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  1. When I rebuilt my engine I set the valves while on the engine stand at .012 in and ex., after installing and running to operating temp., I rechecked with engine running, two needed to be loosened up slightly for proper clearance of .010".
  2. I never cared for wax, I prefer Wizard's Shine Master polish and sealant, also using a clay bar first makes a big difference in the finish
  3. The P24 engine I acquired recently, came with a 6 blade fan and 2 spacers between the fan and pulley. Back when I raced dirt bikes, water wetter was very popular, but as Keith mentioned, it will not boil, but the engine is still HOT! I never used it, never lost an engine.
  4. On my 52 P23 rebuild I reused the original pump with a cleaning and new square cut O ring on the cover. Standard rod and main brgs.,new cam brgs., 15w-40 conventional diesel oil, oil pressure 45# at cold start, close to 0 at idle warmed up, no noise and my repair manual states that if pressure is low at idle but increases while driving, don't be concerned. I have a P24 engine I am in the process of evaluating as far as a rebuild, here is a picture of the condition of the bearings that are in it:
  5. Working on my end, not sure what to do.
  6. The Freewheeling Tony Smith is the oil pump guru. He can recondition yours or rework a new pump for you.
  7. Would love to attend, but our 4 yo granddaughter is scheduled for heart surgery in Boston, which means we will be in charge of their 6 yo and 7 month old, fun times.
  8. Sorry, just realized I misread your request. Here is a picture of the rubber seals on the front retainer.
  9. Looks like the one on my P23!!!!
  10. On my 52 Cranbrook I ground some material away from the bellhousing in order to remove the flywheel with the engine in the vehicle. On the P24 engine I just purchased, I was able to remove the bell housing w/o removing clutch first.
  11. My concern would be, where did the metal come from?????
  12. DJK


    I am planning on a complete rebuild to make it reliable. I have $2k in the engine in my Cranbrook now, what's another $2k????!!!!
  13. DJK


    Correct. My 52 P23 has the rope seal, this P24 has the neoprene seal.
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