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  1. If the motor needs rebuilding I know a good video that'll show you how to do it. 😂
  2. Have you noticed that every time a can is used to fabricate an engine part it is a beer can? Wonder why?? 🤣
  3. Some folks are taking this video waaay too seriously. The guy admitted he is no mechanic and I don't think any reasonable person would consider this video as a step-by-step guide on how to rebuild a flattie. This is just a guy showing how be brought a junk engine back to life in his backyard with common hand tools any handi-person would have. If you check out his channel you will see more rescues of junk, he isn't trying to be Wayne Carini. 😁 I found it hilarious in spots and wish him great success in rebuilding his junk finds. Here is the very entertaining video where he drags th
  4. Now wait a minute....who said he did it wrong...besides you? If the engine runs well and he is able to put his '48 on the road reliably and enjoy it with minimal cost then there is nothing wrong with the way he repaired the engine. Matter of fact, for his particular situation...I'd say he did it right!
  5. I suspect the overhaul in the video (which I got a kick out of watching) is a fair representation of how thousands of these engines were rebuilt back in the day (by people without internet training 🤣 ). Due to them being over-engineered and under-stressed, those engines no doubt transported countless families for many years. If you want to see amazing repairs done on a blacksmith level, check out this YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC64FbxoHfUWd5hykYk5_BvQ
  6. Nick, the headlight switch fuse is a SFE 30a which is 1/4" x 1 7/16". This is longer than the more common AGC fuses. I bought a box of them at the local Napa store.
  7. Maybe the battery cables aren't large enough.....
  8. Here is the info you need for adjusting body gaps: http://www.imperialclub.com/Repair/Lit/Master/025/cover.htm As mentioned earlier, the Mopar engineers did an amazing job designing superb airflow through the cabins of their cars. The air movement is far better than modern vehicles which weren't designed to be driven with open windows. Hoping your brother-in-law will be able to enjoy this car with you in years to come.
  9. I understood this question to be in regard to whether or not the life of the electric pump would be shortened by intermittent use. I don't know for certain....but I doubt it. I can tell you that on my aircraft the Facet electric diaphragm pump that is only used for takeoffs and landings as a backup to the mechanical pump is still working fine after twenty-one years in service. The full-time mechanical pump has been replaced twice. 🙂
  10. Permatex #2 is non-hardening. #1 is the crusty stuff.......
  11. I'm in the process of reassembling the trans and engine for my TR6. Permatex #2 is my go-to, I apply a very thin coat to both sides of the gaskets. Be sure you check the oil drain-back on the pinion cover when you assemble your gearbox to make sure it is correct:
  12. My P15 has no momentary switches, bypass lines, pressure regulators or gauges, or antique mechanical pump leaks. The fuel system is one place where additional complexity is not a good thing. 😉 I do agree the Carter rotary pump can make a little noise. Here is how I soft-mounted mine so the only time I hear it is when I first turn on the ignition...the sound tells me the pump is running. After engine start I no longer notice it.
  13. Nick, it can go quite a bit higher than that and still cohabitate with the shifter. Look at my installation again:
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