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  1. Hello rb1949 Just need photos with front seat and front seat tracks Regards Ricardo Silva
  2. Plymouth p15 interior Same seats for my car i think
  3. Thank you for information rb1949 " The D25 was a Plymouth P15 with a Dodge front end and nameplate. " So the Dodge D25 have the same interior as Plymouth p15 correct? So the Front Seat Tracks is the same in this 2 models, yes? Best Regards Ricardo Silva
  4. dpollo thank you again My front seat is single ( does not have the split in the middle ) See this videos if it helps --> The body it's the same My front seat don't split in the midle. It's unique Regards Ricardo Silva
  5. All paint is the first hand of paint (not to rust again - car for life understand ) .. All the parts were dismantled and repaired
  6. Thanks dpollo Yes. In my car some parts are the same from plymouth p15. The interior it's the same i think .. But i can't find some photos with seat tracks Send some photos with my dodge Regards Ricardo Silva
  7. Hello Casper50 I hope you are fine I see this link http://car-from-uk.com/sale.php?id=156103 and it's the same car. My car it's a 4 door. Regards Ricardo Silva
  8. Hello .. I am ricardo, I am from Porto - Portugal and I am restoring a dodge D25 special deluxe, 4 door ( year 1946)( I'm new in forum, so sorry for something i do wrong ) At the moment, i'm in the interior of the vehicle and I have doubts about front seat tracks( when I bought the vehicle the interior was burned and don't have the front seat tracks ). Please, someone can help me with front seat tracks ( photos ) for my car? If possible send me the seats ( complete and incomplete seats - Photos ). Best Regards for everybody Ricardo Silva
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