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  1. We took my Mom's keys away when she was about 81. Her eyesight was shot, and she was getting increasingly agitated when unexpected things happened. Fortunately she never did any damage. She didn't fight us, because she really didn't like driving. She never learned until she was 32. So we just had to drive her around, and eventually she didn't want to go out much anymore, so it wasn't an issue for us. Anyhow, it seems to me you are looking for some encouragement to be the good Samaritan. In that case go for it, and just understand the reward from others won't
  2. Man that paleolithic concrete body filler must’ve been a hairy mammoth to sand and finish, but those were the days when labor was cheap. And there were no labor strikes. If an employee gave you any trouble you just bbq’d him and then invited his replacement over for dinner.
  3. What can I say about my taste in noise? I’d like to hear smooth machinery that doesn’t sound like it’s trying to come apart. That’s one of the beautiful things about the Flathead Mopars.
  4. I drove an 84 Dodge van with a slant six and it was one of the most rocksolid engines ever made. It didn’t make a lot of power but the power was always there because it had four on the floor. That’s the set up I might look for if I was going to do a six. But it’s as wide as a small V-8, PLUS it’s as long as a big block V-8. That being said I do prefer in-line engines over Bent engines. There is a great reduction in complexity, compared to a V. And I think they sound smoother. More coordinated. Of course nowadays they almost all are smooth as hell
  5. Was this the first right hand drive car you've operated? I've never been in an RHD, so I don't know what to think.
  6. I’ve never voted on a machine. We have always had paper ballots that you marked or punched, but I think we’re just discussing whether the saw will cut you deeper than the knife. My parents were in the military and often had to vote by mail. I have voted by mail, but I don’t consider it completely safe. Why would anyone? Of course my parents warned me, but even the post office itself tells you never to send valuables or cash through the mail. A lot of insurance is sold because we know their service isn’t 100% reliable. People want that assurance for important mai
  7. So far I don’t have any big complaints about the post office in Fresno and Clovis. At least no more than the traditional complaints that the post office has always suffered with. But I really am concerned about this voting by mail business, and some have raised the prospect there should be a true validation. That everyone should confirm their vote. Businesses typically do a double entry bookkeeping to avoid embezzlement or errors in tabulation etc. But maybe elections aren’t as important as we think.
  8. I’m sure I read Sunpot and Cheech Wizard. He was your classic mad genius. But enough about that. I wanna see more about the Porsche. Is there a thread somewhere?
  9. Vaughn Bode’? I got rid of all of that stuff before my kids were old enough to read. Is that the six-cylinder Porsche? I never really followed German cars very much.
  10. We have a similar problem here. Our UPS terminal is on the poor side of the county 30 miles from us. Our FedEx terminal is on the nice side of the county only 5 miles from us. Most of the people working on the poor side of the county live on that side of the county. FedEx employees mostly live on this side of the county. Consequently UPS has a lot more problems with staff. We used to have to ship large heavy rolls of engineering drawings that required a hand truck. These critical documents never went through UPS or USPS. We always sent them by Fe
  11. I have run a few similar units, but no clue about a manual. The copper coil is worth 10 times the rest of the unit, so that’s why it’s gone now. I had a good laugh when I read the number plate. Kidde owned Dura which sold Weaver, but the product was actually made by White-Rogers (pre-Westinghouse ?) then owned by Emerson. I used to work for a company that was owned by Kidde Co, and the organization was just as convoluted. We built aircraft service platforms, but our division was owned by a company which manufactured large mobile cranes. That was owned by a
  12. Nobody out here knows what the hellgrammite is so I had to laugh when I saw the Porsche. They were common in the Rocky Mountains and we used to find them for fish bait. We didn’t know what the hell a hellgrammite was & as kids we called them rock rollers. At some point it became a comic book character.
  13. I’ve had a few painful joint injuries from things like skateboards and motorcycles and just playing basketball. I still live with some of the pain. It’s nothing really, but I do some kind of real work or PT every day to stay loose. I’d get all stove up just sitting at the PC all day, and I’m only 65. I worked a desk for 45+ years and I just can’t do it any more. I get neuropathy from the sitting and the PC makes my hands hurt. Writing with a pencil is torture, yet I drew engineering drawings all day with a pencil before PCs became common in the 80’s. I can go about an hour before I
  14. The truth is that no school ever wants to believe that they are doing anything wrong, ever. If they ever start realizing that, the purveyors of our educational system will have a strange comeuppance.
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