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  1. I think its a good question. Stock caps have no venting. As a gas jockey 50 years ago you could hear the pressure release as you cracked the cap for a dollar of gas
  2. Blue Highways by William Least Heat-Moon wonderful book,traveloge
  3. Primo my grandfather was a traveling salesman selling feed supplements to the dairy industry. I would spend summer days cruising with him from farm to farm in his old cruisers along the 2 lane highways he would pick wild asparagus along the side of the road. Damn Just about time to hunt the eleusive moreal mushrooms. this picture reminds me of that. songbirds on the catails. thanks for sharing
  4. cant hurt but dont see the necessity. just replaced one on 49 not used
  5. Forgive me as the picture in my mind recalled the center lane
  6. I agree with you Plymmie. Center lane of 3. stay to the right. Just the same he was cut off
  7. thats sucks HARD. Drivers are no longer passive aggressive just plain aggressive. I feel like theres a bullseye on Booger when I drive around. I signaled a left lane change to make a left turn the other day. I missed my turn cuz all the axxholes wouldnt let me merge over. Please stay away from an antique cars, people. Theses arent some Kias you can replace with a $99 down lease (not to mention the poor guys broken arm) Sheesh
  8. I have same. Found on CL for $20. 38* yup
  9. good score! gotta try the usb charger trick. Curious does it have a radio and does it work?
  10. My first 49 Plymmie Special De was so primo ..at the stop sign the ammeter would flutter around a slight discharge side ..the idle must have been set at around 450...barley ticking and so quiet. A slight tuff of blue smoke.and never a worry always started but that was 50 years ago like your first kiss? NAW
  11. I likey!

  12. If your replacing the gd straps replace the nasty tank altenators now 6V pos grd
  13. JB! this is a necessary addendum to all Chrysler service Manuals Nice work
  14. 51 Cran is a P23 and a stock 218 so sayeth the bible
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