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Found 19 results

  1. I have a 1948 Dodge Custom with Fluid Drive. The fuel pump stopped working recently. I ordered a new one from Andy Bermbaum (https://www.oldmoparts.com/parts/p_fuel/fuel-pump-2/) based on the my car year, make, and model. Stupidly I ordered it before I took the old one out. The one I ordered has a straight pump arm and the one I pulled out has a an angled pump arm. So I am wondering if the one I ordered will work and if not which should I be ordering? I don't want to put this one just to pull it out again or worse break something. The engine in in the car has, so far as I can tell, the following numbers stamped on it: D34-25148I (on the front driver's side of the engine block) and 1311804-4 (on the top of the engine block towards the back ). I believe the engine is from a 1950 Dodge Coronet, Meadowbrook, or Wayfarer. This one (https://www.summitracing.com/parts/crt-m2090/make/dodge) looks very much like the old one I pulled out. I found it by searching by Engine Types and selecting Mopar Inline 6 size 230. If I search by Car (1948 Dodge Custom or 1950 Dodge Coronet, Meadowbrook, or Wayfarer) it says it won't match and points me to another pump that looks exactly like what I ordered initially - with the straight arm. The only Dodge vehicle it says it fits is a Dodge B1 truck. Any help is much appreciated.
  2. Hi recently picked up a 1947 Dodge Custom Sedan. I am new to this world so bare with me. It has an flathead 6 motor which I believe would be the d24? Car was running fine, but ran into an issue with the fuel pump. Wasn’t getting fuel to the pump, replaced with fp from Andy Bernbaum. Now I am getting fuel through the system, and the car is running. Drove around the neighborhood and it is now sputtering and stalling. (This wasn’t happening previously.) Looking for some pointers on this issue (possibly an air leak from installing the new fp?) Also looking for any resources for more knowledge on these vehicles.
  3. Hey all, I am new to this site and forum... I have a '48 D24 with a Sisson auto choke, recently while trying to troubleshoot rough idle and running issues. I found that the 2 bolts that hold down the automatic choke had broken off. I have read about drilling a re-tapping the studs, but what I don't know is if the studs thread into the exhaust manifold or if they were braised or welded on originally. From what I can see the bolts broke off flush and I cannot tell see if there are any marks from where they were to begin with. Really just stuck trying to figure out how best to repair this so I can get my D24 back on the road, a y help would be great. ben
  4. Hello all, I did have the turn signals working fine for a while. Today both left & right FLASHING when I switch either way. BOTH blinking at once, front and rear. I've looked for loose wires but noting yet. Any thoughts on what would power BOTH rather that Left OR Right ?? Thanks Clay
  5. So after my previous post about drilling out my exhaust manifold to replace studs for my sisson choke, I finally got that work done and re-mounted my carb and choke. I adjusted the choke and set it as the manual said. The issue i am having that I hope any one can help with is.. the sisson choke closes to start the engine but as soon as engine starts the choke goes 100% open and car stalls and dies. I can start the car and hold the choke 75% closed and it will run like a dream but as soon as I let the auto choke take over the choke opens all the way and the engine dies. I have cleaned the carb, replaced fuel lines and done every thing i know how to. Can any one please lend me some advice on what I am doing wrong? Ben D24 fluid drive Stromburg 1bbl Sisson choke
  6. I am restoring a 1948 Dodge D24 and have a firewall plate that is blank (after being cleaned). I want to know what information would be on this plate, so I can recreate it. The upper plate in the photo (not yet attached to the firewall) is the one I would like to put some information on (rather that just being a 'plain' metal plate). The lower plate is the serial number. I actually think that both of these would be black - is that correct? Should I paint these black and then have the engraved serial number on the one plate and 'some information' printed in white or silver on the other plate.
  7. Hi Everybody - I have a 1946 Dodge D24 with fluid drive and need to make up the linkage rod from the Sisson automatic choke to the carb. Carb is a Stromberg BXVD-3. Would appreciate it if somebody could let me know the length of theirs or the spec if you know it. Thanks, Doug
  8. my crossmember is rusted out near lower control arm mounting bolts...where to cut ..both frames??Dakota is 1990...1947 dodge business coupe
  9. California, not Alabama! I was looking on eBay for the center grill piece for my '52 Suburban and found it for a very good price, AND the seller was located in a little town about 30 miles away, so I made arrangements to pick it up. The location originally was the home of an old lumber yard in the downtown, and when I walked into the yard, there sat a restored P15 Club Coupe. I wondered how extensive his inventory of Mopar parts might be- turns out very extensive with lots of NOS parts! The owner, Steve Rothholz has been buying and selling 30s-60s parts for a long time and has an eBay store: http://stores.ebay.com/forthebeachonly I spent some time with Steve and he told me that he is constantly buying parts and that it's a bit of an addiction. I think I resemble that remark! He is part owner in Globe Auto Wrecking, which has been in business since 1938. He currently has multiples of NOS parts (some in the original box) including brakes, engine stuff, body, interior and exterior trim, hubcaps, etc. He has over 900 cars in various local salvage yards, including Turner's Auto Wrecking in Fresno. He mentioned that he also has a number of Mopar engines available for sale including ones with Spitfire heads. He wants to move inventory so his prices are very reasonable. For example, the NOS P15 radio grilI (below) is $50 on his eBay store. Because he has so much inventory, only a fraction of it is listed on eBay. I suggested that he join the Forum and register, and maybe run a banner ad, so our members can benefit. He welcomes phone inquiries.Here is his contact info: Steve Rothholz 2135 McCall Ave Selma, CA (559) 352-1407 fourthebeachonly@hotmail.com
  10. 1947 dodge 3 passenger business coupe. Looking for help on decoding my 8 digit vin. Infront of inside Drivers door. Vin: 312xx834 couldn't tell on 2 center #'s faint strikes and i have to clean some paint off. And the cowl tag. For exact body design? Cowl: 27152tbc or tpc?
  11. It's been years I opened the brake drum, thus I cannot recall the dimensions in detail. The question is; Are the front wheel upper and lower cylinder diameters the same? (thus the rubber sealings would be the same size) See the below "RockAuto" catalog; E.g. WK112 kit would fit "front upper" and rear wheel cylinder, but not "front lower"...? I see front lower has some extra metal pins, but those have much longer life time than the rubber. Thus the question is; If I simply keep 2-3 sets of Dorman 12222 or Raybestos WK112 in by garage drawer, am I equipped to service whichever wheel in my D24? Thanks, Uncle-Pekka
  12. Hello .. I am ricardo, I am from Porto - Portugal and I am restoring a dodge D25 special deluxe, 4 door ( year 1946)( I'm new in forum, so sorry for something i do wrong ) At the moment, i'm in the interior of the vehicle and I have doubts about front seat tracks( when I bought the vehicle the interior was burned and don't have the front seat tracks ). Please, someone can help me with front seat tracks ( photos ) for my car? If possible send me the seats ( complete and incomplete seats - Photos ). Best Regards for everybody Ricardo Silva
  13. Hello lady's and gentlemen, got a question about starter options to avoid bell housing and fly wheel swap.. Have a d19 motor and trans that I picked up locally that have been recently rebuilt came out of a D19 with a starter with manual starter clutch assembly.. My D24 starter has the drive spring and screw assembly and push button on the dash... Are there any starters out there that will work on the D19 set up for with my dash push button start
  14. The new Nov. 2015 issue of Hemmings Classic Car features a restoration of a '48 D24 Business Coupe. It is quite an ambitious body off the frame restoration. The report is to show the completion of the work next month.
  15. Was fortunate enough to pick up a 47 d24 coupe but it has no starter, wondering if anyone knows what compatible starters would mate up with the 230/fluid drive trans that is in it. Its driving me nuts. Any help would be appreciated.
  16. I thought I'd find this in the tech archives, or under resources, but can only find that it takes 5qt/4.7 litres oil... but not what type. Nice sale on for a 5 litre jug of Quaker State (40% off) 5w30, 10w30 and 5w20... was going to buy a couple of the 5w30 for my Chev Impala, thought I'd grab some for the '47 Dodge as well, since the oil has been in there probably 20-30yrs. Just not sure what kind it takes. Figured when comes time to fire it up and see if it turns over, probably best to have new oil/filter.
  17. After months of searching for a Black 46 - 48 Dodge Club Coupe, we finally found one in MI. Car is all original and does need some TLC. When we got the title from the owner, the title read 1949 Dodge Coupe?? We researched the internet and we could only find the 1949 Dodge Coronet. The seller did include the original registration from when the car was new with a Serial Number that matches whats on the door frame and the Engine Number that matches the Serial Number of the Engine in the car. The car was sold New on January 31st, 1949. The 1949 Title on a 1948 body threw me a curve ball. Does anyone know if this is common? I'm sure you guys are much more knowledgeable than I am, and I appreciate your help.
  18. I have a 6 passenger '46 Dodge Custom D24. I am looking for the Drive Axle Pinion Oil Seal for this car. It has a diameter of 3.09" I need the part number for that particular seal. I did purchase a seal last week but it was too large. Is there anywhere to get a list of part numbers for this particular model of Dodge? Or does anyone know where I can purchase this seal? Thank you My email is below: bobghd@aol.com
  19. Guys, I have spent the last two months reading threads and getting ideas for my D24 custom sedan, my first resto project, hopefully first of many to come. I wanted everyone to know how great it is to see that amount of ideas and encouragement that is exchanged on this forum. I have seen where people frown on you for having an original idea or not being stuck to a factory rebuild. I am setting a goal of having my car on the road and completed in a year from today. Consider it my 30th birthday present to myself. Thanks again to everyone who has inspired my rebuild of what I think is a beautiful automobile. Please keep the ideas and suggestions coming, I am still open for improvements.
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