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  1. I've been happy with quality of Wayne's work. Far better than others out there, and more products. Be patient !
  2. Thankful for all the help received here from all.. Enjoy the day
  3. Pointed washer in the slot first, then 2nd same washer under the slot, then spring, then nut. Point the washers, both, at the elbow of the window, front.
  4. Before and after. Original harness, and one from Rhode Island Wiring that they made for me years ago.
  5. 41, good post, and thanks for the photo. Would be nice to find out what these cups are for. I've got LED bulbs in the dash sockets. I may try the blue high beam too!
  6. Lol Frank good call. Bugged the hell out of me too. This morning I went digging through a bucket of hardware and found the matching special nut !
  7. Speedo cable in with speedometer cable clips. One more item ready for the dash install.
  8. Ok, two clips I'D and used for the speedo cable.
  9. Yes, paper molded cups. Insulators of sort. Not sure what they insulate. Odd little bits for sure.
  10. Help please with another assembly question. I have rebuilt the cluster. Some new gauges, paint, new glass. I replaced the two fish paper " cups" as I found them. Parts book calls for three of these insulators on Amp and Fuel gauges. Where am I missing one, and are these in correct locations?
  11. Ill apply as needed i suppose.
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