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  1. Yes as mentioned earlier on this thread, Chrysler has done it.
  2. How many would you estimate have had a production record done by Chrysler with photo of their IBM build sheet punch card? My guess is they are few. A real color poll could be from the punch cards as you mention.
  3. Yes that makes sense. no need to show known colors.
  4. Excellent documentation I wish I had a scanned copy of salesman handbook. Thanks for info, I stand corrected. I guess black means real black and not some smart variation like today. Having history of the car is great. I was not so lucky. Only know went to a dealer in Arizona. BTW your link doesn't work.
  5. Interesting. Didn't know about the one color only convertible. None of my color charts from 41 show any black. A dark blue called Newport Blue was the darkest I can find. Any documentation of black color ? What is S.O. ?
  6. I have for several years collected various photos regarding my car model from the internet. Unfortunately the are all b/w so no way to know for sure. Definitely an interesting subject. 👍 Chrysler did not offer Black in 1939-42 Mine was code 346 Polo Green light
  7. Chrysler made an Overdrive for Vacamatic M4 that should fit M5
  8. On my 41, return spring is mounted between bracket 14-06-10 (squeezed behind oil filter bolt)and 14-14-12. Hope this is what you are looking for. spring is # 13
  9. yes but same function. Grounds connection when accelerator depressed.
  10. You need a photo of kick down switch on carb ?
  11. Clock only needs voltage less than one second to rewind spring every 2-4 minutes (can't remember). While ticking it uses no power. As this happens so fast, it's the only place I'd recommend using a crude resistor voltage reducer.
  12. I never was happy with this type of flaring tool. Every other flaring messed up. Went and got a professional model. More expensive but worth it. Perfect flaring regardless being copper, zinc or steel.
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