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  1. Paint might be Imron. https://www.axalta.com/gb/en_GB/industrial-liquid-coatings/products/imron.html
  2. Sorry to hear about your issues. Best to you and yours. I will share a brief phrase that helped me in a difficult patch. The phrase is “ It’s not going to last forever”. Whatever it is will change and usually for the better.
  3. Might the POC have that info at least regarding their members? When I was a member they wanted to know what cars I had. Plymouth’s anyway.
  4. When I hooked mine up I put the output in one spot and the power to the other. If it didn't work I switched them. No problems afterward. i want to say that the wires to the left lead side of the car are power but would have to check to make sure.
  5. Not to hijack the thread too far I just checked on Amazon and rough service incandescent 100 watt bulbs are still available. I bought some a few years ago and was informed that that type was not among the banned and dreaded regular incandescent ones. My Father did the same thing. Wouldn't buy a new battery no matter what. Waste of money he would say.
  6. Nicely done. You folks start Christmas early!
  7. Make sure your tank has a good ground. Also you can check the sender by removing it from the tank and with the ignition on move the float throughout its range of motion. The gauge should go from full to empty smoothly. If it works the problem might be the float. Otherwise check the connections on the back of the gauge and continuity of the wire to the sender.
  8. Looks very much like the one in my 52 Cranbrook
  9. Free as can be. One of the first things I checked. Thanks though. i am beginning to think that although the icing condition might be it more likely something in the carb is not right. Looking into a Carter YF to replace it. After doing the rear transmission seal.
  10. A sense of History is one thing(of many) i admire about the South.
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