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  1. Maok is correct, the Zener Diodes replaces cut off relay. No overcharging or direct battery connection due to voltage coil. Diodes are faster and more precise. But photo shows a 3 "coil" regulator for a modern 2 brush generator. (voltage, current and cut off) A typical 3 brush generator only has 2 coil regulator. (current and cut off) It's simple to convert a 3 brush generator to a 2 brush generator for more reliable charging. Maybe this has been done to your generator.
  2. http://www.airtexasc.com/product-details?partkey=000759645 This a low PSI 6v inline fuel pump I use on all of my cars. It has 2 wires and can be used on positive ground cars. Low PSI corresponds with cars original fuel pump so carb's needle won't overflow. I use it for priming and hot start. Saves battery. Get it at your favorite parts dealer.
  3. You also need a special long screw. It's one of the 8 that houses the membrane. 10-32 thread and about 3" long Easiest way to avoid vapor lock is with and electric fuel pump. Mount on near fuel tank in line with original fuel line. Hidden push button to activate pump when starting hot. Airtex pumps can be used, they are flow through.
  4. They also had Chrysler Corp Huber Ave Foundry. Chrysler Corp Huber Ave Foundry , 6425 Huber Ave, Detroit MI, 48288. H for Huber ?
  5. Yes was does it mean. My head is an older model and has no P or D stamping only NH. From Wikipedia Indianapolis Foundry was a Chrysler automobile foundry located at 1100 S. Tibbs Avenue in Indianapolis, Indiana. The factory opened in 1890 as the "American Foundry Company" and was purchased in 1925 by Chrysler and operated as a subsidiary. It became part of Chrysler property in 1946 and expanded in 1964, 1978, 1988, and went through a major remodel from 1996 through 2000. The plant covered 52 acres (210,000 m2) on Indianapolis' west side.[1]
  6. Good catch with the lines. 👍 Looking through pics of my 41 and yes they are different. I presume his vacuum pump is mounted where defroster push-out dents are. (not sure of the correct term) Mine lacks the two vertical beading. Another interesting subject. difference in sheet stamping 😁
  7. Yes electric vacuum pump but for what use? Chrysler had electric wipers. Maybe the for a vacuum operated antenna that MoPar offered ?
  8. I concur with the above. Flip copper disk is easy. I desoldered the copper wire in fear of bending it. Also removed the two copper contact bolts to surface them for better connection. But be gentle when tightening, fiber washers can break.
  9. Do you mean this one? https://www.ebay.com/itm/NOS-Genuine-Wesco-U-Joint-D7225-Borg-Warner-114-265-fits-1940-59-Chrysler-DeSoto/332641877992?epid=25019013749&hash=item4d73003fe8:g:Rl0AAOSwOrBa7h6d They came in two sizes The one for DeSoto and later Chryslers are bigger. (don't ask how I know 🤣) They where also called "mechanic's u-joint"
  10. Here, two pdf pages Pages from DeSoto Shop Manual.pdf
  11. Yes as mentioned earlier on this thread, Chrysler has done it.
  12. How many would you estimate have had a production record done by Chrysler with photo of their IBM build sheet punch card? My guess is they are few. A real color poll could be from the punch cards as you mention.
  13. Yes that makes sense. no need to show known colors.
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