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    Our car is a 1950 Dodge Special Deluxe, it has been in my wife's family since 1954.
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  1. When I brought my car home (it was my wife’s Great Grandmother’ s car), I joined the Saskatoon Antique Auto Club. The members are very friendly and helpful with good advice. 1 of the members is a Mopar guy and owns a small garage South of the city. We meet at the Western Development Museum on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 7 pm. I will send my info to you using the message function on here and if you are interested we can meet up there. Neil
  2. Welcome to the group. I am also in Saskatoon. I have a 1950 Dodge Special Deluxe. I have a couple of manuals for it, they are invaluable. Using the part numbers you can use the internet and cross reference a lot of parts. Welcome again.
  3. On its way from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.
  4. Great picture. Nothing but great memories of Bob.
  5. I think I saw a quick blurb of you giving a ride to another YouTuber in your T. Shop Kat Industries. Have a great trip, keep us posted.
  6. Great work Keith. I will watch your channel for updates.
  7. I have the opportunity to own this cover. I know it is not for my 1950 Dodge. I am thinking Wall Art. C88E93CC-ECD4-44D0-A1DD-71275376EF5A.webp 1DBD0F12-66F5-458B-93DC-1FA71DF210BF.webp 1CCB0E29-1339-4BB9-A9D7-A1734EDEECEF.webp
  8. Touché it used to be illegal to sell/buy alcohol in Saskatchewan on Sundays. We paid good money for beer on Sundays, cold was optional. my one buddies dad loved to sell us his crappy beer at full cost.
  9. When I was just getting into motorcycles, I was 14. In Canada $6.00 could fill a 5 gallon (Imperial) gas can or buy 12 beer. We think we have tough decisions to make now.
  10. Be safe Keith. We have the heat in Saskatchewan, some fires in the North. But we safe. Neil
  11. Delivery included. Looks like both parties are happy with the deal. 👍
  12. Check out the car in the background of this Vintage Harley.
  13. Cold War Motors is great. Long time viewer.
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