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  1. When I did my 52 back in 2006 or so I did not remove the flywheel. It looked good and a ruler over the face showed no real imperfections. I did change the pilot bearing which was a battle that I probably did not have to do. I wasn’t as careful as some about exact replacement of components as I have done several clutches in the past with no problems. Mine still works good today. That said if it were to act up now I might just sell the car reather than attempt to retackle it.
  2. When my old Allied jack started slipping back around 2000 they were long out of business. No body had parts but a local NAPA guy sent me to a local hydraulic hose builder. I took the old seals with me and had a new set in two days. I installed them and it has worked ever since.
  3. While intellectually interesting especially after read this I am glad that it is one subject I will never have to personally deal with.
  4. On my 52 Plymouth to drain the tank I believe I used a half inch drive socket extension. Been a long time but if it was something fancy that I had to buy I would have remembered it. Same as on the differential.
  5. I installed a completely new brake system using Rock Auto parts years ago and have had no problems at all. And my memory such as it is remembers at least some of the items if not all coming in boxes with Kantor labels on them.
  6. Either fuel problem or vacuum leak. My 52 acted like that and when I replace the intake gasket it solved the problem.
  7. I gotta laugh about this. I too have a Red Flyer wagon that I got as a young boy(maybe 5 or so?)( I am now 72) I still use it regularly and found replacement tires and wheels at Farm and Fleet about 30 years ago. The originals literally rotted off the rims. Useful for bring items in to the house from the garage now that my ability to carry heavy stuff is bridled.
  8. My Father had a match to the big one on the right on your set. He inherited it from His Father and he always just called it the Blacksmith tongs. If that helps. It disappeared into the mists of time years ago.
  9. My first thought would be an issue with the U Joint. Perhaps dry?
  10. Thanks Dan. I suspected as much but now that I am old as Elvis used to sing” Them memories isn’t strong”. I had to get mine as I mentioned at Fleet Farm as most of the specialty places wanted a medium fortune for one.
  11. Thanks for the info. The hole in the washer is too small for the bolt and the cartridge has rubber on each end. No leaks noticed. Maybe a farm application as I purchased the filters from Mills Fleet Farm out of Minnesota. Reasonable price compared to most others.
  12. This is somewhat embarrassing but since it has been a while I have done an oil and filter change on my 52 Plymouth and after obtaining a Fram filter I removed the old one. I saw there were two gaskets in the box, one for the lid and another small round flat one. I did not find where I had used a small one on the old filter and can not see where it might go. The filter has rubber on both ends and fits tightly when the lid is put on. I installed the filter without the little one and don’t see any leakage. Can anyone remind me if I forgot anything important? Thanks in advance.
  13. I had so much trouble with my B&B on my 52 that I finally converted to Langdons 2 Bb conversion. Best running step I ever took
  14. Well to. This point 20 years into the mission I have had no issues with the POR 15 coating I put on my 52 Plymouth
  15. I had never heard of Penetrol before. Sounds like a good product.
  16. I have seen incorrect signage in museums before. That said it might be the correct size of what is in there but I thought as you do that the 265 was the Chrysler standard.
  17. I have the manual setup from Langdons on my 52 Plymouth with manual choke. It runs great straight out of the box. Some have said they had to change jets but mine runs great as provided. I was sorry to see he has discontinued the carb setup. If I remember reading right he is is now or is planning to retire or at least semi retire.
  18. I remember those days back in the early 80’s with my son. The Cub Scout troop he was in had a track but it was mostly junk so a few of the other leaders and myself built a new one. I wonder whatever happened to it as once he went into Boy Scouts I don’t remember ever seeing it again. Fun though.
  19. I grew up with Mopars in the 60’s and have had a 52 Plymouth for over 20 years and I am still learning things on a regular basis. Good luck with your car. Keep us updated as you get things the way you want them.
  20. A few years ago my 52 Plymouth slowly began running worse and worse.. I checked everywhere I could but it all pointed to a fuel problem. The pump worked well but the problem seemed to be a lack of fuel when accelerating . Idle and steady speeds seemed ok. The carb had had a major rebuild several years ago and a couple of minor tuneups recently. I finally decided the old carb was acting up. I bought a two barrel kit from Langdons(which is apparently no longer available) and the problem was solved. Car now runs excellently.
  21. It’s possible. Are you loosing fluid? Is the area wet? Do you see any holes or small cracks? If you haven’t filled it with liquid yet you could fill it with water and run it to see if it leaks. From the looks of the front of your car it most likely has a 0 lb. Pressure system or at most 3-5 psi. You could try to use a pressure tester at just a very few pounds to see if anything leaks.
  22. Regarding Ply: https://simpletire.com/learn/tire-maintenance-safety/tire-ply
  23. I bought a new valve for a 57 Chevy sedan. Withy only minor firewall adjustment it works fine. And 99.97% of people who look at it cannot tell. The only annoyance it that the controls work backwards on temp. If I ever got off my duff and routed the cable from the other side it would work correctly.
  24. I did the exact same thing on the interior bumpers on my 1980 Volare. The factory left it partially painted in primer and partly bare steel. The fact that it had never spent much time on the road kept it from being really bad. I did not paint over the POR-15 as it rarely gets bright direct sun. That was 10-12 years ago and no rust ever shown up.
  25. Seems to me a range of 7.2-7.6 is correct for a generator in good condition. Assuming the battery is ok. Make sure your grounds are good and your regulator is working correctly.
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