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  1. Dude what a journey! Thanks for taking us along for the ride..my fingernails got greasy just reading all this. Keep up the great work
  2. this is a B&B on a 218 A D6 (?)
  3. Under dash to the right of steering column was my best fit. Make sure your bends have nice sweeping radius as to not kink. Secure cable to firewall loosely. Dont screw up your dashboard
  4. this has been a good topic. 10/30 has alway been my drink of choice. But now (thanks to this discussion) Im rethinkinking oil choice. Booger doesnt play in the snow..-10 F (no) and freeway speed often surpass 3000K rpmz. (yes). So 40 weight (which was a standard way back when) seems to be a logical choice. Is a 20w-50 oil too tricked out for flatties? Flatties not fattys. ( your honor I am guilty as charged)
  5. wow straight bolt up? Have not seen that. me like
  6. Hemmings was once my Sears Xmas catalog. Now its become the trade paper of the elitest concours auctioneers. I dunno. 35K for a VW bus? renew presciption or bird cage liner? Very little Mopar content. #bummed
  7. All good repllies. Non detergent 30 W was the drink of choice 50 yrs ago. Modern multis detergents are the smart choice. I recently dropped the pan on Booger to extract what goo was in there (very little) now the oil is so freekin clean I can barely see it on the dipstick. Thats a nice looking power plant, Frito
  8. My guess is theres something floating around in that carb o a jet clogged. Time for a rebuild kit for carb and proper settings. Thats all worthless unless you put an line gas filter
  9. Happy New Year to all and heres to all the contibutors and moderators who dig this site. quick shout out to Keith, Sniper, Loren and Plymmie. Cheers
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