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  1. Looking great, any details on your PCV set-up?
  2. On my 52 the fitting with the restriction goes to the gauge.
  3. Did you use a dwell meter while adjusting the points? Verify the wires within the distributor are not shorting to ground.
  4. That and an accumulation of rust and sand, might want to remove the drain valve and flush with garden hose or better yet a pressure washer.
  5. I use the Spotify app. My daughter down loads the music for me, I am electronically challenged. There is no radio in my car, just the amplifier, my phone and 4 speakers.
  6. This is what works for me using Spotify from my phone: MakerHawk Mini Amplifier Board Bluetooth Amplifier 2.0 2X50W 5V-24V Audio Power Amplifier Module for Store Home Theater Speakers $10.99 from amazon
  7. Along with the oil pan, it is a good idea to remove the side covers to clean out the residue. I use Caterpillar #1D4556 for head bolts except the two with threaded holes in the top.
  8. Put a brand new T/O bearing from Andy Bernbaum in a couple of years ago, noisey!!!! Purchased a used engine to rebuild, came with a T/O bearing, no idea how old, but it felt good, quiet as a church mouse!!!!
  9. I have 2 extra distributors 4011 and 4101, both cam stops have no play in them. If you can't source one locally, let me know. Not sure what shipping would be from the USA.
  10. Love my 6v positive ground alternator from Bill Howard Enterprise.
  11. Have you checked for excess clearance on the rear main bearing?
  12. Been there, done that. Smiles are better than any trophy!!!
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