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  1. There wasn't a "not for sale" sticker on the Dodge PU in the background, was there? That's kinda how I got my first old truck, went looking for a used car for the missus, but found a Ford F3 (don't hate) on the same lot. Wife wasn't too thrilled when I came home with the "Clampett-mobile", but I think she misses it more than I do.
  2. Your wiring sounds correct. Most likely an issue with the relay. It may not be playing nice with the generator's increase in output. Overheating as you note. Still, recheck all your connections, especially ensure grounds are clean. As Sniper recommended, check voltage working from the device back to the source when it isn't working. Wouldn't hurt to check it when it is working, too. You may find a voltage drop that will help isolate just where the problem is when it isn't working. I used the original 6v horns in a Ford F3 that had been converted to 12v for years. They were
  3. A good deal of the equipment shed fires up here are started by welding, both during the process (don't weld on/near flammable materials) and sometimes well after. The State DOT just lost their facility in Ft. Fairfield. The fire started after midnight due to smoldering stuff from welding they had been doing the afternoon before.
  4. Don't be timid about giving the folks at Rhode Island Wiring a call. They will go over your requirements with you to recommend what best serves your needs. They will even advise if something you may be looking at is not the right product. I've been getting wiring for our Terraplane from them. They are very helpful. Although it may appear daunting, the wiring harnesses of these cars are fairly easy to deal with, even if you have missing sections. Routing may be in question if you don't have where it originally went, but that's where we come in 🤓.
  5. Pits aren't allowed in Maine, either. Unknown reasoning behind it, its been in place for a very long time. It's an overarching State code. Maine has a lot of unincorporated territory so there are State statutes and codes, as well as county ones, that apply to those townships. Just saying because even though you live in an unincorporated area, there still may be statutes or codes that apply if you're concerned about that aspect. Personally, I've used pits in the distant past, and don't like them very much, mostly same reasons as already noted. If I had the choice, I'd go with a lift. Mai
  6. Sure. May take a day or two, I know where it is within a foot or two, but will still have to do some rearranging of "stuff" to get it out.
  7. Good luck! I'm jumping down that rabbit hole myself. My wife found a Lincoln Electric 140 flux/MIG welder in NJ for the same price as the Harbor Freight options we were looking at. It'll be here Friday. I have the same expectations as you ("manage expectations" is something I would tell my superiors in DC before I retired, although it rarely worked). I break metal things often enough to warrant learning to weld to some degree. What I know about welding I got from osmosis, watching and listening to my grandpa, a master welder, at one time the best in "Little Egypt" (southeastern Illinois)
  8. I've got a really old valve spring compressor originally intended for tractors that's intended to do the job with manifolds in place. So they exist, but I've had mine about 30 years and didn't get it new. Acquired it in a farming community. Aside from that semi-useless bit of info, I echo PA's recommendations.
  9. Having driven quite a bit in your neck of the woods, including a few trips on Woodward Ave. during rush hour and other times, I'll opine that your daily driver goal, with the modifications you list, is indeed reasonable, though your budget may be on the low side. I used to commute from Port Huron to Selfridge ANGB daily, then roamed MI and OH for work. (Drove the D24 to work a few times, but stayed off 94. I wouldn't recommend a P15 as a daily driver if you had to commute via one of the Interstates.) That flat 6 is plenty to tool around SE Michigan, and it's plenty to drive on the Intersta
  10. Our last three houses had/have a detached garage. Our place in Michigan already had an intercom set up between the house and garage. Our shop in NY was only about 20 feet from the house, so we bought a baby monitor. It was the wife's idea that I initially resisted but grew to appreciate. Never needed it in the garage, but I had to run into the house once to put out a small kitchen fire when I heard the yelling and screaming. Shop is too far from the house here, but I always have my cell phone, which is still kind of dicey because we have lousy service. I've always been cautious and safet
  11. That's a rather nice and unique style you've got there.
  12. Yes, Happy New Year to all! Out of all the U.S. members of the Forum, I get to see the sun first, and it's a beautiful morning. Bright and clear, (albeit a tad cool, at 10 degrees,) with the moon still high. I hope that's a good omen for everyone's 2021. Maine has had a 9 pm curfew for the past few weeks due to COVID, so no revelers, out in public anyway. Not that I partake anymore, slept right through it. The missus is in NJ tending to her mom, they probably slept through it, too.
  13. Although there appears to be a purpose behind that particular installation, it is not original. Our D24 does/did NOT have that, and it was unmolested when we acquired it.
  14. Short answer - no. Just use the appropriate valve stem. I have both the round openings and oval ones on our car. No issues.
  15. I can't state it any better than you'uns have been through this thread. Very nice reading. What I've noticed with these silly high prices is that many "esteemed collectors", are really just investors. Very few of them actually drive any of their cars, much less work on them. Rather than gold or real estate, they're working the old car market. Watch those auctions more than once, you'll see the same cars crossing the block, and the commentators lamenting that it sold for less than what it sold for last month, etc., etc. I think some folks asking that ridiculous price are trying to play of
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