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  1. LED 6v bulbs everywhere, except the headlights on my Dodge. ** Special flasher can needed when making this switch over.
  2. Just found this old thread on a search. Hope this helps others looking for correct wheel colors. This Dodge Salesman's book is one of my favorite finds for my D24 project.
  3. Yes Pete, I've replace, cleaned, painted, or rebuilt every part. There are many indeed. Very satisfying
  4. Stainless & chrome trim next
  5. It's starting to look like a car.
  6. I'll spend a little more time removing paint along the rest if this area in search of the s# . We'll see
  7. Removed enough under Coating and paint to find my original engine #. Thanks all for help and photos. My car had original engine swapped out by PO so I was interested to see what this number was. Disappointed that I couldn't find also a stamped serial number on the frame to match the door frame tag.
  8. Thanks DJ, but no. It took me 40 years to get this far on my Dodge I don't have enough time left on this Earth for another project. 🤣
  9. Is it typical to find BOTH the serial AND Engine #'s. ??
  10. Body, yes. That logo is stamped on the passenger door .
  11. A little help please finding the number stamped on to my frame. Researching here led me to find this number stamped almost directly at the top of the arch, of the rear driver side wheel frame. I was expecting my serial number or the engine number and this is what I found. I'm chiselling off old undercoating. Any direction here on which way I should go looking for more numbers front, or back of this set ?
  12. 46 47 48 Club Coupe, Rear 1/4 windows. Correct installation is as shown. Angled "tail" piece is toward the REAR of the car when setting glass and installing.
  13. Fellow D-24 Club Coupe owners Do I have the glass installed backwards in the channel ?? I am having a heck of a time getting them in the body, and it just doesn't seem right. HELP please Clay
  14. Front Stone deflector for my D24. Several years ago I found both left and right pair NOS. Part numbers still stenciled on. Replaced a crude fabricated one from previous resto attempt.
  15. Interesting, I do not recall any difference assembling my dizzy. 1st thought is the engineers made some of this idiot proof for people like me. Seems there would be a difference in the notches, and posts if it mattered.
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