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  1. Friend´s Hudson has one same spot like OP's. But not connected to spare tire, but Hi-Jackers for camper towing
  2. One wire alternators have parasitic drain caused by diodes unlike the three wire models, it's Sense connection is directly connected to Battery terminal. Remember to keep battery charger/tender connected to battery when not driven for longer period..
  3. Interesting info. I never knew that. My other non MoPar has a polished ribbed stainless steel Peckat Comet Skyshield visor.
  4. It looks so cool. Would really love to join you but still no ferry.😪 We spoke about this at last Riot, some 2 years ago. I do hope Riot is on next year. Keep up the good work. until next time Mo
  5. Let's go back to the "next to a rocket"😁
  6. Nationally famous place. Ok this is today and background is the famous Kronborg Castle Immortalized in William Shakespeare's play Hamlet.
  7. Thanks but only wanted regulator for DC generators, not a complete alternator.
  8. I have this original MoPar model, period correct for my car. Mounted on carb.
  9. They notice but pretend they don't notice out of envy.
  10. Parade driving, pull hand throttle a bit in 3rd. If no hand throttle, adjust mix screw for richer and voila no stall. Cooling? turn defroster/heater on at max.
  11. Haven't disassembled a MoPar double pump but several AC double. Vacuum spring is stronger than fuel side but not stronger than can be pressed back by hand.
  12. More than 10 available https://www.ebay.com/itm/254791239548
  13. Actually both Plymouthy Adams and Sniper are correct in different ways. Coil will produce a spark with "wrong" polarity and engine will fire. It's not optimal, spark is weaker but our 80 years old engine with 5:1 compression and some 2500 RPM don't care. Stronger spark is needed at higher compression like in modern engines. Now shake hands
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