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  1. Been a bad boy...was in McMaster-Carr buying stainless hardware...sheesh .
  2. Start checking the relief valve before anything else. Wouldn't run it long without oil pressure.
  3. Here's the text version..should have thought of making it searchable. A. 2 - Bottom rear fender bolt hidden by rocker chrome under door 3/8” – 16 with 1/4” shank under head then 6/8” long threads with tapping cuts on end. 1 3/8” wide washer that is 1/4” domed. B. 4 - Top rear side fender bolts under hood corners 1/4” – 20 with 1” long threads with tapping cuts on end. 7/8” wide washer with inside teeth. C. 2 - Fender bolt on extension wing at bottom rear of fender 1/4” – 20 with 1/8” shank at head plus 5/8” thread length. Bolt head 7/16”
  4. Marketplace - Borg Warner R10F-1B Overdrive tail housing for 1950's-1960's Ford/Mercury | Facebook
  5. Since I couldn't work 2 weeks due to an operation I decided to check all the bolts I had bagged using my thread checker, and measuring with a tape measure. Here's a detailed list that I tied to tag to pictures.
  6. Ask my brother that had his hand pulled in alternator by long loose sleeves. Lost a finger.
  7. Make sure fan isn't rubbing against radiator lightly.
  8. And it's a split half hood..over the radiator. You have to take the hood off. I've worked on a lot of cars.. This wasn't as simple as it should have been.
  9. Mine's a 48 Dodge and the radiator was binding on a 4" wide section of the support. Would not come out. I reckon if I would have had a rachet type box end wrench I could have taken the fan off..no room. Got two of the bolts off. That's what the manual stated, take the fan off..
  10. I copied this from somewhere a long time ago..Don't know whether it would help you.
  11. Not mine..just posting in case someone is interested (1) Marketplace - 1949 Dodge Pickup Engine | Facebook
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