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    However you get it out of the car, it is indeed easier to work on the whole assembly on your bench.  The steering shaft is not inseparable from the steering box (housing), regardless of what you were told.  And it is not hard to either remove or install it, just takes some doing.  Pull the pitman arm off, because the sector shaft to which the pitman arm is attached has to be removed through the top of the housing, and the sector shaft has to be removed before the steering shaft will come out.  Remove the sector shaft adjusting screw lock nut, and lock washer, those will be in the middle of the top cover.  Remove the top cover.  You can now remove the sector shaft out through the top of the housing.  Remove the bottom cover.  It has a tube attached to it that runs up into the steering shaft.  That is to keep the lubricant in the housing.  There will be a spring, an oil seal, a thrust bearing cup (I was taught it is a "bearing race"), and the bearing that will come out with it.  The steering worm gear and shaft (one unit) will then come out the bottom of the housing.
    This is interesting, kindly keep us informed on how you get this electric PS installed.  Unknown what you have to do to the steering shaft, but if you have to weld something on to it that increases it's effective diameter, it should not be removed from the steering housing, as you'll never get it back in if you do.  There is not much wiggle room, measure where needed.    
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