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  1. My D24 did not and still does not have the rubber pads or tubes. I too bought the rubber years ago and then upon assembly found they weren't right for my Dodge. There are moulded "bushings" that should fit in the frame or maybe those feruls. . Mine didn't recess so I gave up.. Haven't noticed any steering vibration.
  2. Thank you Rich, Same here . New kitchen this year . Wife happy. Loooong project, but just kept at it. Lots of help here and local contacts made all the difference. Still more to go. Tweaking some leaks in the heater plumbing now. Then seat belts next. Damn cold in the garage now ! Happy Thanksgiving all !
  3. That's good to hear glad I did it then 10 years ago and wrapped them up. I will say Marc, that it took 7 months for this shop to take my work. The only other long time shop with a great reputation didn't want to work at all. Neither had done this type of work in years. However he had lots of fun doing it and it shows in the work manship. Side note: the guy that did the seats for me 10 years ago I saw on chasing classic cars with Wayne Carini. he works in Connecticut at his shop now. An English fellow ,I forgot his name
  4. Find a hydraulic press for the bearings.
  5. Hi Marc! The door cards and rear 1/4 panels. Visors and arm rests. $1,450. I supplied the fabric. Fabric was purchased several years ago and I forget the cost. Seats: seats I had done 10 years ago . Over $4,000. Should have shopped that around but rookie mistake. They're beautiful but $$$.
  6. Mine had original green around inside of windshield,doors etc. Looked like overspray though. Inside trunk and floors mostly a greyish.
  7. Warmed up the engine today and re-torqued the head studs. It did need the tweaking! Cleaned off the discolored spot. I'll keep an eye on that area.
  8. Trial and error, but seat brackets are in.
  9. It does look like old Indian Head. I just used the copper spray though. Will re-torque soon as I get the seat etc done. Working against the weather now. Few warm days remaining. Thank you
  10. I noticed this staining today. With probably less than 20 hours on the engine since rebuild, should I re-tourqe the head studs?
  11. Finished center floor panel and noise insulation. Looks like I'll get great radio reception 🤣🤣🤣
  12. More assembly today. Dome light and switch. Rear 1/4 window garnishes. Also assist straps. Not standard on the club coupe, but I found these NOS at Hershey a few years ago. Then the chrome screw cover buttons at a vendor. Hardest was two tiny clips the sit under the screw head and hold the button in place. Mike at Obsolete ( old Mitchell's ) found them on a junker in his yard. Anyway, I love the look.
  13. Help please. Just unwraped my rear seat base and figuring out the install. Seat has two loop type hooks, however my floor has been replaced years ago, I am seeing now the coresponding floor brackets are missing. If you have a 46-48 Dodge or desoto Club coupe, and your rear seat is out, please measure this floor bracket. Size and location? Phto? REALLY appreciate it !!
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