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  1. I had a younger brother who in his college days was so poor he couldn't afford to have his VW bug brakes fixed. He actually drove the car without brakes, using the hand brake and diving into the shoulder when a car suddenly stopped for something at the bottom of a hill like a red light!
  2. Those are some great pics of a 41 Plymouth mock up engine compartment and chassis. It would be a great teaching prop for mechanics! I only recognize one of the people in these pics. In the first pic the older man with glasses second from the right is a Plymouth engineer. I forget his name, but he is in a 1946 Plymouth brochure with a baseball player where he is showing the ball player all of the new improvements on the 46 Plymouth.
  3. I wonder why the original engineers of hydraulic brakes didn't think of dual reservoirs for the MC? It's such a safety plus. You would think they would have thought of it, so that if your front brakes sprung a leak, you would still have your rear brakes!
  4. MyMopar has a Master Tech filmstrip on steering from Dec. 1949. https://mymopar.com/mtsc-1949-volume-3-4-smooth-steering/
  5. I just called now even though they are closed now and a guy answered. He gave me the dimensions of the body mounts he has. The top mounts have a flange that sticks out about an 1/8" or so, I think, and the bottom mounts are flat and just under 2" wide. Both top and bottom mounts have 1/2" holes, but the lower mount was .6" thick. My original lower mounts are only about 3/8" thick. Do you think the thicker mounts would be a problem for my 48 DeSoto?
  6. Wow! That pic of your T&C makes me green with envy! Beautiful!
  7. I've been trying to reach that company for a couple of weeks now without success. I need to ask some questions about his body mount rubber. All I get when I phone is endless DeSoto jingles and a voice saying I'm probably with another customer right now and to wait. They also don't answer my emails. Has anyone else had trouble reached them?
  8. You don't need a 12 volt system to get FM and blue tooth on your old tube radio.
  9. The trend now is to do restomods and make the car as modern as possible. 12 volts, disc brakes, dual MC, v-8 engine, electronic ignition, fuel injection, modern interiors, etc. Those that was to perserve auto history are in the minority now, so I don't even bother to argue with them. But I agree that some of these mods like disc brakes and seat belts should be considered for safety.
  10. That's a good question. My 48 DeSoto is 6 volt and will stay 6 volt. So maybe someone with experience with changing over to 12 volts can tell you.
  11. Looks like your rubber grommet is broken. Can you still buy these linkage grommets? I need them too for my 48 DeSoto.
  12. To those who say you should never change your fluid drive fluid, I have a question. What if the fluid smells burnt? Wouldn't that deplete any anti foaming agents in the fluid and cause cavitation and loss of power? I don't think Chrysler intended for that fluid to last for over 70 years. Common sense tells me to change it.
  13. They sure don't. I called them back and I asked why the kits don't fit the car, and he just said there's a lot of variation on the cars. But he said I could return the whole kit, or return what doesn't fit, so that's what I'll do. I found that Steele Rubber sells the right part with the dimensions 1 13/16" diameter, 1/2" hole, and 3/8" thick, but will cost another $200 for the 14 I need. Some of the lower rubber mounts still look good enough to reuse, but they do have some age cracks on the edges.
  14. I got my body mount kit from MoparPro that I had adjusted to get the correct parts. Turns out the 8 sleeved mounts were correct, but my car only needs two of the "donuts" with the big hole. I have 16 in the kit, so 14 of them don't fit. I need 14 of the smaller lower rubber mounts with the small hole that the body mount long bolt goes through. That is because the big hole is where the sleeved part fits through on the middle bracket that extends out from the frame. It's obvious that MoparPro has no idea what to include in these kits and someone who has never worked on a car like mine put
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