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Found 11 results

  1. I have a 48 Plymouth special deluxe and havent been able to get this motor to start. It cranks and I put gas in the carb trying to get it to start. Though when I was working on it my stud that the positive cable bolts to got really hot. Wire isnt hot but just the bolt. I get the motor to crank and sounds like it wants to start because it does pop but cant get it to run.
  2. Hello .. I am ricardo, I am from Porto - Portugal and I am restoring a dodge D25 special deluxe, 4 door ( year 1946)( I'm new in forum, so sorry for something i do wrong ) At the moment, i'm in the interior of the vehicle and I have doubts about front seat tracks( when I bought the vehicle the interior was burned and don't have the front seat tracks ). Please, someone can help me with front seat tracks ( photos ) for my car? If possible send me the seats ( complete and incomplete seats - Photos ). Best Regards for everybody Ricardo Silva
  3. Hello All, In my never-ending pursuit to make my 1946 Plymouth Deluxe Club Coupe as original as possible, I am looking for information on what came with the car new. Specifically, What did the 1946 owners manuals and service books look like? Was there a tool kit that came with the car? Any accessories (ice scrapers, extra parts, pamphlets, etc)? Was there a difference in what a Deluxe and Special Deluxe came with? Was there a difference between 46, 47, and 48? Thanks in advance, and happy motoring, J.P.G.
  4. File Name: 1946 Advertisement - It's Plymouth for Performance File Submitter: 46CoupeSD File Submitted: 01 Oct 2015 File Category: Marketing Brochures Advertisement from 1946 detailing Plymouth performance features Click here to download this file
  5. From the album: Magazine Ads

    A couple of my favorite adverts, framed them in barn wood to take to shows The tan car ad is 1946, the red I believe to be from 48
  6. might not be the place, but I am sure I will be told..lol I need the pan, below the trunk lid, by the rear bumper....thanks, I ship to; Wa98226
  7. Hello All, I'm in dire need of some help, I've lost the only key I had for the original trunk lock on my 1946 P15 coupe, and it's locked. I need it open so I can get to the tool box and spare tire before a tour planned for this weekend. I've already had a locksmith look at it to try and impression the lock, and he says its too worn to make a key from it. I'm not sure what to do, does anyone have a similar experience and solution? Is there a way to open this thing from inside? That is, if I removed the back seat and got at it from inside the car, could I open it? I' willing to try anything short of drilling out the lock. Thanks very much in advance, and best wishes.
  8. Hello All, Many thanks again for all of your help on getting my trunk unlocked in time for last weekend. I found a locksmith to pick it open for me. But now, I have another question: When I lost the keys to the ignition and trunk, I had no spare set. So, unable to find a way to have a new key made for the original lock, I bought a new ignition switch and key set and installed it. It works, but to my surprise, the switch and lock cylinder that came, supposedly the correct type for my 1946 Plymouth, did not match the one that was in the car. The original was made by Alemite, and the key was a tiny Star type HFD7, and no provision I could find to remove the lock cylinder. The new one came with a much larger key, and a totally different-looking cylinder. It also has a pin on the top of the switch to remove the cylinder with. This solved a different question I'd had for a while, I came across an original Plymouth P15 blank with the crest pressed on the key. It was too big to fit the old lock, but glides right into the new ignition. A correct fit. So, which is it? I have no reason to believe the old lock is not original to the car, but every other resource points to the new lock as being the correct type. The only explanation I can think of is that it is a left-over 1942 part that was installed only on the early 1946 models. Is the lock original, or not? If so, why is it different? Thanks very much in advance, and best regards.
  9. Hello everyone, As stated in my previous thread regarding the 602 radio, I just recently inherited a 1946 Special Deluxe Business Coupe from my mother. I have very limited car knowledge, and think it's great that a resource such as this forum exists - I plan on coming here for all of my P15 questions! I was planning on showing the car in a few weeks at a local AACA meet, and want to make sure I do as much as is reasonably possible within a short period of time to prepare. This car was my mothers daily driver for many years in San Diego during the 1970s, and it shows in certain places. The wood graining on the driver and passenger side doors are in disrepair (see photos). Is there anything I can do, as someone totally new to the hobby, to better the condition without fear of messing it up more? The only thread I found that mentioned this problem is here. I plan to give the car a total wash, polish, and waxing soon. It was last repainted in the early '70s, and as far as I know, it was painted using "period correct" paint (my grandfather is a stickler for keeping antique cars original). Are there any products I should avoid so as not to damage the paint? Are there any products that you are familiar with that are specially formulated for cars of this age?Do you have any advice for a newbie like me that doesn't know much about antique cars?In the long run, I plan restoring the car to how it was when my mother first received it in 1970, or possibly even nicer. Thank you so much for your help, I'm sure I'll be back with more questions!
  10. Was fortunate enough to pick up a 47 d24 coupe but it has no starter, wondering if anyone knows what compatible starters would mate up with the 230/fluid drive trans that is in it. Its driving me nuts. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. I have a 6 passenger '46 Dodge Custom D24. I am looking for the Drive Axle Pinion Oil Seal for this car. It has a diameter of 3.09" I need the part number for that particular seal. I did purchase a seal last week but it was too large. Is there anywhere to get a list of part numbers for this particular model of Dodge? Or does anyone know where I can purchase this seal? Thank you My email is below: bobghd@aol.com
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