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  1. Well I got up kind a late and I was feeling grumpy but I did go outside and replace the right upper ball joint. I did this one right on the truck, but there was just barely enough room to set the press up. Here it is pressed out, just sitting on the arm upside down. This one was much smaller and easier to r&r. This setup took it out with light tapping only. No breaker bar. This setup put it in, easily, with a few 4# hammer smacks to the press, but no breaker bar. Just a wrench. Anyhow, it got too hot on the ‘
  2. I tried Mobil-1 grease but I think Lubriplate is better. Cleaning is easy but mandatory. I dressed the lead-in on the ball joint, as the toyota arm has a sharp bore, and it wanted to shave the ball joint. Keeping it straight is the challenge. The pressing is simple. The setup is everything in presswork. I was anxious to finish these up today, but I've been losing sleep due to AC, plumbing, and other issues at night. I am too tired now and I sure don't want to smack myself with a hammer.
  3. I have a shiny 20 year old impact wrench. It's a craftsman and I oil it on rare occasions, but I'm a hand tool fan myself. I've done balls on-the-car every time until now, unless I was replacing bushings too. This time I wanted to remove the snails and inspect & clean them for rust and dirt. They were kinda sticky. I was so lucky that after expanding the sleeve, it still fit ok on the press plates too. That was a bonus! The $90 kit is sure not a $900 Snap-on. 😁 It does the job, though this little truck is about its limit, and it is not what you'd want in the shop for regular u
  4. I took a drive and found that ball was making 90% of my slop; and, thus emboldened, I will try to replace the other 3 tomorrow. Unfortunately it is a real pain to get the upper suspension arm bolts off of this car, So I’m going to do the upper ball joints right on the vehicle. They appear that they’re going to be about 1/4 as much trouble, however the video I watched on YouTube shows a guy cutting the old stud off with a grinder before pressing out. I sure hope I don’t have to stoop to that.
  5. I did not think about putting a ruler in the photos until after I had taken and posted them, but that’s why I added the dimensions. This thing fits in the palm. It’s definitely not suitable for press work because it’s made out of cast iron and it’s not too thick. I’m thinking some kind of a gland for a shaft or pipe packing.
  6. I am rebuilding the front end on my 2012 Toyota de Baja Prerunner. Here you all probably thought Toyota Tacoma was a Japanese truck. But you just have to look at the door post to see it was built in Mexico. Anyhow it’s metric and so when I bought a ball joint press for American pick up trucks mine was the size in between at 2.375” dia. I can fix that . . . I bought the Maddox brand ball joint press kit from Harbor freight for 90 bucks. I chose this one because I watch some guy do a pre-runner on YouTube and he said it fit. It doesn’t fit mine. There was a mid year chan
  7. I wouldn’t wanna plant anything right now … it’s about 100° every day. I’ve got some Pothos growing from cuttings above my outdoor aquarium. It’s tough to kill pothos and they call it the Devil’s Ivy because of that. Even it is doing poorly, half of it having wilted in the sun already. I have to cover the outdoor tanks these days with solarscreen, in order to keep the algae to a manageable level and reduce the temperature.
  8. This is about parts I inherited, when my dad died 20 years ago, and still cannot figure out. I started going through some of it long forgotten, in the search for something else. This thing is about half an inch thick and 4 inches at the longest point. The big hole is two and three eights inches. I think this may be antique plumbing. It looks like cast iron, painted grey. Dad paid 10 cents for it in 1968 at a surplus shop in Duluth, that sold tools and odd bits.
  9. I think one of the little parts shot out of it and I didn’t get it back together correctly. Anyhow a Milton is not that expensive and I will probably just order one.
  10. I do not know how many states I have traveled through, but I believe I have only missed Hawaii, Florida, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi...maybe Louisiana. I was very young when we started traveling, but we were stationed on both coasts, twice. Never been on the gulf coast though. My dad traveled the world in the Navy and Air force, and after hearing about it all I never much wanted to go. (Or join the service.) I have been to Canada a few times, but never to Mexico. I sent both my kids to Europe on some student travel thing. Nowadays, I only want to go to Egypt, but not in the c
  11. Well, it's not fine. 🤐 The gauge doesn't work right. I kept the old one, because I knew I might be swapping hoses.
  12. Here’s the thing, I bought the previous one from Harbor freight, and I’ve had it for 30 years and it worked fine. Until the hose went bad. 30 year old hose… This new one appears to be an improved model with better hose & a pressure release button on the side. I think it will actually be fine now.
  13. This item is not very old and it has not many hours on it. I bought it recently because the hoses on the old one rotted away after 30 years. I have a good pencil type gauge I use for checking tires but I remember buying it cheap one at a truckstop that blew up on me the first time I put it on a tire. The body on it was steel but the head was just chrome plated plastic and it split apart from my hand pressure pushing it against a valve stem.
  14. I am 99% certain you can buy the same piece of junk at Walmart under the Campbell Hasfeld name and it is probably no better. Anyhow I am sure that a lot of you own one of these tire inflators like the one that blew up in my face today. Fortunately it wasn’t pointing at me which is why I’m posting this. I want to remind you not to look down the muzzle! There are a lot of threads on the cylinder for this little gauge. Unfortunately the plastic sleeve over it was considerably longer than it should’ve been. It appears that when you assemble it four threads
  15. The one thing I know about being in a cave is you don’t want to make loud noise this is because **** falls down from the roof. So if you can hold the lid down on that gospel and blues will probably be OK. There are certainly bands I would not invite. I remember when Alice Cooper played the Bonneville Raceway Park. He was so loud the people of Salt Lake outlawed outdoor rock concerts.
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