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  1. I originally planed or rebuilding my old core. Then I found out the Rebuild kit wasnt for the fuel pump I had (Unbeknownst to me someone had replaced it with an aftermarket pump), so I ordered a new pump. Thats where we are now.
  2. Time for the stupid question of the day. Glass bowl up or glass bowl down?
  3. Both great ideas! Luckily I have a cheap bore scope that attaches to my phone that till give me an idea of the state of the interior of the tank. We have a good compressor system to blow out the line to clear it. Worst case scenario, it will buy me some time until I can afford to replace the tank.
  4. So.... I think this is the new Starter issue. Drove her to town. Filled her up. Went to another store. Went in and shopped, came out. No fuel to the carb. Pulled the fuel pump. The pin was in its regular place. I tried the fuel pump and promptly shot myself in the chest with a cup of gasoline. My next theory is the pick-up in the fuel tank is partially clogged. Sadly I JUST filled up at near $5 a gallon. I inspected the fuel tank and only noticed four penetrations. A drain bolt in the bottom. The Filler neck in the side. The fuel Gauge access on top. and a threaded fitting on the side leading to a hard line(Presumably the fuel line to the carb). Iis there a way to access the fuel pick up without draining and removing the tank?
  5. The lead from the carb to the vacuum advance was loose. Must have loosened it in prep for pulling the carb and forgot about it. Tightened it up, fiddled with the Idle mixture screw a bit and she will Idle when warm without the choke now!
  6. Pushed the pin back in, gnarled up the edges so the pin wont push out easy. Plan on going back and doing a proper fix. Drove to town and back. It fixed the fuel cut out. but I still have to run at like 15-20% choke for the engine to run smooth and it idles way to high. So... it works but I still need to pull the carb back out. Thank you all for input and advice! I think just going with a long Grade 5 bolt and thread locking a nut in place (or just two nuts tightened together) is going to be the winning formula.
  7. yup. Shot gasoline into my eye trying to get the pin back in so I'm pretty sure the pump still works correct. Scored up the edges to try to keep it from backing out again... I am going to be paranoid about this forever now. What was that? Did the engine hesitate? Its that damn fuel pump pivot again! I know it!
  8. Does it look something like this? Makes my head hurt to think such a little thing could cause so much bother.
  9. I did not. Thats external right? as In I dont have to remove the fuel pump (yet) to check it.
  10. Driving home last night and Jacquiline just stopped. Motor shut off and refused to do anything but sputter a bit. with the help of a passerbye I managed to wrestle her into a near by parking lot. as serendipity would have it I was only about a block from the local parts house. It was quickly diagnosed as a fuel issue. as in. none to the carberator. at this point I assumed it was a plugged fuel pick up sock. I bought a radiator overflow tank 2 foot of fuel line and some zip ties. In no time I jimmied together a fuel system that I was sure would get me home. One of the guys that stopped to help me suggested I route the new "fuel system" through the Fuel pump. I hooked it up and hit the start button. No joy. checking the fuel line at the carb showed NO fuel flow. and gravity feeding the fuel to the carb didnt flow enough fuel. she would run, as long as I didnt touch the accelerator. I just replaced the fuel pump... sadly I did it at the same time as I rebuilt the carb which made diagnosing the new "carb" propblems.... problematic. So.. how do I go about testing the fuel pump if it is good and is it common for "new" pumps to be bad?
  11. I bought her on the last day of August 2021. She was non-running, non-driving, with a stripped interior and a missing second gear. She needed a lot of work. She still needs a lot of work, but she is 1000% better than the car I bought. I have depended on this sight for a lot of information. I got tons of help, even from people who disagree with the direction I am taking her. We have come a long way and I couldnt have done it without this sight and all the people who where willing to extend a helping hand to a clueless idiot. Thank you everyone!
  12. Going for the popular "rat rod look" artificially adding "patina" is quite trendy. I am guessing little to no thought was given to "long term effects".
  13. No evidence of a leak, Even odds on either its a slow leak or they didnt fill the master cylinder after installing the "new" brakes.
  14. They Scrubbed the dash down with peroxid and rock salt to "artificially" rust the dash. apparently they went pretty heavy with the sauce. it ate out the floor boards under the doors and rocker panels. You could see where the the stuff dripped off the dash and pooled on the floorboard.
  15. Currently Bare. Painted Black. I managed to break the inspection plate screw loose with An Impact driver and Good old "Know how", Which is the name my buddy gave to his 5lbs Hand sledge. It made short work of a meager seized screw! On a positive note, The master cylinder does NOT look brand new, so at least that is proper SAE. Popped open the master cylinder (Another adventure in it self) and sure enough. It was bone dry. I put in some DOT3 and the brakes went rock hard in about three pumps. More updates as they come!
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