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  1. Rear stone shield. Interesting challenge here. One of the welded speed nuts was missing. I was able to carefully insert a nut with attached star washer through a slot near the bolt hole. Lined it up and slowly grabbed the threads. Whew !
  2. My Parts book shows: Google - Ebay by part #. Try Andy Bernbaum
  3. John, bought mine from Mitchell's, Obsolete Mopar. At least 8 years ago.
  4. I found this photo here on the forum. Seems the clips sit with the TAB under the sill. The "weird " clips spot welded at the back end also sits under the sill edge. Makes sense seeing it. Only issue I may have is the sills that were installed years ago run even with the rear fender. Ill mock it up and see how it looks. Thank you all.
  5. PA, Thank you. How about the clips with the TAB sticking out? Do I have it in wrong, if not how does this rig set flush against the body?
  6. Getting set to tackle this trim for the rockers. I bought these several years ago, original paper wrappers, but not Mopar. Obviously OEM / After. Part numbers are correct for my D24 Club Coupe. Two forward clips / bolts are spot welded in place. One odd bracket at the rear also spot welded. SEVERAL question if you all could help me out again. First , what is this weird clip at the rear, and why is it a horizontal? Also, I've mounted a clip, is it in correctly ? If correct , how can the moulding set flush against t
  7. Great thread guys! Marc, thanks for all the photos an videos. I've done all this a few years back. All the same challenges. I forgot how I got the upper bushing in without the Miller 736 shoe horn. Rich Hartung let me borrow the other Miller tools. Could not have done this without them. This post will be a great help to other members!
  8. Installing vibration, heat, and sound insulation kit.
  9. No help from me on this topic. However, I am comforted by how often other members here have the same story as me. Stripping our cars down 30-40 years ago with all good intentions of restoration. Not giving up, stockpiling parts, and learning here how to get back on track. Youth, time, life, experience. What a ride!
  10. Asbestos gasket keeps it from getting cooked. Just warm enough to open the choke.
  11. Side window glass. Thanks to 41 Plymouth Mark, and his detailed videos.
  12. This is the tiny notch stamped into the top, inner lip of the fenders where the front end of the springs for the hood latches attach too. Thanks Dan Hiebert for this detail!
  13. Exterior stainless trim installed. 40 years since I remove this trim so putting it in was intimidating. Turned out very easy after all. Lots of tape to protect the paint. Push it all firmly into place until the two ends lineup with the slot in the body ,on the interior side of the door. Clip over the seem, tab on back bends into the door frame slot.
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