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Jacquiline, My 1946 Plymouth Special Deluxe


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Let me preface this with,  I am not Smart.  I am not a professional Mechanic, Engineer, or Autobody man. I am a Medically Retired Sandblaster on a fixed income.  Do not expect a $10,000 paint job or skoarching 1/4 mile times or mind blowing feats of engineering.  I have a fair amount of Mechanical knowledge specialized in 60s-70s mopars. 


I do not have a shop so when the weather turns bad I cant work on her so updates will be sporadic.


I have completed a fair few projects,  but will be limiting what I post so people can comment on my progress.


I have been watching for my Retirement car for a few years. Late August I spotted an add for a 1946 Plymouth fairly locally.  The car being in a small burg close to me but 50 miles from the nearest "big city" I got a head start and managed to beat the heard of potential buyers to the car.


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She has a fair amount of surface rust and the fall monsoon season was quickly approaching,  My first mission was to seal as much of the body as possible.  I sanded down the surface rust, scratches and rock chips.

Sand it down.png

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after top coating the bit n bobs, Wait till your significant other  goes to town for a couple hours.  sneak into the kitchen.  Place the bits and bobs on a cookie sheet and bake them in an oven for 30 minutes at about 300 degrees. When you pull them out of the over the paint will still be wet.  Put them someplace cool to cure overnight.

Horn bolts bake.jpg

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Aaaaand everything back together and looking sharp!  I am going to remove the radiator and have it gone through by a shop this winter and will repaint the radiator shrouds and support then.

Horns after.jpg

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Well for a guy whose first line in the thread is about not being too smart it appears that you like most who say that are in fact quite smart and well organized.  I look forward to following your thread as although my Plymouth is probably  about as done as it is going to get I always look for the chance to learn something new or a different way to accomplish a task.  Your car looks solid and what you have done so far excellent.

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