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  1. If you got a "leaker:" you gotta check fluids
  2. I would start with turning the DS in nuetral by hand rear wheels off the ground of course or discontect at tran
  3. that is so freakin cool. Dads looking down on you with joy
  4. you have spoken the truth, Kimosabe
  5. go to carnut.com/specs/rear.html for axle widths R10 ODs are gold. good luck
  6. Booger

    1947 dodge

    If this is your project car you dont worry about correct color. expect to get your nails dirty. plenty of help in here. Bigger fish to fry
  7. OMG they all have alignment pin holes? are you putting modern tyres (see that british bend?) on your crate, mate? Go new.
  8. or something as simple as a condenser will leave you high and dry. keep one in your tool kit in your trunk
  9. we're cheering you on Dog! Lots of skilled gentlemen in here. good Lord a ca black license plate
  10. Try French Lake Auto in Annandale, MN lots of old Mopars in their yard for wing vent
  11. your gonna want to get the windshield kit from Steele Rubber. Your manual covers the R&R but not a simple task for DIYs
  12. Booger


    Vin searches dont often go that far back (dont ask me, theres the damn number)
  13. Booger


    bad to the bone!
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