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Found 15 results

  1. To begin,.... this thread is placed in the OT Forum because it will document a number of items that may offend some P15-D24 purists. That is not the intent here. However, and although the canvas a 1950 Plymouth Suburban, it is a modified, modified for comfort, style, safety, and performance. It's a Hot Rod! I am privileged to be called a friend by Mike and his family. We became acquainted years back when he performed a whole lotta magic on my '56 wagon. He's a quality young guy with computer and engineering savvy, a garage full of tools and projects, grease under his fingernails, is generous to a fault, and is dedicated to his wife and young son. And he tolerates my need to kick tires and imagine all sorts of projects we should work on. This year, in July, there is a major event in Victoria, BC that a number of us Yanks will attend. It's a Hot Rod event. So to travel to and around BC and witness the majesty of the Pacific Northwest, Mike and family decided to build a "cruiser" that would accommodate them and their paraphernalia for a two week trip. I take some pleasure for pointing them toward the Suburban, a car and style they were not aware of previously. It's perfect for a family while providing something vintage for Jessica, as well as a project to share with young Josh. The goal is a daunting one,...to drive to Victoria in July of this year. The car, a solid stocker, came home in October 2015. And after a lot of thought and hard decision making, work began just after the first of the year. October 2015 - I indulged in some "Photo Shopping" to help visualize the stance of the finished project.
  2. Well the time is now, this 47 Plymouth business coupe SD has stalled for a year, but only for good reason. the original plan was a mild build with a 318 Magnum. But i was able to get my hands on an entire 08 Charger R/T, that's getting turned into a drag runner. Yup that means the 5.7 Hemi, trans, interior, steering column, gauges, seats, and entire electrical system is being installed in the the Plymouth. AND ONLY ABOUT A MONTH TO FINISH!!! Engine: 5.7 Hemi Trans: 5 speed Tiptronic Steering: 89 Chevy caviler Rear end: 01 ford explorer (DSK Brake typ) http://s1268.photobucket.com/user/vethd32/media/IMG_20170326_192443944_zps2oqtkxxj.jpg.html?filters[user]=144930205&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=1 http://s1268.photobucket.com/user/vethd32/media/IMG_20170325_112957080_zps742lbbze.jpg.html?filters[user]=144930205&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=3 http://s1268.photobucket.com/user/vethd32/media/IMG_20160709_241347219 1_zpsunomkp06.jpg.html?filters[user]=144930205&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=4 Ill try to keep this feed updated as best i can!
  3. Ted


    License to cruise 2016
  4. Let me start off by saying, that I really love my Dodge...But I really don't care much for the front girlle. I don't want to destroy what I do have on it because I want to keep all the original parts available to me if I decide to go back to stock. I was wondering if anybody had tried to put a grille from a 1950 Coronet or the 1949 Dodge Wayfarer on the 1948 D24. I really don't want to stray too much from the badge, but do know that I am probably going to modify at some point. I do like the the looks of my car better with a fulton visor as original, and will definitely be sporting one as I believe it detracts from the milk crate grille. I'm not trying to offend, I just think its a little too uninspired for my liking. The Wayfarers that I've seen are much better, in my opinion.
  5. Hi everyone! I happened upon this site and forums while researching the 1949 model dodge. We have inherited a 1949 dodge kingsway custom and are starting the process of restoring as close as possible to original. Gladly everything is there, it needs a lot of cleaning up though. Any advice or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated as well as any information on service providers who can help with seals, interior (which needs to be completely redone), chroming etc. in and around Melbourne Australia. Also, funny little question about blinkers, aka turning signals, I cannot work out if these were original on the car or if they needed to be added aftermarket. Again, and info would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully I will be able to add some photos as the restoration progresses.
  6. Was fortunate enough to pick up a 47 d24 coupe but it has no starter, wondering if anyone knows what compatible starters would mate up with the 230/fluid drive trans that is in it. Its driving me nuts. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. I have a 6 passenger '46 Dodge Custom D24. I am looking for the Drive Axle Pinion Oil Seal for this car. It has a diameter of 3.09" I need the part number for that particular seal. I did purchase a seal last week but it was too large. Is there anywhere to get a list of part numbers for this particular model of Dodge? Or does anyone know where I can purchase this seal? Thank you My email is below: bobghd@aol.com
  8. From the album: Dan's Aussie p15

    Adelaide, Australia, assembled, owned and driven...low and slow!
  9. From the album: Dan's Aussie p15

    Adelaide, Australia, assembled, owned and driven...low and slow!
  10. From the album: Dan's Aussie p15

    Adelaide, Australia, assembled, owned and driven...low and slow!
  11. From the album: Dan's Aussie p15

    Adelaide, Australia, assembled, owned and driven...low and slow!
  12. From the album: Dan's Aussie p15

    Adelaide, Australia, assembled, owned and driven...low and slow!
  13. From the album: Dan's Aussie p15

    Adelaide, Australia, assembled, owned and driven...low and slow!
  14. Has anyone used the tag feature yet? For instance this post has three tags under the post title. Clicking on one will show you a list of categories on the left. Links, downloads etc. So you can find what you want in that category. Anyway just thinking this may be a way to help members find resources.If we keep them standardized and to a minimum I think it will be a big help. Your thoughts?.
  15. Just thought I would post some pics of my bullseye headlights being changed to new reflectors with a mount for a Halogen bulb fits 6 or 12 volt. I bought some Bosh headlights and broke the lenses out of them. Then you just clean the silicon off. Still need the bulbs and relays as they are not here yet. I did end up cracking one prying the metal from around the edge. So the next one and a replacement went into a mild acid solution and did the reverse of the Rust Removal using Electrolysis. So my headlight was connected to the positive lead on my 6 volt battery. Also I used some muriatic acid I had left over from the pool that I diluted with water. So 2 thirds water 1 third acid. Everything done outside. Total time to eat away the lip holding the glass was about 5 hours. I had a baking soda bath waiting for the headlight after it came out of the bath. Then used the rest to neutralize the acid. So anyway that where I am currently If you have never heard of the rust removal a link is below. I just reversed the connections so that it ate away my headlight. The electricity goes mostly line of site so I had a big washer right in front of the center of the lense. http://antique-engines.dickerson-design.com/electrol.asp
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