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    Vintage cars, fishing, camping, history, film, travel.
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    Grandfather, married 41 years (to the same woman), have 2 grown boys
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    Old cars-have 6 Mopars (2 Dodge B1Bs), 5 Plymouths from '40-'51

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  1. Excellent work! Did you plan to do the front shock relocation ala Rusty Hope's kit?
  2. Andydodge and Scott -Thanks for the updates. I have a donor 56 Plymouth Suburban that I wonder about it's steering arms. More to investigate...
  3. Brilliant! However on my '52 front end, there are only 2 holes...can I swap out older steering arms without screwing up the geometry?
  4. Me too! Great photos. I am at the engine mockup stage and need to make sure I leave enough room for the rack. My frame is different than yours- a '52 is probably narrower where the rack will sit. Once I figure out where the 360 will be, I'll concentrate on the rack positioning. What is your thinking on having matching Cavalier rods- aesthetics or function?
  5. Turner's in Fresno CA has at 3 or 4 motors. They are usually $200-300.
  6. Wow- I just assumed the PO hadn't replaced them! I will remove and replace with steel washers. Thanks!!!
  7. Hi Dan. yes they are rubber. I got them from Andy Bernbaum Auto Parts
  8. I just finished mounting my '52 wagon body to the frame and had some extras that I just measured. Both top and bottom donuts are 2" in diameter, 1/2" thick, raised center is is 1" diameter. Both pieces have a 5/8" hole. I used 3.5" grade 8 fine thread bolts. Torque to 35 ftlbs. Large (1.75") flat washers above and below.
  9. I ordered the wrong outer tie rod ends from a ‘04-‘05 Explorer, but they are 1/2" internal threads (female end) and the junkyard arms are almost 3/4". Which ones did you buy?
  10. Dropped the body back on the frame...perfect alignment- i was expecting to at least have to fiddle with it a bit. Now on to engine mockup.
  11. It's a deal. I have a kid (late 20s now) from my old Boy Scout troop who is a professional welder. He did my floors on the '52 and I'm sure will be able to make the R&P work. News at 11...
  12. Now you have access to the body mounts. It will make a good bit of difference to have new rubber!
  13. Me too, too! My kit came last week- I'm waiting for the Detroit Axle R&P unit to arrive. Detroit Axle Remanufactured R&P I have the other bits that I will need from my junkyard rack. I will send the junkyard rack back to Detroit as a core, which will get me some kind of extra special warranty (I believe). I guess Scott and I are in a race! Actually, I'm not in a hurry, but will document my progress as I go.
  14. Good idea! I just ordered the Herculiner Truck bed coating. I will report out on my results.
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