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  1. Gary Goers Gary Goers Classic Car Restoration on page 13 lists vent window weatherstripping for 53-54 Plymouths. I have purchased from him over the years...good quality stuff.
  2. I've had great results with 1Shot lettering enamel 1Shot.com. I thinned it with lacquer thinner, then bushed it into the recessed detail, then wiped it off the highlights, leaving the color in the recesses. Comes in small cans for convenience.
  3. That's even cooler -vinyl gator! That dash looks slightly padded...optical illusion?
  4. You mean pick up a telephone and talk to them? Wow, so 20th century!😉
  5. Great info- I went to their website but couldn't find Tolex. How do I get a sample?
  6. Interesting technique...I might just try it, thanks!
  7. I really liked Carryall50's dash and would like to duplicate in for my current '52 Suburban Project. Are there products or companies that will duplicate the look, similar I guess to wood graining?
  8. I used YnZ for my 1940 Plymouth wagon. I needed some custom loops for dual taillights and turn signals, which they created and added to the stock '40 Plymouth. I ended up calling them a couple of times and they answered the phone, and were very helpful. Not the cheapest, but very high quality.
  9. Crazy that Desoto interrupted that nice wooden "floor" with the spare! You would have thought that they could have hidden it underneath, or made a continental kit, or something. I love your upholstery pattern and color. I am planning to do a similar style on my '52 Suburban.
  10. Boy, that's one you don't see everyday...classy styling. What year?
  11. can't ell Cambridge vs. Savoy from cowl location or were they all that way?
  12. Left Cowl...I never noticed that before. What does that tell you?
  13. That's because it is. Good eye! My '52 came with a '51 front clip. There was minor frame damage, so a '51 front end was substituted...hey- I have a hybrid!
  14. Mine must be the Savoy as it has all of the chrome trim, armrests, assist straps, chrome tailgate hinges, etc. but for 1952. And I thought it was probably a Cambridge, because there was Cambridge script in the boxes of parts that came with it. Thanks for the cool brochure!
  15. Bob Riding

    air cleaner

    Excellent point. Can't electric driven a/c compressors compete with belt driven? I am relying on my brother-in-law who used to have a restore/modify.streetrod business and will look to him (and you) for guidance. Should be fun!
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