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  1. depends on the level of your build....the inner fenders should be retained and 'altered' by means of cuts and welds to conform to the larger engine and hanging accessories. I have done a few of these....it is time consuming....while not a 50 and again not a 5.9 the inner fenders are tailored to accommodate many accessories on this P15 coupe including clearance for the donor AC hardlines Items like the brake booster, in this case the ABS controller, hydraulic clutch and power distribution/fuse panel are all stock but slightly rearranged. The major engine mod being the air cleaner as there was just no way/room to mount the donor assembly. The ECU is mounted in a special recess on the inner fender. The driver inner fender was modified for a radiator reservoir.
  2. the constant running the clock forward with the set knob will cause to clock to beat faster and cause it to run fast....setting it backward will slow it down......however if you run sporadically and adjust it forward one time and backward another...you may keep it balanced out....
  3. Well Ed, if no one else cares, I do....very nice and thoughtful of you to post these....I have already placed a copy of this in my albums.....thanks so much...for sure interested in seeing all the others. I have a ton of collected ads for one of my little British cars but not to the degree as yourself mounting and laminating.
  4. Tim, aka 48Dodger....I have tried to send PM....your account is full and will not allow any messages.....can you clear your account a bit and or contact me via the PM so I can send you something. Thanks
  5. well I agree....you see all kinds of lights on the cars now....more make up that seen on 7th Avenue on any given warm night....is it legal, most is not, is it enforced...on the average no....should it be....to some degree I say yes....but then if the majority is out of order less likely I will be flagged. However the blue dots are legal here and on a few of my older cars. I carry a copy of the Georgia registration law on blue dots in the cars...they have to by reciprocity agreement signed by all states, be honored when traveling in those states they are illegal because, I am just visiting or passing through and not registered in that state.....it can get ugly even at that...I also carry the YOM law for my state...as they are legal everywhere by law as long as my car is registered in GA.
  6. personally I think one should do a bit to displace the anchor pressures to a larger footprint...some folks say that they had issues here...other say they did not...your call, but for myself, I made backing plates for my modified shock mounts and these are plates are on both sides of the frame. After a time, I will check and if these are loose, I will likely put anti-crush sleeves into play.
  7. years ago I snatched mine out of your Texas back door.
  8. anyone suggesting the iconic all metal Plymouth Suburban needed rear doors is encouraged to see a surgeon for removing his butt from off his head...two door wagons regardless of make or model will always be in demand and sought after by folks who take their older cars serious and make them personal and unique to themselves and sad that the 61 was the last of these...very few folks seek out a more door to build...but a more door wagon has merit over the 4 door car sedan. HOWEVER...I have a couple two door cars here and found a couple 4 door donors for parts....in this case, dang but the 4 door post sedan is more eye appealing...so there are always exceptions and I have the itch to build the 4 door sedan... this article was great compared to the drivel they write today and even Hagerty articles I no longer even look at....they are so one side and wrong on the average.
  9. I had a bicycle, rusted little 20 inch model....it was parked leaning against a tree in the lower orchard and I referred to it as the 'last ride' I mowed and trimmed around that bike for years....until, a junk collector stole it out of the yard for the 3-5 cents he would get at the scrap yard. He had no apprciation of 'art' and I hope the bastard got tetanus.
  10. that is the industry standard flare reducer 1/4 -3/16 should be able to snag these from any local OTC parts house.
  11. looks like we are stymied.....paypal has all my info....that is more than I like to share as it is.
  12. form will not allow me to continue....cannot get to a Paypal checkout without a billing name and address.....not at all like it used to be...check donate, click paypal and done.
  13. GTK, could I ask you to view my PM to you and reply as this donation will be credited to a guy who benefited me here with an item and would not accept pay or postage.
  14. went to make a donation to the forum, selected my amount but it takes me a billing address request that has required fields and asks for a hat size....I just want to make a simple paypal donation.
  15. quick view of their product show a great deal of additional work compared to others kits available. Cost are a bit higher for base kit without regard to additional work you will be doing also then the flagged banner of parts delays possible. Don't get me wrong...the other kits have issues and certain amount of customer intervention also. I will only add that you should read close and compare the kits as to what you are capable of modifying yourself as any farming out of tasks will set you back in installation time and additional cost.
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