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  1. Call me crazy, but I test ran my engine in the vehicle with coolant and proper road test with rpm and load on the engine for proper break in which included several heat cycles and head bolt retorques. 2k miles later, still running great.
  2. I have a Carter electric pump, an inertia switch mounted in the trunk and a switch on the dash to shut off pump to drain carb to prevent hard hot restarts and to prevent issues using ethanol fuel. This time of year I will start using e free in advance of winter storage. Removed mechanical pump and installed block off plate.
  3. As Rich mentioned, check the wires inside the dist., I have had no start condition 2 X's due to the cloth covered wire shorting to ground. The second time was my fault due to catching the wire while installing the cap. It only took one strand of wire to cause a no start.
  4. Also check your exhaust hangers.
  5. Been there done that last summer, before I corrected the adjustment.
  6. Remove the duct work between the heater box and firewall, with engine up to temp., turn on blower motor, see if there is hot air coming from heater box. Once I adjusted the control arm on the heater box, hot air into the vehicle was eliminated on SUMMER setting.
  7. Might want to use bolts to hold the straps and seat belt instead of deck screws, hopefully they are there just for mock up.
  8. DJK

    no head lights

    You need O gauge cables for battery and starter relay to starter with 6v system also good clean grounds.
  9. I installed a grease fitting in the bottom plate of the gear box, removed fill plug on top and pumped it full of John Deere corn head grease, no more leak.
  10. DJK


    Better traction??? Up here in snow country we use the narrowest snow tire possible, more weight per square inch!!!!
  11. DJK

    fuel gauge in-op

    Thanks guys, just ordered one from Mac's.
  12. DJK

    fuel gauge in-op

    Looking at brass floats now to adapt to the float arm. Will also check out the plastic ones.
  13. DJK

    fuel gauge in-op

    (1934-46) Gas Tank Sender Float - Cork Item Number: 23-575C Be the first to review this item Unit Price: $9.95 In Stock Qua
  14. DJK

    fuel gauge in-op

    Guess I'll find out!!!!
  15. 52 Cranbrook fuel gauge read 1/2 tank, drove 12 miles then showed empty. Power to gauge OK, tank grounded OK, resistance OK, worked OK out of tank. Removed cork float, felt heavy even though it floated in gas. Went to Lowes got two Hillman 15/16" cork stoppers, installed on float arm, working OK. Love these old cars!!!
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