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  1. Used to have neighbors like that. We are in a small town north of Chicago in a residential area near a school. he used to take his drag car out on the street in front of the school and "test" it for acceleration. Took several calls to the local constabulary but one day he was just a bit to slow in putting the car away. Last time for that. They moved away shortly after and the house has been empty ever since(30 years or so). So no, you are not a grumpy old man. Just one who believes everything has its time and place.
  2. I am not that far from Pontiac, IL. One day I will have to see that.
  3. https://p15-d24.com/topic/20004-sisson-choke-manual-for-sale-on-cd/ From here so I expect still available Also here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1935-52-MOPAR-PLYMOUTH-CHRYSLER-DODGE-DESOTO-SISSON-CHOKE-MANUAL-ALL-MODELS/312625111102
  4. http://www.wilcap.com/chryslerfh.html https://www.plymouthowners.club/talk/index.php?topic=1552.0 http://vintagemetalworks.blogspot.com/2014/04/new-product-dodge-218230-passenger-car.html https://www.hemmings.com/stories/article/borg-warner-tremec-t-5-transmissions
  5. I thought there were issues with delivery for some members. Do a search and check to be sure.
  6. Regarding tach readings my ancient one uses no outside power connection. Just hook the red lead to either the +or- on the coil depending which ground system you are using and set the scale then connect the black to ground. Ready to go. I have used it on both pos and neg systems with no trouble.
  7. If it runs as good as it looks you have a treasure.
  8. In addition to a good drill set I have discovered the miracle of air drills. Especially after your get started the high speed will really help cut. Of course lubrication is more essential than with a smaller slower drill as heat can really build up.
  9. I was gonna say the lift is missing when you order but as usual I am slow to the punch.
  10. You can have mixed color placed in cans but not cheaply. I remember being quoted $20-25 per can from the local specialty mixer many years ago.
  11. And now we are all Bald.....
  12. I only asked as I have a 1980 Special 6, automatic that I bought with 8400 miles from new in 2007. So my antenna go up when someone mentions one.
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