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    I am an American living in England. Married to a lovely English wife, an Engineer and a Pracher
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  1. SteveR


    When I bought my 37 Ply it had the original exhaust muffler. Unfortunately you can't tell what it is. Its rusty and round and we know it was on the road in Montana in 1968. It does have a rumble and my wife loves it. I do get tired of listening to the rumble while driving though. Every once in a while we have a kid with a 4 cylinder rev up his car around the corner. I was in my car one time and started up my 230 and revved the engine just to give him a little competition. He never came around to see what it was but mine sure sounded much better than his little 4 popper.
  2. Pete, It's amazing what you find out about people. I had a friend also into the Civil War. He and his wife happened upon a stand for 'The Daughter of the American Revolution.' Gene was talking to them and they asked if he knew of any one in his family that was in the Rev War? He said "No but my wife has." They were over the moon and wanted all the details. He said their eyes lit up. They asked him. 'does she know what regiment he fought under?' He replied, "Yes we do.". They were beside themselves and started telling them how you can get documents about her relative and that the Government is very helpful. They then asked, 'what regiment was he in.' Gene replied, "the 12th Highlanders" Their faces immediately turned to frowns because he fought for the British side.
  3. I was big into the American Civil War re-enacting. I got a lot of stick from my ex about it. My family can be traced back to Massachusetts in 1638 so I had family members in the Revolution and Civil War. I asked her, "do you know what country fought in the Civil War? Her response was, "How do I know?" I then asked her name 1 country that fought in the Revolutionary War? Again she didn't know and walked away from me. I have since remarried to a wonderful English Wife. We put up the union Jack on our flagpole here in England. I then said I was going to also put up the American flag underneath it. She was a bit apprehensive but then I explained America was fighting in Europe too. She then thought it was a good Idea. I love the way you have other nations represented with their flags Love the car and you guys look great!
  4. Thanks Merl for your comeback. Your an early bird this morning. I'm from Minnesota so I know what time zone your in. Hers a photo. No markings re. 'in' or 'out'
  5. Hi Guys, I recently had to replace the brushes on my 1937 Plymouth starter motor. In order to remove the starter I had to remove the 2 oil filter hose to the engine. Unfortunately the hoses have perished and I had to replace them. It took a while to get new brushes here in England and I forgot which hose went where. My engine is a 1951-52 dodge. I looked on the internet and I have seen 2 ways of install. 1) bottom hose to pressure side & 2) bottom hose to return. Which way? Thanks for your help
  6. SteveR

    What Horn

    Plymouth Adams I have no Idea how many amps I'm drawing my meter only goes to 10 ohms. I just adjusted it until it sounded somewhat correct.
  7. SteveR

    What Horn

    An update. I have removed the horn and adjusted it. I am sure the neighbors were very happy with me as it took some time in adjusting and trying it and and trying it for about 1/2 hour. I then was under the car jacking it up to clean the grease from the brakes (my seal is gone and the only place I can get one is in the US). I noticed some holes in the cross member and lo and behold 2 of them line up with my horn. You can actually see the outline of where the bracket went. I guess I can safety say this horn is the original. The next question, which I probably never know is, why did someone unbolt the horn and leave it loose? Thanks for all you guys help.
  8. SteveR

    What Horn

    Thanks Andy, I love the look of your car! You really did a good job. It all seems to tie in together, old + new. Some old cars are done up so modern it detracts from the car. Course that's my opinion. The only problem I can see is the steering is on the wrong side. LOL Thanks for your help. Steve
  9. SteveR

    What Horn

    Thank Andy that helps. Could you tell me if the workings are a solenoid with a metal diaphragm for the sound. Nice engine! Do you have a Picture of the rest of your car?
  10. SteveR

    What Horn

    Sorry that 1936-41 Plymouth
  11. SteveR

    What Horn

    I have the service manual for the Plymouth 1926-41. There is no mention of the horn in there except for the wiring. Will the above manual tell me what horn is suppose to be in my car?
  12. SteveR

    What Horn

    I have a 1937 Plymouth Deluxe 6. I have owned it now for 1 year. I noticed between the radiator and front grill a horn loose. I eventually got it out and appears to be a klaxon type. Currently I have a modern horn to pass the testing here in England. I am wondering what type horn was used in my 1937 Plymouth. Also is there a repair manual. The diaphragm looks bent in 2 directions. Thank guys!
  13. I looked high and low for Autolite and AC spark plugs here in England and came up with nothing unless I want to buy from USA and pay huge freight costs. I can get the NGK here. So I am stuck with those. The car industry in England is geared to European modern cars or older English cars. Tell them you have a 1937 Plymouth and they say right away, 'No we don't stock anything for you.' I seem to remember in Minnesota, 10,000 Auto Part store would say let me check around. Even if it was an English Mini or MG. That doesn't happen here. I have ruled out Champion, thanks to Plymouthy Adam's humor reminding me about them. It reminded me of my 20's and my 1965 Slant 6 Barracuda where several new plugs went a foul. This is my 1st classic car and I now am faced with learning old school all over again with the help of a bunch of great guys on this forum who give of their time and experience. Thanks Guys!
  14. Heat range was my next question. This engine is stock and looks like it has never been cracked. My compression is around 70-90psi
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