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  1. That is a car where putting in 5 dollars of gas doubles it’s value
  2. Very nice Tiger. Don’t see many of those around here as of course rust got most. I had two Alpines in the late 60’s and both were already starting to rust. I have always been fascinated by the Daimler design and of course the hemi V-8. Great to see the pics.
  3. You sure have a talent for finding the darndest things. In a good way
  4. This seems a little tame compared to most of these but a guy I used to know(deceased now) put a small DeSoto Hemi(stock) with a two barrel carb into a 1959 2 door Plymouth. Converted to a home made three speed floor shift it was amazingly fast for what it was, at least to about 80 mph. Ran real well as he drove it on a 50 mile round trip commute to work for several years. He then sold it to another friend and he had destroyed it within a year.
  5. Well I found $20 in front of our local Post Office floating in a puddle. And not technically on a road I found $50 on an amusement park train track.
  6. Neighbor's wife had one from new. After a year you could hear it coming down the block.
  7. Here is what Ecklers has for Tri-five Chevys https://www.classicchevy.com/catalogsearch/result/index/?cat=4122&ea_a=&ea_bc=&ea_c=air-conditioning-and-heating.html&ea_path=-heater-valve&q=heater+valve&x=9&y=15 I used the one for a 57 Chevy on my 52 Plymouth.
  8. Look like Rancos though for what I do not know. My 52 and also 57 Chevys were cable operated.
  9. The 276 was a good engine. Knew a guy many years ago who put one in a 59 Plymouth former 6 cylinder car. With the 3.73 rear gears and a three speed floor shift with a home made shift linkage it really moved out up to about 80 or so and that was that. He drove it to work about a 50 mile round trip for several years with almost no troubles.
  10. Can't disagree, just read it somewhere that the Cranbrook got the better heater as standard equip.
  11. Seems to me that the Cranbrook had the better heater as well.
  12. If I ever get to Colorado i will make a point of it. I thought that I had collected a lot of cars in my lifetime but I am an amateur compared to you and bow respectfully to my betters.
  13. Although I did enjoy reading the lyrics I was also wondering how many hours it took to list all of your project cars?
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