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  1. Actually, my parents were living in Detroit, MI at the time the photo was taken and the year was around 1950. My dad had just returned as a Gunnery Sgt in the US Marines from the South Pacific after being wounded twice on Iwo Jima during WW2....so, I think he probably had other reasons to be smiling. You're right...it is nice to live in WV and dress like that...I think I wore my first pair of shoes when I was 22 😉. Thanks for the help on ID the vehicle, John R and Greg G. I will be able to let my brothers and sister know the answer to a question we had wondered about for years. Mike
  2. Hello all, I found this old photo from around 1950 (+/- 2 years) of my father standing next to an old family car. Does anyone have any ideas on the ID of the car? Thanks, Mike
  3. Thanks for the help and information related to the initial question. Mike
  4. "There is a reason for that. A lot of folks there driving marginally safe old cars." And, you have come to that conclusion by what means? I have done a lot of traveling...it is no different in any state.
  5. Thanks Andy and Dan, I guess I just need to find the right / competent automotive machine shop. Update to follow...
  6. Hello all, I am need of some advice. It is apparent by the "play" in my front wheels and the fact that my '48 Dodge Custom will now not pass state inspection due to this fact, that my front end suspension needs "rebuilt". I have found a replacement steering king pin set for around $50 online. My shop manual states that "If the bushing is a pressfit, use special tool C-328-A to remove it"...and "All press-fit bushings either upper or lower, should be line-reamed with special tool C-369 from kit C-671." Does anyone have experience with rebuilding the front wheel suspension and installing two new king pins with proper alignment with OR without these tools? Is there any service online to which one can ship the front end knuckle / spindle with the kingpins and bushings to be done by a "professional" with proper equipment? Thanks for any help or tips, Mike
  7. Thanks for the input guys...will update once done! Mike
  8. Repainting the "Fluid Drive" script of my bumper of my '48 Dodge Custom D24 along with repainting some of the other trim. Is there a color code for this red? or best to just match it the best I can? Thanks, Mike
  9. Welcome to the forum, Kai, This is a very receptive and helpful forum ....I have received countless tips while I continue to restore my 48' Dodge Custom. The chat room is a fun place to hang out in the evenings when you have some time to kill or a question to ask. Also, very nice video....love the music. Mike
  10. When we drive our present day cars, I, for one, don't particularly pay attention to any of the gauges unless something flashes or dings. I can tell you that I cannot picture where and what the gauges are located or look like on my Tundra. But since driving my '48 Dodge, I have definitely developed into a gauge "watcher". Mike
  11. Maybe it's time for a career change ............... nahhhhh!!! Better stick to my day job so I can afford my evening / weekend "job" !!!
  12. Today, I completed my 12 V Positive ground conversion to Negative ground.... ....along with a tune up: new plugs, spark plug wires, points, condensor, rotor. My buddy came over and check out the timing, finalized all adjustments, checked the compressioin pressure of each cylinder.....100% A-O-K ....she runs like a dream and sounds like a symphony. Thanks for the diagram on the voltage regulator....you were right, Don...it's an autolite. Polarizing the generator went without a glitch and checking the generator function out after starting up shows it to be working fine!!
  13. Thanks, Don....not sure what type I have [ http://s1276.photobucket.com/user/mikemomd/media/48%20Dodge/Parkersburg-20130609-00270_zps8766bcd7.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0 ] Do I polarize the generator AFTER reconnecting the battery??? Mike
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