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  1. Been thinking about changes for a while now but finally broke down and ordered a two barrel progressive carb set up from Langdon’s. Looked into a Carter YF set up but as was explained to me by an expert from The Carb Shop to do it right was a pretty extensive project. Supposed to be here by Friday. Hopefully it will warm up enough to swap things over in the near future. Thinking about a 6 volt alternator but shipping from the supplier that I found searching here is about 20% of the cost of the part so I am exploring other options.
  2. I remember my 66 Plymouth had both types and thinking back also my 70 Fury II as well.
  3. Nice to see those old English cars that are not MGs or Triumphs out there.
  4. I took a short drive around our little town today on my way back from the Post Office. Most places closed however was surprised to see both Autozone and NAPA open and busy. Essential for some I suppose. i need to change oil on my daughters car Thursday but already have the stuff. Been a little nippy since the shutdown started to do much outside but supposed to change. Haven't gone near the old cars yet except to say hi in passing the garage.
  5. I had to exchange a few tools here before the local Sears all disappeared. I have to say that the exchange was painless but I am disappointed in both some of the quality and several design changes that make the tool harder to use. My ones from 1969 are still my favorites though. I was using one of the replacement 1/4 drive ratchets yesterday and was reminded of the poor quality. Ratchet wobbled and skipped several times while doing a simple job. A lot like the tools the local tool merchant used to sell out of his garage. Except those were cheap to buy and long term use was not expected unlike Craftsman which of course were supposed to last for lift.
  6. I had two front bumper guards that I found at a swap meet for $5 each. Not damaged at all but really dull and lackluster. I just cleaned the surfaces well and very lightly scuffed it. Used regular chrome paint(three or four coats) and for my usage, ie driver, it looks great. Remember that at 70 mph at midnight no one will notice.
  7. To paraphrase Mark Twain you will be amazed how much you learn in the next 7 years.
  8. What’s a “Phone Book”?
  9. And what’s with gallons of bottled water? Are we expecting a major failure of city services in the next couple of weeks?
  10. I am off work now for two weeks as our beloved Governor has also closed schools. here in Il. I wonder if the Donald’s promise that no one will lose any pay will cover me? Too cold outside now to do much but planning to research replacement carburetors and a 6 volt alternator while I am resting. As an aside my Mother talked about the1918 flu and how they struggled to get through it and also about the relatives who died.
  11. Frank I almost had a heart attack when I read the title on your post as all I could think of was the truck you just got. Thank goodness I read further on. Don’t scare the Elderly like that.
  12. I drove a diesel Rabbit for work in the late 70’s and remembered it a a four but with the many engine variations over the last 30 years or so(think Geo Metro 3 cylinder for one) I thought maybe I had forgotten about a smaller Rabbit engine. Good to know at least some of my memory still works a little.
  13. Rabbits had a three cylinder? Never new that.
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