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  1. Hoping the runs will mostly dry out I waited an hour and demasked. I am not 100% on the decision to leave the top body color and may paint it later.
  2. applied one coat of my favorite electric blue. I wasnt feeling my best and botched the job. Runs everywhere!
  3. After letting it dry I roughed up the surface with some 320 grit sandpaper, washed again, Masked off anything not to be painted, and spot primed any bear metal.
  4. So I washed, washed, Degreased, and washed again.
  5. My buddy lent me the use of his garage so we could continue welding the floor patches in. But the welder didnt show up so I decided to get on with painting the engine compartment.
  6. Wow! That is a sexy car! You did a great job on every aspect! And pretty close to the color I want for Jacquiline! I will be referring to your webpage occasionally for insight! Thanks again!
  7. I cant quite put my finger on why, but I suspect one of the teenagers had delusions of electricianism. Conversly, I found the short that was causing my electrical issues!
  8. Some body installed an aftermarket Fuse box.
  9. I used universal fuzzies for the side windows and just riveted them in. I would love it if you would link in the web page for your car! Thanks!
  10. My new battery cables just arrived from USbattery.com Got a set of custom 0/1 gauge cables. Installed the new cables, reinstalled the old 6v battery. So kudos to everyone that told me it was the cables that where the problem! And she turns over under her own power! It was kinda slow roll over, but it did it! Currently charging the 6v battery, big hopes for tomorrow morning!
  11. Great write up! I happen to be looking to replace my (manual) Heat control valve and having adjustment inside the cab is an inspiring thought! I just need to figure out how to install a nob that looks reasonably factory. You have given me much food for thought, Thank you! edit : any idea how universal Cable end knobs are? Thinking of maybe trying to "fit" a factory "Heater" nob.
  12. Searching for an elusive radiator leak and I found this leaking out the threads. It was directly under the upper radiator hose. I uninstalled it, The metal cap over the seal is damaged and the seal itself is pretty beat. What is this called and where can I find a new one?
  13. For the crowd thats into 70s mopars I will toss in "Did you check the ballast resister?"
  14. This was done as an experiment with budget spray paint. My son got me a new HVLP spray gun and pressure pot for Christmas (I love my kid). I am holding off using it till I figure out some sort of paint booth (Renting a storage compartment for 24 hours and covering the walls with painters plastic is the current favorite idea).
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