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  1. Neat truck. I always like to see original industrial vehicles. Most of the cab units I see out-and-about nowadays are only the cab on the frame, with no indication of what the truck was first used for. That one is set up like the fuel service trucks the timber industry used around here, not so much fuel that it can't maneuver backroads, a delivery pump - 'cause there isn't any electricity out in the willywags and gravity won't work well to fill the equipment, and an oil drum to keep motors topped off. Thanks for sharing, although you said it's later in the line for work, we look forward to its progress.
  2. You...Sir...will need more guns/knives/clubs/etc.(your preference), to keep the heathens at bay! What a beautiful bunch!
  3. Well, Aroostook county finally has one case of COVID-19 confirmed in Houlton. Kind of a relief that it's finally here so it can run its course, although they do know it came from out of the area, it took them 4 days to confirm it. The County is at the bottom of the State's priority list for test kits, due to lack of population density and cases they say. I guess now we find out if a small spread-out town (@ 6K population) is good or bad for communicable diseases. We live in Ludlow (not the same Ludlow as in "Pet Semetary"), but Houlton is where we have to do our stuff. Population of Ludlow is 400, and there are no businesses other than a cedar log home company.
  4. Maine went to stay-at-home orders for the month of April beginning yesterday. BUT, April is not yet a good month to get the ol' D24 out anyway. Although I still have a couple feet of snow on the ground, my trails and such are bare...but really muddy, as is my drive. The ground is still frozen 1/2 a foot or so down, so the melting snow just adds to the quagmire, hence our fifth season - mud season, the week or two between the melting of the last snow (no more insulation for the frozen ground) and the final melting of the frost layer that holds the water close to the surface. This is when I to my "final puttering" with the Dodge in anticipation of that first spin. Also our traditional "social distancing", I'm in the shop, the missus is in the house, so nothing new to us
  5. Nah, we were in the same canoe. Apparently, I made the lake a little tight, the addition of two more boats made it crowded... We didn't move, though. Didn't bother me, just him, and it was my canoe.
  6. Maine implemented Stay-at-Home orders effective today until the end of April. Actually cited what crime(s) one could be charged with if they don't comply, up to $1K fine and six months in jail. No biggie in my book, the main issue I see is that the cabin-fever of Mainers in northern Maine and the western highlands was just peaking, with the signs of the arrival of Spring everyone was getting antsy to get out and about, now they gotta stay home. At least the Governor's orders specifically excluded outdoor activities, as long as social distancing is still practiced, which isn't much of a problem in the aforementioned locales. Heck, I've been fishing on lakes I could barely see the other side of, and my fishing buddy wanted to move because two other fishermen showed up within our sight..."lake's getting kinda crowded", he said.
  7. Only "old timey" parts places remaining in northern Maine seem to be the farm equipment shops, which are coming back into vogue because the tater farmers and loggers are keeping/rebuilding their old equipment in/to spite all the computerized stuff that they can't afford the price or time to deal with nowadays.
  8. We get "frost quakes" here in northern Maine (I would imagine elsewhere in the northern climes, too). The frost layer is 8 feet here, (the depth to which you have to set pilings to avoid frost heaving), when it gets cold enough, the contraction/expansion/separation of that surface layer is enough to get your attention, and break things on/from the shelves. Not as "majestic" as an earthquake, but it sure gets things moving and exciting for a few seconds. Earthquakes here are rarely more than a 2.
  9. Cool photos indeed, thanks for sharing. I get a kick out of old dealership and dealership equipment photos, especially tow trucks.
  10. Yeah, still too much snow on the ground and crud on the roads to drive the ol' D24 in northern Maine, too. Although, I did finish putting the drivetrain back in the VW last month, the test "drive" was back and forth, then turn the Bug around 180 degrees in the garage - which was on a Sunday. (I seal the big door up for the winter to keep the snow out and heat in, won't unseal it until the end of this month.) Don't know if that counts, but I'll take what I can get... Photos of everyone's first spin of spring would be nice inspiration.
  11. Maine tourist spots are asking the tourists to stay away, they're all small places where everything necessary for the tourists is already shut down. Summer residents are also starting to come in and are being asked to self-quarantine for two weeks once they get here, they're almost all from coronavirus hot-spots. A lot of Mainers are going "upta camp" a couple months early to weather the storm. Governor just ordered all non-essential businesses to close until April 6 effective midnight tonight. The problem in Maine is that although only .0008% of the population have the virus so far, ME's medical capability is still lacking, and not enough people are following CDC recommendations and guidance. Still no cases in Aroostook County...yet. (Aroostook is the largest county east of the Mississippi, as big as CT and RI combined, but the population is only @ 65K, so we've got social distancing by default.)
  12. This is a heckuva challenge hi-volt laid down. Though not a "challenge", per se, it turns into one when you ponder the question. I could also frame favorite movies by which ones I know the most quotes from....much to the annoyance of comrades. Now I hafta go and re-watch a bunch of the ones you'uns have listed!
  13. Double cool, built at Bath Iron Works right here in Maine. "Bath built is better built."
  14. So, to answer your question, yes, those pieces are indeed salvageable. I have seen far worse restored nicely. Just how nicely (if at all) depends on how much you want to spend.
  15. Not in order, and certainly not all my favorites, but probably the ones I've watched the most often; The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (I saw it when it first came out, first movie I ever watched in a theater) The Quiet Man The 13th Warrior The Sound of Music Unforgiven And Blazing Saddles has to have an honorable mention.
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