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Evening fellas,

 I joined the site a while back and have been reading up on a few topics and just generally finding my bearings here and figured it was about time I introduced myself as I will be asking a few questions time to time.
I have pretty much completed my '65 Barracuda project for some time now and was looking for another project, performing a chop on a vehicle has been on my bucket list for some time now. During my search I came across a very solid 1949 Chrysler Windsor Club Coupe, all the brightwork and glass intact and a solid body except front floors. For some reason it just spoke to me, and I ended up purchasing it. I will not be chopping this car as I feel it is too nice a candidate to perform such on........... so in the mean-time my search continues for the chop candidate.

Plans for the time being is heading up to Arkansas during Thanksgiving so the wife can see her mother and I can haul the 49 back to FL.
It still retains the running L6 and Fluid Drive, will get it back to FL and clean it up a bit and decide what direction to take it in, will not be going down the shiny paint road as I did with the Cuda.

 I just need a project to putz around with when I am home...between work and airboating I like to have something to wrench on ..... most likely will perform a drive train transplant at some point as will not be able to help myself.

I have attached my new project for your viewing pleasure ........


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8 minutes ago, Sniper said:

Welcome to another 65 Barracuda owner.

Thank you, sir......
There is just something about the first gen 'Cudas that warm my heart.
I brought the ol'girl back from the brink of scrap over the last 2 decades........pic attached (hopefully its allowed) if not I will delete.

Screenshot (36).png

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11 hours ago, 65bcoda said:

There is just something about the first gen 'Cudas that warm my heart.

My first car was a 65 Barracuda. 225 Slant 6 with auto tranny. I bought it in 71 for $525 with 40k on the clock. I sold it in 79 for $100 with 115k on the clock. It was the best car I ever owned. Always started even in the Minnesota winters with -27 degree temps.

Welcome to the group!

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Welcome. Very nice Barracuda. I used to be heavily into 64/65 Mopar A bodies as well. It's been about 15 years since I've owned one though. Funny back then the holy grail was a decent Barracuda grill. Had one on my 273/4 speed 65 Valiant convertible. Looked great on that car. I see your using a a Vailant grill on your Barracuda, also a nice look.


I still have a manual column and steering wheel in my parts bin for use someday. Even this past summer, I used up a couple of saved but rusted at the wheel wells Barracuda quarter panels to make patches for my nephew's 69 GMC pickup. That old metal sure is nice to work with. Cuts, bends and welds easily.

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Welcome to the Forum.  You've probably already figured out this can be a really good place to seek advice, knowledge, ideas, opinions, etc.  That '49 looks like a nice candidate for whatever you have in mind, we'll certainly look forward to following along as you do your thing to it and helping out where we can.  Fear not about photos, you'll find that you will get more grief from not posting photos.

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10 hours ago, 65bcoda said:

Thanks for the welcome fellas......... still utilizing the search function and educating myself before asking too many already answered questions.

I find it easier to do a google search which many times will bring you to this site as opposed to using the sites search function, but I am electronically challenged!!!!

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4 hours ago, Sniper said:

This specific search function will only search this site




After the .com type in exactly what your search terms are and it will search for those.




http://site:p15-d24.com battery cables

Thank you sir.......

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