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  1. That'll be my last " Jr " at anything in this life Rich ! : -)
  2. I've tried to match Panama Sand off an old color chart. Sort of beige.
  3. My Coupe is getting ready for paint. Hope to have it home for assembly soon. Basement full of part waiting years to be reunited ! It's like Mr Potato Head !
  4. Before and after. NOS Lower CA's ( etc ) POR-15 paint. Clean !
  5. Excellent find Rich. Saving it from the scrap yard was worth it alone.
  6. VID_20200322_190548.mp4
  7. Bought this motor NOS several years ago and never opened the box. Hooked it up to the battery and nothing! Opened up the gear box and 60+ years of grease was rock solid. Soaked it in thinner overnight... not enough. Disassembled , good scraping and cleaning. Packed with fresh grease . Running fine. If yours has not been run for years it maybe worth opening up and taking a look. Once mounted under the dashboard, it'll be a big job to remove. FYI Big help having an Auto-lite manual with a section on this model.
  8. There is a special tool from Miller but without one , I made something out of a spare crank bolt ( yes weird and rare thread size ). You can buy a bolt from Vintage Power Wagons and make a tool. Do NOT pound the damper onto the crank !
  9. Can anyone ID this part for me? Bracket with a welded on wire clip ?
  10. Trumpets were stock on my D24 and in the parts / repair books.
  11. This Rubber bumper is listed at Steele Rubber as a " Trunk Bumper " Application is Club Coupe , Biz Coupe, Convertible. (Parts book shows the sedans having a different part #) Measures 1 " X 1 & 1/2 " Can anyone tell / show me where this mounts on the car in the trunk area ? Thanks all. Clay
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