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  1. Hey Folks, Finally figured out that what I thought was a dangling choke cable on my '48 DeSoto, once hooked up to another fried-looking mystery part I found in the trunk, which was the heater water valve for the Comfort Master No. 53 dual heater. Someone replaced it with a standard looking plumbing tee, so now it's heat all the time. Not a problem now, since it's not moving much these days, but it will be, hopefully soon. This is the doohickey in question: I'm assuming this valve is just a simple on-off valve? Have any of you found any off the shelf parts
  2. NJ Area: Split a bucket of Mobil DTE Light Circ. Oil ISO 32 View Advert I'm going to be buying a 5 gallon bucket of Mobil DTE Oil Light (5 Gallon Pail) 104743, for my fluid drive. Cost for the bucket with shipping should be around $150, final cost tbd. I only need 7 quarts, and once it's opened, it has a shelf life, so if someone within driving distance of Elizabeth, NJ is interested in half a bucket, get in touch. Advertiser ratbailey Date 03/02/2021
  3. Time Left: 28 days and 11 hours

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    I'm going to be buying a 5 gallon bucket of Mobil DTE Oil Light (5 Gallon Pail) 104743, for my fluid drive. Cost for the bucket with shipping should be around $150, final cost tbd. I only need 7 quarts, and once it's opened, it has a shelf life, so if someone within driving distance of Elizabeth, NJ is interested in half a bucket, get in touch.


    Elizabeth - US

  4. I left the right hand stud until last, and it dawned on me then that I should've done what you described. Damned if I was taking it all apart again 🤪. I can't leave it like that, though...I'll be back at it again, next time I'm under there, which will be soon.
  5. Finally got this thing buttoned up. Thought I'd leave pics for reference, in case anyone else finds themselves parts hunting... 960064 clutch housing shield 667515 and 667516 clutch housing pan brackets, and a clutch housing pan, both from a '49 Dodge. Ugly zinc plated hardware will get painted, someday. There's still a mystery hole, in the middle top 1/4 of the photo... Getting this back together wasn't easy. Two bolt holes on the clutch pan were located in a space just big enough to jam a finger in--I had to slide the pan into that space with t
  6. $1500 for dimply things on the sides of my tires...that'll make you reconsider how cool you want to look 😬.
  7. I find the tire size thing confusing. The 1947 DeSoto owner's manual states that the standard tire size for short wheelbase vehicles is 6.50 x 15. One online source says 7.00 x 15, another says 7.60 x 15. Shop manual says 6.50 for early S-11, 7.60 for late. Is it logical to assume that the car will accept a range of tire sizes, and what's the last word on tire size? Right now, I've got 215/70R/15s on the stock rims. It's kind of a bummer to come to the conclusion that if you really want to do some driving, radials are the way to go...bias plys look so cool.
  8. I've got two DeSoto shop manuals and a Motor's. The '48 edition says .025, the '50 says .030, and Motor's says .025. It's easy enough to regap and see if it helps, I guess.
  9. Thanks! Yeah, it may be too soon to ask questions about smoke color, I don't think I even got it up to full running temp without it stalling. Does it look white? When you say antifreeze leak, you don't mean "cracked block", I hope 😬? It looked like normal, grey exhaust to me. I'd go with moisture being expelled. When I pulled the pan, there was no glycol or water in it, and until the rad blew, it was staying full. The liquid out of the tailpipe was clear looking water, but more than I'm used to seeing, and the fluid in the rad was glycol green. My new oil still looks fresh on the dipstick.
  10. Yeah, me too...I did literally thousands of carbs in my dad's small engine shop, just by dunking them in a can of LEADED gasoline (the lead levels in my blood must be off the charts...never used gloves, and we also washed our hands with it), and blasting with compressed air. Could've been the length of time, I'm not sure. I got pretty excited about zapping the crud off with my cool machine, I let the parts sit in there for a couple hours, at least. Learned my lesson.
  11. Nice, Mark! Looks to be the same color as mine, though my color doesn't match the code on the plate.
  12. Hey Folks, I've been hard at work since I last checked in here...if you enjoy stories and videos about middle aged guys goofing around with old cars, read on. Today was a mostly good day. Short version: my '48 DeSoto (not '47, as I was told) moved its own carcass out of the garage. Play-by-play provided by my very patient wife. This is kind of where the fun stopped. More on that soon. Leading up to this awesome achievement, I rewired the starting circuit, the ammeter, ran fresh wires to the transmission relays, and disconnected
  13. https://www.carburetor-blog.com/knowledge-base/carter-bb-1-barrel-troubleshooting/ https://www.thecarburetorshop.com/Service_Carter_BB_downdraft_issues.pdf
  14. I'm dealing with a leaky BB carb that I'm rebuilding for the second time. I haven't sorted it out yet, but I'm pretty sure it's related to float level height. If you do go to rebuild, you may think, like I did, that the float retainer clip provided in the kit is too tall and the wrong one for your carb, because it sticks up above the top edge of the bowl line. It's not. It's supposed to get crushed down by the top piece, and secure the float in place, otherwise the float will rise too much and not shut off. Don't start snipping it down to fit. Like I did.
  15. Shiny, black, hard stuff that dissolved (softened is a better word) in lacquer thinner. Could barely chip it off with an old wood chisel. I don't think it was Indian Head shellac, which if I remember correctly, dries to more of a dark brownish color. Never removed and cleaned out an oil pan before...add that to my personal list of unpleasant jobs to avoid 🤪 Glad I did it, though...I was able to see the condition of the engine and feel a little more confident that the last owner told me the truth about it. Very little wear on the camshaft, and I could still see a crosshatch pattern
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