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  1. Does anyone have a drawing or photo of the door spring? I see that there are 2 springs, an upper and a lower. I have broken the drivers door spring. When I went to find a replacement, I see that the dimensions of the one that came from my car is a 38 spring. Also I see that the lower spring is of a different shape. Are the springs in the back door the same as the front?
  2. Sniper,My first car was a 65 barracuda. 225 slant 6, auto. Best car I ever owned. Started every time in winter and I lived in Minnesota -27 degrees was nothing. My 37 Plymouth is driven on a daily basses too. Just not in the rain or when they decide to put salt on the roads.
  3. *Thanks for all the information but now I have another question. I see there is an upper and a lower spring. Where do they go? Is there a diagram or something that tells me a bit about the inside of the door latching mechanism? Also my car is a 37 but it seems that the 38 is different. I mention this because the dimension of my broken spring is for a 38.
  4. Thanks Sniper, I have found a few on ebay. The problem is the huge price for shipping that little part to England.
  5. Hello guys, I have just broken the coil spring for the door latch. Where can I get one or maybe 4? Who knows when the rest will go. Thanks Steve
  6. I'll have to take them both out then. Thanks
  7. Thanks for that. This was my thought as well but here in Merry Old England they don't cater to American cars too much. It's worth a try though.
  8. When I got my 37 Plymouth it came with the ignition key only. The door and the trunk do not have keys. I have looked on line but to pay hundreds of dollars is not in my budget. Any ideas? Thanks as always for your help!
  9. Well you got me there but he was born June 10, 1623 in Ruddington, Nottingham County, England, and died February 22, 1700 in Groton, Middlesex Cty., Massachusets
  10. My wife took me to see Kenilworth Castle. It is a ruin now but what is fun is to try to piece it back together in my mind. Then look for odds and ends like kitchen tiles, door posts/pivots and such. I found a piece of plaster from the walls. It contains horse hair and was painted. I like it much more than Warwick Castle which is complete.
  11. Nothing? Wow you have a great family history!
  12. There are buildings and houses dating back to 15-1600's that are still in use today. The oldest thing I have is a pocket watch from 1859. It still works. My wife has a suitcase she used when she went to America on the Queen Elizabeth in 1957. Its not that old but it still has the stickers and their cabin number on it. I also have many things my Grandpa had in WW1 including his gas mask. It's hard to think I knew someone that fought in a war over 100 years ago. My earliest family member immigrated to the U.S. from England around 1640. I guess old cars and other old things all go together.
  13. I'm looking into this Thanks for the tip.
  14. Dan, I'll bet you don't have a Castle built in 1085 that's still standing. I met my wife in America. She is English. She said, "there isn't anything old in America". I said what are you talking about we have Ft Snelling!" She asked when was it built and I said 1820. her words cut me to the quick, "That's not old." she said. It turns out that she lived in Kenilworth England and use to play in the ruins of Keniworth Castle built in 1120. So I have to concede.
  15. Dan when I looked at where you were from, Ludlow, I thought your not that far from me. Then I read a little farther and realized your Ludlow is in Maine. I think I need a new pair of glasses.
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