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  1. I never was happy with this type of flaring tool. Every other flaring messed up. Went and got a professional model. More expensive but worth it. Perfect flaring regardless being copper, zinc or steel.
  2. No a 6v battery. Most chargers are are not pure DC.
  3. Speedi Sleeve # please ?
  4. Also did took mine out to change cracked glass and running intermittent . De-grease and re-oiled it, cleaned contact points. Had it running on my work bench for a week for minor time adjustment. Ticking sound is soothing 😉
  5. Also mine several years ago. Tried everything. Solution was adjusting idle to run a bit rich.
  6. Thanks for your kind words. Chrysler data Pages from Chrysler Shop Manual C28 C30 C33 C34 C36 C37 C38 C39 C40.pdf
  7. DeSoto 😉 Pages from DeSoto Shop Manual.pdf
  8. Yes, also I'm no expert in metals but mixing 3 metals should be avoided. Stainless bolts and nuts are weak and can strip. And pain in the butt to drill out.
  9. You are correct. max 7.2
  10. I borrowed an Induction heater for stud removal. Fantastic tool. Heats only applied, They are expensive, Here is a video for those unfamiliar.
  11. I second that. Never any problems with fluid drive.
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