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  1. This is from mymopar.com....1950-1965 interchange manualhttp://www.mymopar.com/downloads/partscatalogs/50to65_Mopar_Parts_Interchange_Manual.zip
  2. It was mine. I sold it to a gentleman in Alaska 15 years ago. I did the restore and added dual carbs. A local longtime Chrysler mechanic, Tex Davis rebuilt the motor. Nice ride.
  3. 65mph for long stretches.I did have vapor-lock, last week after running on the freeway at 65 for a half hour, then cruising very slowly through a Residential area for my nieces birthday party.I have the heat shield between the manifold and the fuel line but I guess there wasn't enough air going over the engine compartment.We pulled over and waited a few minutes and it started right up.
  4. I am in the process of finishing up the floors on my '52 Suburban - i used aftermarket patch panels from a USA company, Classic 2 Current Fabrication, and was very pleased with the fit and quality. Not sure if they have them for a P9 though.
  5. Yes Paul, you get the credit (or blame) for both Suburbans- I never had a late model (1956) wagon in my sights until your sleuthing turned these up - both on Facebook Marketplace. I haven't pulled the V8 yet- I'm waiting for you to help me! I like your idea on shipping to P.A. - he can have the pleasure of a CA car restoration 😎
  6. Great stories. I hope to make memories like that with the grandkids.
  7. Good to know...anything interchangeable with the 318?
  8. Thanks, I just might do that. I haven't ID'd the motor yet, but my rockers look different from yours- more waves than scalloped. What's the best way to contact you- PM, or phone?
  9. Yes - 2 in front and 2 in back!
  10. I think I will be able to use a lot of the parts - my '56 has rust out in areas that the turquoise car doesn't. The floors are completely rotten, but the bumpers, glass etc is good. Looks like it will sacrifice it's life for a worthy cause.
  11. Thanks for the advice. Yes, it's a cool ride. On engine parts, Bernbaum, Roberts, etc. don't seem to have much. Speedway, Summit and catalogs don't list a 277 - since it was designed to allow future overboring, for greater HP and torque improvements, I wonder how compatible parts for the 318 would be?
  12. Not sure if this pandemic is good for my wallet- I just couldn't pass up this '56 Suburban, listed as a parts car on Facebook Marketplace - pretty cheap and 3 hours from the house. What a great excuse for a road trip with the wife and granddaughter! An "adventure" as she called it. We have her 3 days a week since her school closed, so no social distancing needed 😊 The wagon was owned by a hoarder - after he passed away, it was sold during his estate sale. Local folks remember it sitting in the same spot in the northern California woods since the 1970's. It was so covered with pine needles that only the fins were showing, and everyone assumed it was a Handyman wagon. Moss is growing around the windows and doors. Crazy thing is, parts of the wagon are rusted completely away- floors, parts of the fins, tailgate hinges, etc and other parts are in good shape-frame, exhaust, stainless and some chrome. There were apparently 150 generations of mice living the dry life, as I am still vacuuming mountains of droppings out of every crevice and crack. The odometer says 49k miles, and that might be accurate. The motor is the one-year, 277 cu in "Semi-Hemi" Hy-Fire V8 - The PO pulled the plugs , shot lube in and got the motor to turn freely. It also has the standard transmission with the optional overdrive. I think I will be able to use the doors, bumpers, trim and other parts. Probably will sell the OD. Not ever having had a V8 (Mopar or otherwise) in any of my project cars, I'm not sure where the engine ID number is located. My Standard Catalog of Chrysler says "on flat surface, near front of block between two cylinder heads". It's pretty rusty, but I can't find it. Suggestions? Also I've read that the crankshafts aren't the most durable. Any personal experience with these motors?
  13. Yes, it makes you appreciate the art of welding...I like it -chookshit - George Carlin would approve.
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