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  1. DJ - Yes, It's a Wilcap adapter,  Wilcap adapter 230 flathead to GM auto transmission and I'm going to be running a GM TH 200 4R auto trans with overdrive. GM TH200 4R. It looks similar to a turbo 350.and has the same mounting points, but has that 4th gear for cruising. I purchased a P22 218 motor from a shop near my home last year and it came with the adapter- all for $200, and it ran!
  2. '52 Suburban update- we got the body off the frame! It was quite an undertaking - we inserted 2 - 4x4s through the open windows and ratcheted it up slowing so we could roll the chassis out from underneath. Almost didn't have enough clearance but letting some air out of the tires did the trick. Mounted the body on a homemade jig with heavy casters so we can move it around easily. Next steps- change out the rear end with a refurbished '92 Ranger third member and add brakes.
  3. Yes the rockers will need to be replaced. I had mine done on my '52 Suburban by a friend of mine, who is a professional welder. He sometimes had problems due to trying to weld old metal with the new patch panels. I would find someone who could do the welding for you- here are some sources of repair panels: SRPM Steel Repair Panels classicparts4u  eBay seller
  4. It's a "57. My buddy's truck since high school. He's replacing the original 265 (long gone) with a rebuilt 350, 700R tranny and a few other enhancements. Nice ride.
  5. I'm a coin collector and that's what old pennies will be good for in the future- coin collections. We should have gone to the nickel standard years ago. We had half-cent coins up until 1857, then we discontinued them because of the same reasons...cost more to provide, and nobody really wanted them anymore. As for the wagon- I agree! It needs to be restored back to its original shape. I'm thinking a darker color with wire wheels (an actual option in 1954), roof rack, wide whites and maybe A/C, if I can find a restored 6 volt system. maybe something like this...
  6. I agree. once I determine the status of the engine, I will be able to make a decision to rebuild or not. I plan to re-do the wood myself, and keep it 6 volts.
  7. Very interesting. I removed an entire trash can full of mouse droppings from a '56 Plymouth Suburban parts car, along with a short history of the life of the previous owner- receipts, clothes, old junk and mouse droppings even under the oil bath air cleaner!
  8. Looks like a rebuild. How much of this can I do myself? My youtube subscription is up to date!
  9. Well, you wanted interior pictures...here's our borescope ($22 Amazon) pictures of the 331 hemi cylinders. Obviously some carbon buildup. Can you tell anything about how the engine was working the last time it ran in 1981? The previous owner said it was starting to smoke a bit when he parked it...
  10. Making progress on the T&C. I founds some cheap ($50) radials and had my cousin (Ball Tire, Fresno CA) mount and balance them. I cleaned up the interior, vacuumed 40 years or rodent droppings, pine needles and spider webs out and cleaned up the vinyl upholstery. I de-rusted as much of the body as possible, then sprayed some rattle-can primer that just happened to almost exactly match the paint.☺️ A fellow T&C owner that I met on the Vintage Chrysler Facebook group, sold me all of his spare parts from his '51 T&C wagon, (that he had recently sold to one of our Forum members). I was able to find an NOS back window regulator (rare as hens teeth, I'm told) from Andy Bernbaum Auto Parts and an NOS crank off eBay. I'm working with Michael from Vintage American Parts Company to source a steering wheel, ignition switch and LH wheel bolts. I pulled all the plugs and squirted in some Marvel Mystery oil into the cylinders. Don't know if the engine is free, but I'll check in a few days. So much fun!
  11. Hey Greg, Did you ever try to get your data plate decoded? I don't know if there is a resource online that would tell us what all the numbers mean. When I was helping my son with his '53 Buick, we were able to decode it from the Buick site...of course!
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