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    Lotta stuff…mainly getting this truck that I have been dragging around since HIGH SCHOOL back on the road…still in the garage and one in the driveway…and Mama wants something done!! So that's my main interest now!
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  1. While I don’t comment a whole lot on this site, it is a very valuable place for info that Bob has put together! I would LOVE to see it WOKE UP and be “modernized “ to be easier to post with pics etc. I think technology has progressed so much it could easily be done and the site would become ALIVE again in a big way with so many more truck people finding out about it. Perhaps just asking for an extract of the Flathead & Pilothouse stuff and starting a new site for trucks with links from here would be cool as well….for what it’s worth, those are my thoughts. Can’t hurt to ask!!
  2. Thanks Tim and Steph for another great BBQ this year and the “ Wish I Was A Truck” award! Maybe by the time the 20 th comes around I’ll have my damn truck done!!! Brisket for all!!!
  3. And ya did it in my old Parkin spot Brent...Nice! Tribute to Gary!
  4. Pretty much what I did once I saw what I was dealing with inside... wasn’t with all the other hassle. Used an old guy in San Jose. Does radiators too. Dang near new now!
  5. I tried to do it your way and it just did not work. It’s been a long time sitting and you constantly are chasing little crap through your fuel system and once it hits the carb, you really start cussing!!! I vote to drop the tank. It’s only 4 bolts and a couple lines. Turn it upside down and do the bongo on it. Toss some nuts, bolts, ball bearings in it and take it for a ride in the back of your other pick up for another week or two on some windy roads and rail road tracks and rattle that puppy! Rinse it out good with some solvent/diesel afterwards and try using a boroscope to see inside what y
  6. Hmmmm...good question....ever seen a 13th floor elevator? Maybe we should stay away from that number and use it as just a memory...what say you Tim. Got a year to ponder that one!
  7. Only two words for not being in Clements today.....well, maybe more! THIS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! grrrrrrrr !!! Stay safe y’all!
  8. Looks a lot like my TM...only a little bigger. The ribs on the front are what I’m looking at.
  9. Don’t get lost up there in the mountains Paul!!!🤪🍻
  10. Hope ya didn’t have dash plaques done yet for the lucky 13 BBQ Tim! I know I bought the big ol brisket already...but it will freeze! 🐂🥩Too bad we can’t have a “virtual bbq”...lol...wouldn’t be or taste the same. Grrr
  11. Hate to say it Tim but probably the right call right now. I know our group and we are already planning a double big, make up bash for next year! Hell, this gives me at least another year to bring something that frikin runs!!!! This truly sucks!! On that note, you also need to keep safe dude...you’re on the front lines of this crap and dang it....WE NEED A PLACE TO PARK NEXT YEAR!! Cuz we’re a comin!!!! #Screw you CoVID-19!!!...and Toyota still sucks!!!
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