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  1. I have a plastic filter near the electric FP in the back of the vehicle and a metal one in the engine compartment.
  2. Now I have something else to worry about.😀
  3. Mine has a rope seal that sits in a groove of a retainer that attaches just like yours. According to Best Gaskets, there are three different seals for these engines: rope(fits in groove of retainer which is bolted to block and main cap, rubber seal like yours with retainer and a rubber seal that fits into a groove in block and rear main cap. So confusing!!!
  4. Great to hear of positive results. I am curious if your engine had a rope seal initially and a rubber seal is working fine. My engine is still at the machine shop!!!
  5. I also use the Carter pump as Sam did .Along with the inertia switch, I also have a toggle switch to turn off the pump while engine is running to drain carb of fuel to prevent difficult hot restarts. Works great.
  6. My 52 has brass fittings that screw into the block, then the lines attach to them.
  7. DJK

    rear main seal

    Correct, but there is a rubber seal with bracket(4164) that Best says will replace the rope seal(4162). I would just like to hear from those that have used it with success.
  8. DJK

    rear main seal

    When I contacted the technical dept., they weren't too sure of anything.
  9. DJK

    rear main seal

    I also have an 80 something master mechanic available to assist me on installation. My engine is in the machine shop now and I can't picture the area the seal rides on, somewhere it was mentioned that the slinger section will need to be removed in order to use the rubber 4164 seal.
  10. DJK

    rear main seal

    My engine is at the machine shop and I can't visualize what it looks like. To be clear, you used the Best 3675 seal with no modifications. Thank you for the reply.
  11. DJK

    rear main seal

    This is what I found from Best Gaskets: The Best 4164 seal set can be used to replace the original rope seal and retainers on most of the earlier engines if the crankshaft seal journal (2.650 in) is the correct size to match the 4164 seal. This was a common practice to do this. Some engines that were made for the Best 4164 seal set can use the Best 3675 seal set if the crankshaft does not have the cast in oil slinger and if the square ledge in the engine block and cap is correctly machined to accept the Best 3675 seal. Most engines that were made to use the Best 3675 seal may still have the bo
  12. DJK

    rear main seal

    My engine has the tapped holes to mount the rope seal retainers that look identical to the rubber seal retainers. Check Best Gaskets website, it shows both type of seals.
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