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  1. No Flash no Cash is often a problem. Good reliable running cars often just sit cause few want to drive them to the car shows. Not Cool enough I suspect. Good luck.
  2. We drove a 2001 Chevy Astro from 2002 till June of this year. We put about 175,000 miles on it In that time. AWD, reliable, with the exception of the transmission which went out at 178,000 Miles I was able to fix any and all problems myself. If it hadn’t dissolved to the point of concern I would still be driving it. And if the still made them I would have bought another. So, yeah, some minivans are worth it. Funny thing is I paid the most fot it than any other car I ever bought including the 2016 SUV that took it’s place.
  3. Seriously it seem that most of the old folks like me I know or have know really have lost the urge to go anywhere and when they get there do anything. The only exception that comes to mind was the then retired owner and his wife of the place I spent 40 years at. She dragged him around the world. India, England, France, all over, them and their scooters. Of course they had a ton of money.
  4. Could have been on a farm back south of absolutely Nowhere. Old Farmers often were consistently able to make anything out of nothing.
  5. Carfax needs the 17 digit numbers put into use in 1980. Do you know anything at all about it’s past? Last state registered for example? I believe there are threads here discussing this as well. You might go onto the AACA site as well as it has been discussed there.
  6. Remember though, they are getting better and faster. And no matter what you do, you will get old and slow. A good relationship goes a long way to eliminate problems with family 😁
  7. CarFax needs a modern VIN to work. Most of our cars have a different system. Some are registered using engine numbers, Some using serial numbers. Depends on where it was registered and by who. What year car are you dealing with?
  8. My wife’s 2012 Kia Soul has 15 more horse power than the Hp 1982 Mustang I bought new had. And probably could outrun it. Every year the cars and trucks get faster and faster and our reaction time gets slower and slower. I don’t even try anymore.
  9. Regarding your son, remember he knows where you sleep and you do gotta sleep sometime. 😁
  10. Small vacuum leak? Idle a little too low? Issue with the idle circuit in the carb? Fluid drive or manual trans might be involved as well.
  11. Most likely if you are wanting prior owners names there are two chances. Slim and None. And Slim just got on the Stage outta town. Seriously it is highly unlikely to be able to find out who they were as records either don’t exist or are hidden for privacy purposes. If the are only a few you might have a chance if the person you bought it from knew the previous owner as happened with my Volare. I do wish you luck. I suspect you will need it.
  12. You might check with Walmart as well. I bought filters for my Traverse there with free shipping.
  13. It should be sticking down into the slipstream to create a vacuum that will draw the fumes out of the engine. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crankcase_ventilation_system
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