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  1. Curious as I dream of getting on the road regularly. What do you carry with you? Trunk kit of tools etc ? Would appreciate hearing from you about this, and any stories of times you WISHED you had something with you and why. Go
  2. Marc, The clutch spring does not need a tool to install, but there is one to adjust. It's a tough spring and somewhere here there is a good procedure to install it. Worth cleaning up while you're into this.
  3. Greg, Yes, many many miles walked there. Legs still sore today. Worth it ! I saw the Isetta.
  4. Just back from 2 days at the car show / meet. Probably 15% less in attendance and dealers. But very good overall. Happy to have found a NOS distributor cap on a $1. table. Several other good buys. My best score is thus NOS Sisson choke. Box was never opened, even the gasket was in the box. Now the punch line. $10.00 Worth the trip, fun time, cool cars. Even saw the American Picker show guy. And Wayne Carini too.
  5. Martin at ARIZONA. He's on the Forum here sometimes. Arizona Parts - NOS Mopar Parts
  6. Safe bet that the green is your original color. 46 47 48 D-24 the Light Green was : " Orinoco Green " It was my original color according to the factory build card. My Club Coupe has been painted three times since then. Enjoy it , your found the right place here !
  7. DITTO, I have a 1942 Dodge NOS TEMP Gauge with my 1947 face. Found it MUCH cheaper than a NOS d24 Radimeter. Improvise !
  8. Looks like the metal piece and thicker washer are not for my filter. I used the small washer under the filter.
  9. Great diagram. Thanks!
  10. I do have the LED compatible flasher can. Tomorrow will check grounding
  11. I've been in the garage for awhile thus week, so sorry about 2 threads going at once. But but please instruct me on the correct order putting this new filter into my bypass can. How do these parts stack up ? Thank you in advance.
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