

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    Des Moines, IA. 50310
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    34 and 33 Plymouth. 1997 3500 HD crew cab, long bed, dully Chevy, 7.4, 4l80E tranny, Dana 80 third member, 3 4 drop, converted to single rear wheels, led lighting, chrome air dam. an more. One 34 is a original car, the other is powered by an old 392 with 6 110 blower carbureted, 727 O.D. tranny, 1971 locker third member. The 33 is an original car driving it. The other 34 is also a original car driving it. Engines on hand 3 201's 2 230's 2 251's 3 265 Spitfires's 1 331 Molly block, 5 392's V8 Hemi's. B 4 YX 4 Ton Dodge 1952 T 413.16? ci 4 Ton 5th Wheel.
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    1 1934 Plymouth PE 2 Door HEMI +. 1 1934 PE 2 Door complete & driving Original Car. One 1933 PD aluminum head complete & driving original car. B 4 YX fifth wheel tractor, B 3 RA, B 3 RX, 2 377's , 1 331's.


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    Des Moines, Ia.,
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  1. Chuck at "Electric Motors" in Iowa, USA --- in the past rewound a brush type DC motor for me. Let me know. Charlie Stephenson
  2. factory set of plug wires? Charlie Stephenson
  3. must be a COE thing? Charlie Stephenson
  4. you mint try a temporary maintainable fix = cork the joint using oakum (Plumbers soil pipe joint rope) or cooking cotton string taped into the space (crack) where the stamped oil dipstick tube base is spot welded to the pan. You mint try this while you are deciding to remove the pan. Charlie Stephenson
  5. Lets see some more fun contests --- I appreciate the distraction. Charlie Stephenson (sheltering at home and shop)
  6. oops, the xx is for seal designation I forgot what the characters are for snap rings, someone else help. Charlie Stephenson
  7. press it off and check the shoulders on the under side for numbers should be 206 XX or something like it, three numbers and an x or tow for the snap ring designation. Charlie Stephenson
  8. can you predict when it happens? if so - I'm thinking some sort of a vacuum sucking oil from somewhere and not passing it through the combustion cycle. Charlie Stephenson
  9. glad the blade and pulley is off, wore me out following this adventure. Charlie Stephenson
  10. freeze plug, just do it. Charlie Stephenson
  11. Yes 30". A 413 cid would be nice to own. Charlie Stephenson
  12. No, no, don't no and no. I have 5 392 Hemi's and 16 in line flat head 6's. All of my 8's are on the floor. Charlie Stephenson
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