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  1. My first car was a 54 Plymouth so I have a natural affinity for them. Yours looks great.
  2. I have to say I don’t see a reason to install one myself. Six quart system, low (in general) rpms, and who among us doesn’t change the oil probably way too often. I can see if you had a vintage trailer you are hauling up a lot of hills or something but in general with oils today and the usage most of us give ours just another way to poor cash into the hobby
  3. Illinois and certainly Wisconsin used the engine number. My 52 had a WI title before me and IL just transferred it to the new title.
  4. My interpretation is this: Don’t get any silly ideas about getting ahead
  5. I installed a NAPA pump about 15 years ago.on my 52 and have been very satisfied with it
  6. I was always taught about 1/2 inch movement In the belt up and down was about right.
  7. And that is back before JC Whitney became a accessory store. The Rock Auto of it’s day
  8. I keep mumbling to myself about this one: https://www.qualitypowerauto.com/item_24/6-Volt-Alternators-Positive-Ground.htm
  9. And in my case certainly not Chrysler. Although that said I did buy a new Kia Soul in 2012 because the price differential was small and I though what the heck might need the big warranty someday. Someday arrived this week as Kia put a brand new transmission in it.
  10. My “Fancy” took one look at that and ran screaming over the hill
  11. It does sound like an internal master cylinder problem to me. if you gently push the pedal with the cap off does the cup move and the vent return?
  12. Check the wire to the points in the distributor. A break internally may not be visible but can cause this as contact can be intermittent.
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