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  1. Is valve timing something different than adjusting the tappet clearance? If so, I guess I've never heard of it.
  2. I would say no, since the shop manual says to set the valves at .014 for both intake and exhaust valves when cold.
  3. Yes, your hands are right below the hot exhaust manifold. I was thinking I should use heavy welder's gloves for this job, but it's a delicate job that requires dextrous fingers holding wrenches and feeler stock. Maybe I can use the heavy welder gloves except cut the fingers off. That woud protect my hands while freeing up my fingers.
  4. I need .008 for intake valves and .010 feeler stock for exhaust valves clearance when the engine is running hot. My stubby feeler gauge is too short to do this very well. Do they sell individual feeler gauge stock for this, and is the feeler gauge destroyed after use? I know they sell long feeler gauges of 12", but they are in a set. Should I get straight stock or offset for this job?
  5. I was going to put a new oil pump in my 48 DeSoto, but after looking at the prices, I had second thoughts. The one I bought in the 80s was still good and still new, so I said why not use it? AFter hearing your horror story, I think I'm glad I did. After all, the oil pump is really the heart of the engine. The heart pumps blood, while the oil pump pumps oil and turns the distributor shaft!
  6. I ordered some carb linkage clips from NAPA like LeRoy and the smallest size did fit. There is a left and right clip. You can't turn the left clip around to make a right clip. So it fit my no. 8 rod that comes out of the Sisson Auto choke.
  7. Chrysler sixes and eights are known for being "sewing machines" at idle. I bought my muffler from Andy Bernbaum around 1991, but I haven't started my engine yet. Finally, I am getting close. New radiator, new fuel line, rebuilt carburetor, new exhaust system, new spark plugs, cables, rotor and condenser, new coil, etc. Hope my muffler is a good one. I'll report back after I start it which should be in the week or so.
  8. I just put my Sisson auto choke on my exhaust manifold. I have the clip holding the rod on the Sisson device, but I need the clip that holds the rod onto the carburetor. I measured the size of the rod, and it is a number 8. what size clip shoud I buy? There are clips on Ebay, but none say they are for a no. 8 rod. Do they go by fraction?
  9. I've had my DeSoto since 1980 and I've heard of the Spiegel catalog since then also!
  10. Yes, keeping the old parts is important! I bought a rebuilt master cylinder from Rock Auto and sent my old one in to get the $15 core charge. My mistake was including the push rod and end bolt that come out of the front of the MC. Does a new MC come with these parts. NO! So I had to hunt around until I found a guy with a parts car. It was a 1950 DeSoto but still had the same parts. One thing I try to do that is even better than organizing nuts and bolts in bags, is to screw whatever you can back on to the part so you can't lose it. For example all of my fender bolts are screwed into the body even though the fenders are off. For my DeSoto I have lots of nuts and bolts in cans. So I got a nut and bolt guide and put all the 1/4" bolts in one can, all the 3/8" bolts in another and so on. It makes it much easier to find a bolt or nut when you need it.
  11. If I may ask, who is he and where is he. Does he sell to the public?
  12. I originally put the throttle linkage there on the bell housing thinking I'm going to put it right back after painting the head. But I didn't, and then forgot where I put it. Now I'm thinking I should keep a notebook. In the notebook, I would write down every part and every nut and bolt that I remove, and besides putting it in a marked can or bag, saying exactly where in the garage I put it. that will save a lot of time!
  13. Never mind. I just found them! I'm Guilty with an explanation. I had painted my throttle linkage silver to go with the engine. But after seeing Bob's pic, I'm thinking it's supposed to be black. The whole linkage assembly was hanging over the silver bell housing, so I couldn't see it. Very relieved to find these essential parts that would have been very hard to find. Marc.
  14. I'm getting my 48 DeSoto engine ready to start, and then can't find the throttle linkage parts. I'm talking about the black swivel parts that go on the stud on the head, as pictured in Bob Riding's pic of his Spitfire engine. These kinds of parts you can't buy, so it's frustrating. I've been turning my garage upside down for three days looking! Marc.
  15. Wow! You really lucked out. Those are rare!
  16. You did not pay too much. That's less than the going prices I've heard of in Calif. Maybe I will pay less because my 3 window coupe only has one seat? Another thing is there aren't many upholstery shops around anymore. I was talking to a guy in his 80s who was retired, but still did work on the side. I really appreciate your detailed photo journal of your progress on this car, which is so similar to my 48 DeSoto!
  17. I know upholstery shops and suppliers have been going out of business for a long time. The shocker was when LeBaron Bonney went out of business a few years ago. I thought SMS was the last game in town for broadcloth. I know of a place in Long Beach that sells headliners and leatherette material, but you have to have your upholsterer order it because they are wholesale. I've never heard of Albright, so I will check them out.
  18. Where did you get the $710 price from AB? I clicked on your link and they are $210.
  19. I talked to the Mopar Pro guy and I asked if his water pumps were made in China. He said just lift it. You can tell by the weight that it was make in the U.S.. When I asked why it had metric thread, he said because all car parts now have metric thread. When I called AB, they said the box with the water pump said made in China. AB also didn't know what thread the fan pulley bolts were because they said they were 3/8 by 16 thread. Those are the bolts for the engine block.
  20. Years ago lots of stuff was available. In 1950 even more stuff was available! Time changes all things!
  21. I went to Hank's and bought what I thought were the right bolts. They are M 8 metric bolts with 1.25 pitch with a 13mm hexhead. At first I was afraid to screw them in as they were a bit tight. But after putting some oil on the threads, they went right in. I called AB and the guy on the phone didn't have the answer, so he went to the manager. I think something got lost in the translation because he came back saying the bolts were 3/8 with 16 tpi. I think the manager thought I was talking about the water pump mounting bolts. So now the fan is on and the fan belt. I had to take it all off though because I forgot the attach the generator mounting bracket that is attached to the water pump bolt! Now I'm ready to mount the radiator, so I'm going to put a sheet of cardboard over the core to protect it during installation.
  22. I do have a tap and die set, but it's SAE. But I think I may have a good idea what bolts to get. I think they would be M8 with 1.25 coarse thread. I already know it's not 1.0 or fine thread. So I think I'm going to Hank's Hardware for them. Thanks everyone for your advice!!!
  23. What does an upholstery job like this cost? I'm going to have my 48 DeSoto business coupe done soon.
  24. when I buy new bolts for the water pump, should I ask for stainless steel bolts, since they will be in a water environment?
  25. I kind of doubt if Bernbaum's would either. I think all these pumps come from the same supplier in China or India.
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