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  1. I got mine from Eaton Spring. They were very helpful getting correct fit.
  2. Sometimes the terminal names are marked on the "tabs" where bolts go thru. Check that for correct wiring.
  3. Thank you all. Planning to get this done this weekend. Working on wiring an inline fuse can on the bench and then out to the garage to finish.
  4. Since the heaters were an option they do not appear on the D24 wiring schematic drawing. When I disassembled my car ( 40 years ago ), I marked the power wire from the heater switch to the COIL terminal on the ignition. Question: is this correct? Or should it be on the RAD / GA terminal ?
  5. This small piece is now available from Wayne at PlymouthDr.com Maybe yours is rusted like mine or missing.
  6. Vintagepowerwagons.com Use to have these.
  7. Thanks all. Weird how I have it packed away with my hardware. Only project car I've had, and PO was no gearhead. The 40 years since tear down comes back to bite once again! Add it to the list of mysteries .
  8. I did search parts book term" cap" Nothing. On a water day ill try fitting it at the throttle linkage. Best guess so far. Keep the thoughts coming!
  9. Very cool Rich. I have not seen either covered in this detail. Thanks
  10. Thanks Pete, yes it sure looks like it clips on and holds a nut. I'm checking throttle linkage too. It fits over a #10 nut so that narrows it some. More thought folks?
  11. This small bit is in my collection. Looks like it is a nut or bolt cap holder??? But where? Has anyone seen this before on your project?
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