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  1. DJK

    car cover

    The car will be in the garage, my main concern is keeping dust off from it from other projects in the garage, welding/grinding etc.
  2. DJK


    Kendall DX-A 10w-30 synthetic blend diesel oil
  3. Waiting for the seats to be completed. No car shows in the area.
  4. DJK

    car cover

    For you guys that use a cover, what do you suggest for an indoor use cover?
  5. If you have it apart, pack the bearings with grease and some in the cavity, just don't completely fill the cavity.
  6. After all this debate, has the diameter of the throttle shaft been determined?
  7. i would be concerned with the use of starting fluid washing the cylinders down, compression check is a must, not to mention carb condition,
  8. Rotated by hand another full rotation to bring #1 cylinder to TDC (compression stroke), Correct me if I'm wrong, but as the intake valve closes, that is the compression stroke and the timing marks should appear soon after, not a full rotation later.
  9. All our events in the area have been cancelled!!!!
  10. DJK

    steering gear box

    Fabricated a seal for the lower tube from a caliper pin boot trimmed to fit. Seems to be working so far. The seal on the tube is the original, lower seal is not the one I used, I scrapped that idea.
  11. DJK

    steering gear box

    Anyone have any part #'s for the seals? PS Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads
  12. DJK

    steering gear box

    Thanks guys, the box is tight, very little free play. My concern is the sealing surface on the shaft. Seen many Nissans that were not able to reseal. I guess I will take it apart and see. Waiting for seats to be done anyway and most shows have been cancelled.
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