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  1. Good news on finding the correct part. Have the rad shop flush and test it before recoring.
  2. 46 47 48 Dodge Pittsburg Plate Glass Listings View File Recently received this. Glass manufactures numbers for 46-48 dodge cars. Submitter Conn47D24 Submitted 05/13/2022 Category Reference Information  
  3. This past weekend we visited Rhinebeck. Saturday was cold, but rain had stopped. Swap meet was Ok but not much for my D24. All I bought was a Thermostat, $10. Sunday the sun was out and many more cars to see. Lots of cool stuff from Brass era to VW's. One 48 Chrysler, one V8 DeSoto. One P15's at all. No D-24s First show of the season felt good to get out. Beautiful part of the country along the Hudson Valley. I did fall in love with a mint 1946 Lincoln. Stunning car.
  4. Sniper, I still haven't been o. The road enough to notice. It is shinny !
  5. I had to break the original mirror to get it out and see the mechanism. Friend with a glass business cut a new mirror for me.
  6. Another side project. The only way to rechrome this used unit I found was to take it apart. Took a big chance I had no idea what was underneath the mirror. Small Spring and a screw which I had to retap new threads. Used a blue thread locker and then epoxied a new mirror. This is the driver's side which was really beat. I have a NOS for the passenger side.
  7. Eaton Springs had new for my 47 Dodge Coupe FYI. Easy to work with over the email and phone.
  8. Windshield frame, and rear view mirror complete. Straight piece of wire helped find the hole for attaching screws
  9. Marc, there are three different adjustments. I followed the service manual on these and got it lined up. Do you have a manual?
  10. Thanks, Slow going past few months. Waiting on an upholstery shop to do the door and rear panels. Will be VERY close after that is done.
  11. My original antenna needed some TLC, and was a real bear to install. Had to remove center floor panel to get the angle right, and still had to bend it more than I was comfortable but it did not break. The exterior bezzle made of plastic was cracked repaired it with bondo , it came out OK Metro still makes the correct replacement gasket.
  12. Casper50 Did you ever get the antenna installed? I have the same issue with my D24
  13. Title_1.mp4 Good news Marc, My first start video here shows my wiring. Remote starter button was only add on. No dash or gauges in at that point .
  14. Conn47D24


    I've tried to do one thing, no matter how small each day. Sometimes it's just cleaning or painting a small part for future install.
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