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  1. I used the JB weld in anticipation of possible powder coating, decided against that. It wasn't bad to smooth out w/ my angle grinder, I removed all the JB down to the pits.
  2. With JB weld used as filler, sanding, several coats of primer/filler, more sanding, Rustoleum silver paint, at 55 mph you won't notice the imperfections!!!!! As far as the reflectors, they were previously painted over w/ a very dull silver paint, cleaned that off, applied thin layer of vaseline before primer and painting, worked great. Again, it's a driver, not a show car.
  3. I did not read any favorable reviews on Killer Chrome.
  4. It's going to be a driver. I'm thinking fill the pits w/ JB weld, take them to the local powder coat guy and see if he will coat them. If not, I'll shoot them w/ silver paint and clear coat.
  5. Are these pieces salvageable?
  6. Spray with some WD40 or penetrating oil also.
  7. I thought it sounded noisy compared to my 52 Cranbrook.
  8. Someone had them on ebay for $75 EACH!!!!!! I am going to use DOT tape on my Cranbrook.
  9. DJK


    I just went out and looked at mine and compared it to the picture of the other one, the orientation of the pivot points and adjuster point seem to be the same.
  10. DJK


    Thanks guys, I was just hoping to get it as a spare if needed, but w/o seeing them side by side it is a crap shoot.
  11. DJK


    It does show 40 in the lower left of the red tag. My local rebuild shop says it should be OK????!!!!!! The guy wants $50 for it, it's painted black and looks good, but that is all I know about it. Thank you for all your help.
  12. DJK


    Very possible it is a G. Just went out w/ magnifier glass, it is G. 65 yo eyes and 68 yo vehicle, not a good combo!!!!
  13. DJK


    They are both red tags. added #'s to my previous response, see above. Thanks again.
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