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    Old Cars (of course), American Civil War, Model making, Building Ships in Bottles, Spending the majority of my time with my Wife
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    I am an American living in England. Married to my lovely English Wife
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    Retired Multi-skilled Engineer. Now a Preacher co-Pastor


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    American Civil War Reenactor, Building Models

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  1. Diddo Sniper, If it ain't broke don't fix it!
  2. Here is my Glass Pack I believe it is from the late 60s to early 70s. The end of the exhaust is just behind the front seat. My wife loves the noise, I wish it were quieter.
  3. I did not have to do this. My engine is a 230 with a 39 3 speed floor mounted shift transmission. It was a very tight fit and seemed to only go on 1 way. Many times I got the flywheel stuck. It wouldn't go up or down. Unfortunately once I did get the flywheel in place and bolts and nuts on I had to remover it again. I can't remember why. So I got to fight the darn thing twice.
  4. LOL Yep exactly what I went through and I am 69 years old. Take your time and persevere with it. You will get there in the end. BTW I had to do mine outside and jacked up the drivers side enough to get under the car. That's not much room and bumped my head several times not to mention the grease on my face and the laughter from my wife.
  5. I did not have to remove my studs but pushed them in towards the engine.They did not come out. There isn't enough room for that to happen. It was a tight fit but I was able to wiggle the flywheel into place.
  6. My 37 has studs in the crank that the flywheel fits into. I had to push the studs in to make room for the flywheel. I also did this while laying on my back under the car. It was very fiddly but it is possible. When installing the nuts make sure the stud head, which had a flat spot is not hung up on the high spot of the crankshaft. You have to get behind the flywheel to see it. It's not a hard job but fiddly.
  7. I totally agree but that does not mean you have to follow it or even succumb to it. Christmas is the Birth of Jesus Christ the saviour of all mankind. That is my focus. I miss Thanksgiving time here in England, they do not have it.
  8. In our area West Midlands, the coldest temps were; 24 degrees F in 2010. Pretty pathetic. We use to sunbathe at the lakes back home in that temp. You could see the people here, it is laughable. They are bundled up like Eskimos. I have a down-filled coat that I have never used here in the last 25 years.
  9. *SNOW!* what's that? The last time I saw snow was 25 years ago in Minnesota. England doesn't get snow, or winter for that matter.
  10. I see another video coming out soon.👍
  11. Whoo-Hoo! You're back in the saddle again!!!🤠
  12. You might want to remove the bottom cover on your bell housing before pulling your tranny. Then have someone depress the clutch pedal and see if the throw out bearing makes contact with the pressure plate. Recheck all linkages as well. If there is a gap between the pressure plate and throw out bearing there is a binding in the pressure plate. Did you reuse the pressure plate, rebuild it or adjust it?
  13. We had a very long drive. I can't say we enjoyed it as much as the snowball fight afterward. Shoveling snow was HARD work. I guess when you don't have it you then miss it. I'm kinda glad at the age of 69 I don't have to shovel snow. However the use of that snowblower when I was in my 40s was welcome and fun. My brother lives in Duluth he has that burden still of shoveling snow. HaHa poor fellow!
  14. I have a very bright LED green light on the turn signal switch body. Most of the time I remember to turn them off. No sound just a blinking light. The sound would be useless to me. I am hard of hearing to start with and our car has a 1960s glass pack on it. I would guess that most if not all of the fiberglass have long since been destroyed so I am running a straight pipe that ends just behind the front passenger. I have got no chance of hearing anything.
  15. As a kid growing up in Minnesota I loved the winters. I too had to shovel the snow with my brother and it usually ended up in a snowball fight. Now in England for the past 25 years, I am waiting for winter. I saw it snow once here and it lasted about a week. Back in MN my favorite time in winter was using the snowblower. My wife would say why don't you clear the drive? Well 2 reasons, 1) it's still snowing. 2) When the snow gets some depth to it the snowblower throws the snow much farther. I miss that.
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