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  1. Very nice looking engine bay. From the firewall to the 'L' lever attached to the head looks stock - but the big 'Z' rod (with 90° angles) from the lever to the carbs looks 'very custom'. I'm not sure how to help, other than in a purely mechanical way... Try to make that linkage out of a single rod, that has more gradual bends (no more that 45° if possible). I'm not sure if that will fix your problem, but I'm pretty sure it won't hurt. So, out of the 'L' bracket on the head, make a ~30° bend a bit below the second corner on your current (90° - 90° bend) bracket. Then make a 45°+45° radius be
  2. I am restoring a 1948 Dodge D24 and have a firewall plate that is blank (after being cleaned). I want to know what information would be on this plate, so I can recreate it. The upper plate in the photo (not yet attached to the firewall) is the one I would like to put some information on (rather that just being a 'plain' metal plate). The lower plate is the serial number. I actually think that both of these would be black - is that correct? Should I paint these black and then have the engraved serial number on the one plate and 'some information' printed in white or silv
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