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  1. I figured if doesn't work I'd replace the innards... Haven't powered it up yet, though ever so often I touch something and the clocks works on its own so I guess that's a good sign... Not sure what the two pieces are though I see two spots where they might go. Will post later since getting a decent photo means getting my canon out instead of taking a pic with the phone.
  2. Thanks, that helped a lot... got it apart, much cleaner than expected inside. 2 small bits that fell out though, not sure where they came from... or even if from the clock, make something that fell in somehow... I'll show a photo... got the clock sitting in a coffee mug so the hands don't get damaged. The small bits I placed on the white part at the front, 2 small dark metal semi-circles. Are there oil points for the clock at all? Seems a bit stiff when adjusting the time... also, the front plastic lens... is there a good way to clean that? I was kind of playing with the idea of using a cloth and toothpaste, or the car polish with the light abrasive in it for buffing scratches. Seen a few people use that to polish the plastic headlights on newer cars, figured might work on this but, being 67yrs old, I don't want to try without asking first in case a better method.
  3. Figured it out... the small hole in the centre, does absolutely nothing. Just a small hole. Basically, grabbed/held the dial with my left hand to keep from spinning, and used a slot head for the centre, which wasn't a screw but rather a threaded cap. That's where I left off... there was a small rattle inside and I got out two small metal half loops with misshaped balls at the ends... hopefully when I get the rest dismantled tonight I'll figure out what they are and where from... almost thinking broken wires, but, the perfect semi-circle shape throws me off.
  4. Pulled out the radio and glove box yesterday to give a cleaning and test... clock I didn't test yet, can hear something rattling inside, small but still a rattle. Is there a trick to removing the front lens? Well, more so removing the small dial for setting the time? Looks like a slot head, with a small pin hole in the end. I'd like to get it open, cleaned, find the rattle and maybe oil it a little before powering it up for testing, in case something is seized and turning it on ruins it.
  5. Well, may have found them... got them soaking in some vinegar right now to remove some rust but look to be the right size.
  6. Ha ha... it's kinda ironic actually, the avatar is a cartoon character called Mentok the Mindtaker... and it seems that he is indeed taking minds, or at least attention.
  7. I'll let you know once I have the car sorted out... told myself if I can't get it started then I'm selling it... if it runs I'll keep going with 'the plan' in which case the hub caps won't be needed.
  8. So... been chasing a unicorn. Well, upside is I don't have to buy anything... might have found the bolts as well, currently sitting in some vinegar. Few "mystery" parts though.... may have to post a photo since not even 100% certain if even for the car. If I get that Dodge to start, I may have to post some stuff for sale... won't be using some stuff like the AM radio and 7 hub caps. Few old beatup old pistons, one in half, and a few valves, plus an old gasket, so hoping that means the previous owner rebuilt the engine.
  9. Hmm, maybe thats all I need... Looking in the shop manual, here's a screen grab... was looking at #4, 5 and 11... I have a D24 though, maybe that's the difference? Also, I know a '47 Dodge Truck, but has the extra parts bolted to it, so figured this is similar to what I was needing. http://www.lunaindustriesinc.com/tucson-starter-motors-rebuild.htm
  10. This isn't mine, but its the same as what I have http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/MTIwMFgxNjAw/z/vgMAAMXQBg5Rt-kM/$(KGrHqZ,!nwFG1PiWj9YBRt-kMNSj!~~60_35.JPG
  11. So, been cleaning things up, trying to sort out the plethora of parts in bins from when I bought the '47 Dodge... Few pistons, old head gasket, 7 hub caps... But not finding the parts for the starter. Starter was out when I got the car, and looks almost like new... But looking in the shop manual it looks to be missing some hardware. But, old scanned image so hard to see clearly. Anyone happen to have a photo of the starter with hardware? Or better still a link where its for sale since I think its just not here. :S
  12. Well, sadly our yard is the parent's yard... I went back to school to finish my education, and when I came out I was more broke than I was going in and no one was hiring. So, had to temporarily move back home... we have a yard, but not mine to do with as I please, plus when it comes to car space, I'm more referring to driveway area. and near the house/hut where the tools are. Otherwise, having cars in the back acre come spring would just slowly sink in the mud. It's also why the budget is very tight.
  13. We have about 3 acres... 2 is just open grass... no idea why we have it, just sits there and gets mowed every 2 weeks. Had I the money I'd have 2 acres of cars... be worth it simply for the annoyance of the neighbour.
  14. Ya... the neighbour here was such a pain, still is... threatened to have the cops come after me when I had the car on stands because he said his grand kids might come to the yard, get into the tent and have the car fall on them. Started taking photos and everything. Finally, I called the police, had one come over and said this is the problem, can he actually do anything. I'm 6'3" and 380lbs so a big fella, and I took a 6' run at the car to show how stable it was. Cop said the guy can't do anything, no codes were being violated or anything, car was safely lifted, etc... In fact, the officer said that if he has small children (grand kids) that visit and he has a legit concern that they'll wander into other people yards and into garages and such, he's basically admitting to child negligence because he's admitting that he's not watching them close enough. Especially since there is a creek in the back, he has a pool, and the cars in the front are still slowing down from 80kph to 50kph coming into town... so, more likely the kids will drown or get hit than have a car fall on them. Cop even knew who the guy was because apparently a bit of a pain to the police as well with his reports and complaints.
  15. Ya, other neighbours are fine here, just that one guy who ruins it for everyone.
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