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  1. Just remember that if you are planning to put in a new wiring harness, you will have to remove the headliner as all the wires that go to the back of the car go up the A pillar and over left side of the roof toward the back of the car. So put in the new wiring harness before putting the headliner.
  2. Congrats for rebuilding the M-5 transmission. Did you do it, or did a transmission mechanic do it? How hard was it?
  3. They're out there. I needed them for my 48 DeSoto. You just have to keep on searching. I got one of them from Bernbaum for $150, and he said it was his last one. I got the rear joint by putting a want ad on the Antique Automobile Club of America. I paid about $55 for the rear one, I think, and it was from another collector, not a dealer, and it was this year. What kind of u-joints do you need? One type has wings with holes for the bolts to go through, and the other kind uses C-clamps. My 48 DeSoto uses the C-clamps. Notice the big hole that goes through the joint on the C-clamp type. I include a pic showing both kinds.
  4. The large oval is the maker plate that would identify the car as being a Dodge. I don't know what the lower oval is as my 48 DeSoto doesn't have one. https://www.ebay.com/itm/DODGE-CHRYSLER-CORP-DATA-PLATE-ID-TAG-UNDER-HOOD-ALUMNIUM-1948-1955-RED/252438287412?hash=item3ac67e9434:g:eeMAAOSw-4BXbumh Also you should look at these restoration videos on a 41 Plymouth. He covers many details that are hard to find elsewhere:
  5. My 48 DeSoto business coupe has its original color, although it is shot, and it's Monterey blue, which is a light grayish blue. It's a very attractive color if you like a mellow look. I have noticed that many other DeSotos in the 46-48 years have my color of Monterey Blue. There was also a dark blue called Carmel Blue.
  6. One place I can recommend to you is the MyMopar site. This site has the Master Tech series of booklets and filmstrips, and is a great way to give you knowledge on late 40s mechanics. You can look up filmstrips by subject and by year. They are great and entertaining, and they will teach you more than just reading the service manual. http://www.mymopar.com/index.php?pid=117
  7. Definitely true! Just for kicks I looked up the current prices for the 1972 Plymouth Duster I bought for $400 in 1982. They are selling for 30 to 45K! Although most of them have the 318 or 340 Mopar V-8, and mine had a slant six.
  8. When I was a little kid, I guess I grew up with a flathead V-8, because my mom bought a 1953 Mercury station wagon, new, and drove it until 1961.
  9. It's funny when the narrator says about the Ford flathead V8 engine, "True, Ford has tweaked this old design with a few more, MUCH NEEDED, horsepower." "
  10. If you're ready to go out and get 49-52 Ford after watching that film, watch this one. Chevrolet trashes Ford in 1952!
  11. I love to watch these comparison videos made by the auto manufacturers. Some of them give a surprising amount of detailed information. More than you would get today. Now, sit back, relax, and watch this totally unbiased review of the 49 Ford vs. the 49 Plymouth.
  12. At that price I would get the paper clock too! To me no clock is worth more than $150.
  13. Now that's what I call great ingenuity, or being a super cheapskate, one or the other. I'd like to see a picture of that. Tell the correct time twice a day! Well that's a start!
  14. I just won a rare record that introduces the 1941 Plymouth. I don't have the filmstrip though. I was wondering if anyone here has any 1941 Plymouth filmstrips. This record could be the soundtrack. I would love to see this see the light of day by putting it on Youtube with the filmstrip someday.
  15. Stewart, In addition to the books recommended above, here is a general book on all aspects of auto restoration by Matt Joseph. HIs famous articles "On Restoration" originally appeared in the Skinned Knuckles magazine back in the 80s. Then he took those articles and turned into a great book. This book is far more authoritative than the average book on restoration. I checked Ebay and couldn't believe the price! I paid about $30 for my copy. Under $5 and free shipping. This is a steal! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Standard-Guide-to-Automotive-Restoration-by-Matt-Joseph/143433324226?epid=649955&hash=item21654ad6c2:g:~Q4AAOSw2VZdwgU8
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