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  1. You might not want to oil the panel if it comes out lovely & you are able to paint it right away; but usually there’s more stripping to do, because paint doesn’t all come off the first time. You always have to fuss with the hems, edges and corners etc. And it doesn’t take off any existing rust so you must do that before you prime. The oil will come off because there’s always a lot of decontamination to do after the stripper is done. In the meantime things are going to rust so you have to put something on it and oil is cheap. If temporary. After the strip
  2. Well, I am SOL because there’s no way I’m going to import a car from Canada to California under the current climate. I had my wife on edge a bit, as I have the money but I already have many toys/projects, so it was a relief to her. She doesn’t understand that I would sell off other cars*, to be able to park a really nice Chrysler here. *including hers.
  3. “It’s for sale locally.” So if I wanted to buy it then I am simply SOL?
  4. Someone implied that the ‘53 has been sold and I didn’t see it in the classifieds here so I guess I assumed that it was.
  5. If you want paint stripper to work really fast, before you put it on heat up the back of the fender with a torch and get it nice and warm. But not too much, because if that stuff catches on fire it makes poisonous fumes. Ask me how I know this. As for the flash rush, yes you get flash rust immediately after you remove the stripper If the temperature is correct, so the first thing you have to do is oil the panel.
  6. I looked at a couple of battery disconnect switches at the local auto stores and I thought they were imported garbage. I would not put them on the boat. I’d rather make my own. In the end I decided to get rid of the switches entirely for now and just do what I always did when I had a gasoline motor: I took the ground strap off of the battery while I was towing a boat, and I put it back on with the wrench before we launched. Since I am sitting directly between the batteries and the motor, there’s no reason to have any relay. I can touch the battery cables with my hand as
  7. I have been calling boat shops and car shops, trying to find a heavy duty DC rated switch. I was hoping one of you guys could give me an idea of where to go. This is the experimental electric boat X-36v. 14’6” with a 56” beam. She will cruise at six knots on a charge, and goes as long as I can stand to fish in a day. I carry three group 29 RV batteries and to increase range I have room to add three more, but that cuts down on my cargo capacity. My little boat motor is drawing up to 40 amps at 36 vdc nominal. The fully charged pack is about 4
  8. 100% success! Boat runs great and fish were caught. I also finally renamed her. She’s been on 36 volts for years now. Out fishing with my granddaughters.
  9. This little wood bin covers & protects up all the wiring on my rear seat platform. It also replaces that ugly lime green plastic thing you also see in the picture. These are the main 36 V battery cables plus some 12 V wires that operate the phone charger & fishfinder. I made some standoffs from off cuts of PVC coated PVC foam window framing.
  10. I have not a bought a General Motors car in over 20 years. That was not the point at all. Some people here are General Motors owners, so this was just a tip for them. We all think about electricity wrong because Benjamin Franklin guessed wrong when he assigned the positive and negative terminals to a cell. But the ground is where all the electrons come from. It’s not how they go back. I still wasn’t happy with my wiring and I went back into the panel and cleaned it up some more. Anyhow I’ve been fiddling with woodwork on the boat and tomorrow I’m going to ta
  11. I discovered that I had made a serious mistake on the electric boat, and while it never actually came back to haunt me, it could have been a very unhappy day on the water because of my stupidity. And this is not a matter of ignorance, because I knew about this problem and have experienced it before. This is the matter where I did things in a rush so that I could get out on the water. This is one of the last things that I did and I wasn’t thinking real clearly based on the evidence. To explain the situation it’s very simple: I placed a non-conductor in my electrical connection. I put a
  12. Ulu


    I couldn't find insulated ones in the local shops. It doesn't get cold enough here.
  13. Ulu


    I have regular coveralls for working on cars. I'm an old hand at coveralls. But there's a whole protocol concerning bibs that was unknown to me. What to wear under, or over, plus when and why. The secret pockets. Using the john. Proper strap adjustment. I definitely hate where the buckles wound up. I'll have to cut and stitch the straps to eliminate the sliding buckles. Otherwise, I so far find them practical and comfortable enough for most work or lounging.
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