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  1. I remember seeing a 6 volt battery dealer who sold MoPar battery decals to put over your modern battery. I also saw battery dealers who sold MoPar battery repros.
  2. Back in the 80s, I coresponded with a man in WI who was selling out a closed Chrysler dealership. I bought Miller tools, filmstrip kits, etc. I also bought a large metal sign advertising MoPar batteries. It was about 4 feet tall and about 20" wide. It was NOS and still in wrapping papers. I paid about $25 for it. About ten years ago, I put it on Ebay for $99 and it was bid up to over $1300! I've never seen another MoPar sign like that. The colors were brown and yellow and the battery shown was 6 volt. I don't know the year of the sign, but I would guess 1940s. I just checked Ebay and
  3. Yes, I thought about just making one big thread, but I hesitated. I will bet there are many who would not look at my thread anymore after it was five or six pages long and it would always say "Finally took body off of the frame" and people would say "Oh I've already read that post." And let's say I had a question on the fuel tank, no one would know I was asking about the fuel tank unless they opened up the thread and went to the last page. I know Nick is an exception to this, but I'm not as popular as Nick.
  4. James , you must have not seen my response. I took pics and described where the serial number was in a previous post, right after you asked for it. see I do have an HOA, but as long as they don't see it, I think I'm OK. The chassis goes right back in the garage after the cleaning. I didn't get any water in my face, except when I was filming my friend in the video. Now I'm going to wipe the frame down with a solvent and get ready to paint it with POR chassis black. The frame still has a lot of hardened undercoating on it, which I'm not going to attempt to remove. If it's been on th
  5. Dragged the 48 DeSoto chassis out on the driveway and pressure washed it using my new Husqvarna water pressure cleaner. Seemed to do a good job. Marc.
  6. I can't remember if the head was shaved. I wasn't under the impression that because I bored the cylinders .030 over, that I was now going to enter it in the Indianapolis 500! I was just cleaning up damage from broken rings and general wear. I did put in .030 over pistons and rings. Can't wait to get it running.
  7. I was wondering what the new cid of my 48 DeSoto engine is? Stock cid is 236.7 cid. I bored out the cylinders .030". So using the formula for the volume of a cylinder, Pi R squared times the height, times 6, I got my new cid of 240.8. I wonder if that adds any HP? The Chrysler 6 in contrast has a stock cid of 251. According to a formula I found, each cubic inch of displacement increases HP by 1.1 to 1.2 HP. So, since I increased the displacement by about 4.5 cubic inches, I figure I increased the horsepower from 109 to 113.5. Marc.
  8. Marcel, I can't find this anywhere locally, even NAPA. I guess I have to order it online? Marc.
  9. Harley, I just wanted to repeat the advice you gave here! I used to have a fellow teacher that I carpooled with who just had one eye. He was pruning a large tree with a chain saw without eye protection. The chainsaw kicked back cutting into his cheekbone and taking his eye right out. The pain must have been incredible! I just went to the optometrist for a routine eye exam and she checked my eyes with my glasses on. She had me hold the paddle over my left eye so I read letters with my right eye. I couldn't read any letters even when they were big! She said I had a macular hole. So I w
  10. I bought the pressure washer to clean my frame and differential, which is the greasiest part. You can put a detergent designed to use with pressure washers in the machine. But I've heard of applying something like Aqua Clean before using the washer and then blasting it off. Any tips or recommendations?
  11. Thanks Dodge! Was it just for the quarter windows, or was it for the front windows also?
  12. I have an NOS Chrysler window crank with a plastic knob, but I don't know what car it fits. It has the Royal Crown logo on it, so I know it's for a Chrysler, but all of the 46-48 Chryslers I've seen, including the 50 Chrysler Windsor I used to drive in the 80s had an all chrome knob that could swivel and flip. So what does this plastic knob fit? Maybe it's for the quarter window or something, or maybe for the lower line Royal model?
  13. If that's the case, then this medallion NOS piece is incomplete and at $400 that is quite a steep price!
  14. Yeah, I bought up some nice medallions for my 48 back in the 80s when they cost $15 to $25!
  15. Thanks guys! you made short work of that one! I looked at the 49 DeSoto medallion, but the bust of Hernando through me. I didn't realize that he was a separate part that bolted on. BTW, you can buy this piece of jewelry on Ebay for $400.
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