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  1. Cold War Motors is great. Long time viewer.
  2. That’s my sketch. When the brake is released, the coil drops out and via the NC contacts on the relay my limit switch mounted by the carb is energized. Thru the NC portion of the limit switch the yellow light comes on. When the gas is pressed the rod that runs the carb moves and it breaks the NC limit and the NO turns on the Green light. Sorry for the long explanation, but it makes sense to me and it works.
  3. Here’s a couple of pictures from my manual. 1950 Dodge Special Deluxe, Canadian version
  4. Looks like rain as well. I remember when it used to rain put here. There was very little snow cover this year, we had grass fires in March. Normally, they aren’t a concern until mid May.
  5. I was told a long time ago, ”The only way you can be sure of doing nothing wrong is by doing nothing. Every time you do something, you run the risk of doing some wrong.”
  6. I enjoyed following along on the original trip. Will enjoy this it again Thursday. It will be a great ride. Thanks for taking the time
  7. In normal times, our Antique Auto Club meets at the local museum. In our club not only the cars are antiques. They installed a designated charge station in the museum a few years ago. It was being used regularly before everything shut down. A Tesla dealership is in the process of opening here.
  8. He had a nice collection of cars and other stuff. I got mine picked up, even last fall my work had us isolating for 2 weeks if we left Saskatchewan.
  9. My decision to buy this was neither Political or Economical. I like different things, my friend bought a Corvette and quickly noticed how many other “Old Guys” (his words) drove Corvettes. I guaranteed him that nobody else will pull up beside me in another one of these. As new, it had 8 6 volt batteries and was supposed to go 50mph with a 50 mile radius. This one has been upgraded to 10 batteries and a PLC based speed controller. I am still working with our Government Insurance on plates. It spent the first 38 years of its life in Portland and then was brought into Canad
  10. I have a 1950 manual as well. Let me know if you need anything else.
  11. 4 batteries in the front bumper and 6 more in the rear. 60 volt 6HP motor
  12. Seems like a Good Time to introduce my new toy. Picked it up last Fall 1980 Comutacar Don't hold back, it’s uniqueness is part of its attraction.
  13. I do have the Parts Manual for mine. I usually Google the part numbers and see what appears.
  14. Keith, Does the Hollander Manual work ok with your Canadian car? If I remember correctly, when I looked into getting 1 it didn’t cross over with my 50. Thanks for checking. Neil (Also, great videos)
  15. Welcome to the group. I am just down the highway from you, I’m in Saskatoon. I have a 1950 Dodge Special Deluxe. I downloaded your picture and reloaded it.
  16. I have my 6 volt electric pump plumbed inline with the mechanical pump. It is located on the frame in front of the fuel tank just in front of the rear axle. It is wired to a push button that I need to hold in to prime the engine, then I remove my finger and the mechanical pump draws thru the electric pump.
  17. Why convert a Classic? They are not a new idea. I just joined the EV Revolution. 1980 Comuta-car.
  18. That’s what I did. i kept the original rims and mounted some 205 radials on them. if I am going far, I put them on. For around town, I have another set of original rims that I painted Red (because I wanted to.) and put some wide white bias ply tires on.
  19. I subscribe as well. In 1 part of the video you can see the 50 Dodge he resurrected a while ago.
  20. Thanks for your efforts. Don was always good about helping others. He would approve.
  21. I ordered some things from Amazon.ca in Canada. Was supposed to be here Monday, nothing happened for 3 days, then it shipped and was delivered the next day.
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