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  1. They are probably the park lights. pull the headlight switch halfway out and check to see if they are on. they shut off when the headlights are on. they can be converted to signal lights.
  2. The Blues Brothers, the original version. Have never watched the remake, cannot improve on perfection.
  3. https://barnfinds.com/metal-bodied-buggy-1966-vw-empi-sportster/?utm_campaign=Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Newsletter+(Daily)
  4. https://www.oldmopar.com/oldmopar/colorchart.html I had this article bookmarked from an earlier time. My 1950 Dodge rims also have the pinstripes.
  5. Here is mine. i went from this To this I got the clock from a member on here from the Truck side, someone had cut it into a glovebox door. It didn’t work, so I put the guts from a Quartz 9 volt clock into it. No one has caught me yet, the second hand might give it way if you looked close.
  6. #6 Vintage Theatre A Car from our Car Club was used in a local low budget film, “The Tin Wife” and they asked us to park some era cars in front of the theatre for the premiere.
  7. I suspect he is busy working on his rain dance routine. It is dry up here, most crops are planted. Now we need the rain.
  8. Please buy it. I am scared to call, it is within driving distance for me.
  9. My son's friend just bought a brand new 2019 Chevy 1/2 ton. My son got in and was promptly berated by his friend for stepping on the door sill. The next time he picked my son up, there was green painter's tape covering the rubber door sill.
  10. I was on a Service Call one time at a previous job. I was sent to a trailer park to check out a mobile home that had lost power to an addition that had been added to the side of It. I started to check a few things and discovered that whoever had wired the addition had used cut up extension cords. I traced the wiring thru the addition and ended up in the space below the addition, it was built about 3 feet above the ground to match the mobile home. I found that this space was used for storage and they had recently put some more boxes in storage. When the new boxes were pushed in, they had knocked the end of the extension cord wiring from the existing outside plug on the mobile home. The whole addition was wired with cut up extension cord and then plugged into the side of the mobile home, running off a 15 amp breaker. I plugged the cord back in and power was restored. I explained the call to my boss and left it up to him to advise the owner.
  11. Before you go thru with the change, try this. It worked for me.
  12. Another scenario is, in Canada during the late 60's to early 70's houses were wired with aluminum wire because of the high cost of copper. During various reno's people change receptacles. The cost of a receptacle rated for aluminum wire is 3 to 4 times the cost. They appear the same. But, over time the aluminum "flows" away from the screw.
  13. Ground was not attached, it did ground thru the box. It was in a basement Rumpus Room, moisture was not an issue. As per code the ground should have been attached. What happened in this case, was that the previous owner had added some receptacles (plugs) in the area and fished a 3rd wire into the box. 1 of the screws (both hot and neutral) had been loosened and then a 2nd wire added to each of them. When the screw was tightened, the 1st wire was squeezed out and over time with the heating and cooling of the copper conductor from loads being turned on and off the wire was making contact and after getting hot the copper wire would "flow" away from the screw. After cooling off it would make contact again. It would have then got progressively worse.
  14. Welcome from Saskatchewan. I have a 1950 Dodge Special Deluxe. (Canadian version) It is mostly original as well. I redid the interior out of necessity, other than that it is stock.
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