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  1. That is good to know. i realize brake fluid is destructive to almost all paints but this is the first thing I have heard of to melt hardened POR15.
  2. I put POR 15 over the original undercoating on my 52 16-17 years ago with only spray washing and hose rinsing and it has held on just fine. You are a hard worker.
  3. My 52 door internals weren’t bad so I decided to do it the old fashioned way and really just heavily coated the metal with canned undercoating. Lots of canned undercoating. That was 15-17 years ago and to this day I see no evidence of rust forming. Maybe long after I am dead and it has been converted into an electric powered restomod...
  4. I have used automotive lacquer thinner on acrylic enamel automotive paint. Are you going to spray or brush? I would try a small amount on similar metal and see what happens. You will need to figure out how much you need to thin it anyway. That way you will find out if it works without having to strip paint from good parts.
  5. Love stuff like that. Looks great
  6. I had forgotten about the Cheetah II. When I was going to bars in the very early 1970’s it was a regular bar. I remember the other clubs you mentioned but never went to them. I was more a Turf and Paddock Club kinda guy. I am on the north side of Zion north of 173. Do you mean Culver’s? I know they had a Thursday cruise in for a long time. I don’t recall Shirl’s having one but...
  7. Hello Neighbor. I am in Zion. Gas for Less was across the street from Sahara Inn. Used to see the third shift from the Goodyear hose plant pull in at 7 AM on Saturday mornings. I remember the Cheetah Club as well now that you remind me. Not to be anymore contradictory than necessary but wasn’t the Cheetah Club part of the group of bars etc on Old Skokie Rd in Park City? All gone as they were then although some of the buildings still stand.
  8. Someone else has been making them as well. Might be keithb7. You might ask him.
  9. Did you knowa guy named Mike Dufern? He lived off of 45 where the road bears right about three or four miles north of the Illinois line. Can’t remember the name but there is a large barn with a smilie face at the intersection with 45. Been there forever.The area you are talking about must be on old 41? At Russell Road? That is now a T A truckstop on one side and another type of truckstop on the other. There are a few business still there but although they are close to me I don’ recall what they are now.
  10. Yes that was the place. I was long gone by the mid 70’s though. I am not sure where the Treasure Island you refer to was. The grocery store chain is gone, bought out several years ago. Gas for Less was about ten miles south of 41 and 173. I used to know a few folks from Trevor but that was in the late 60’s/early 70’s era.
  11. No, this was just south of highway 137 in the city of North Chicago. Back then in the middle of nowhere, now area is fairly built up. Now the location of the Full Moon restaurant.
  12. After High School while going to community college I worked at the "Gas for Less" station/truck stop sorta on US 41 in North Chicago, Il. One guy a shift, late nights open 6 AM till 11 PM 7 days a week. You pumped auto gas, truck diesel, and in your spare time you ran the trucker scale and sold hot dogs to the populace. Quit once, later asked to come back and when the manager who asked me to come back quit, I was fired shortly afterwards Then later worked at Bud Wade's Texaco in Waukegan, Il. Worked there for about a year and got fired. In my defense he fired everyone who ever worked for hi
  13. Hello Dan. Glad you made your way from Allpar. Hopefully those here will know what is what. You might PM Andydodge and ask him directly as well as the general membership Your car looks great.
  14. Try posting on the AACA forum. They have several marque forums plus buy and sell https://forums.aaca.org/
  15. I wouldn’t go too far or go too fast. I forgot to mention that the 54 never had over 10-15 psi of oil pressure. I never left town in it. Good luck
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