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  1. Shop I used has a freezer sized ultrasonic cleaner. You won't believe how much came out after couple of hours. Used a borescope to check water passage around cylinders.......clean like new.
  2. Strap from original battery ground stud bolt under generator to frame. Straps connecting transmission to frame on both sides. (clutch housing bolts) Strap from starter bolt to engine. (see thread about sluggish starters) Straps connecting rear body to frame both sides (upper shock stud mount to body mount)
  3. No a rare 1941 8cyl Chrysler Saratoga. You may be right about pin stripes. Don't know. Usually Chryslers had stainless trim rings.
  4. It was interesting to view photos of under rear shelf of these post war model. These are very different from pre war as spare tires is mounted behind driver side and a huge access lid next to it. View photos (not my car).
  5. Both ! Sewing machine oil what I used 😉
  6. According to Mitchell's, these same tie rods will also fit 1941-42
  7. Coolant leaks are easily found with a leak down tester with or without UV fluorescent dye.
  8. I also paid $1000 to re-core my other car to keep the original look. Worth every dime. Never overheats.
  9. It's very well known in Europe, when it comes to Hot Rod and Kustom cars, fabricators/builders in Finland and Sweden are among the world's top.
  10. Electric fan is a nice option to complete the modern car illusion in a classic car. Sounds like a hoover when engine is turned off 🤣
  11. Nah....Most of these products on photos are not available outside US. Also his oven is in Fahrenheit.
  12. No not really. He's writing about 6v Generator vs 12v alternator. Both will drag.
  13. And fluid coupler, water pump, cold engine oil and so on, but no voltage change or fuel modification will change that.
  14. Mixture too lean. If carb is cleaned by ultrasonic, then probably your float needs adjustment.
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