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  1. I think its a great idea. Smells like a falcon or Ranchero swap.And thats all 12 v (might be a little under powered) no tape measure with me but I got to believe the whole powertrain is smaller
  2. Lots o" good parts. that looks Desoto
  3. heck yeah. glad your radio works!
  4. my dogs use to like licking it off the DW. no bueno
  5. thats his groove. hes got a style all his own
  6. $150? That's a no brainer
  7. It happens.. its all apart of the learning process. Why are there extra parts????
  8. Booger at the beach, by my good friend Kelly Steele of Carmel
  9. All good points. I mean how much hassle is it to pressure wash these things?
  10. 3 BW ods on Ebay. They look rough but it's just dirt and they look all intact. $1000
  11. A new water distribution tube could help. 180° is a happy place. 200 ° is acceptable on a hot day
  12. my guess is sillynoid is bad. check connections. dry and free of greez
  13. Booger


    Thats the beauty of having OD. Those are decent numbers
  14. Booger


    In the states (depending where you are) gas is around $4.50 a gal. I was in Europe 2 years ago and of course petrol is sold by the litre. I would Imagine its around 7-8 Euros a US gal. ouch!
  15. Booger


    what kind of miles per gallon are you getting? Booger is a 218 3 speed no OD. around 16 mpg city/highway combined
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