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  1. my feelings exactly ...I have another dodge that sat on the ground for years before I got it and the frame is toast …its my parts car and to fix it would definitely need some sort of complete frame swap...thanks for your reply.
  2. thank you for your input....basically i was just checking to see what was the most popular for everyone else doing these swaps....and if so which route-stock/full frame/or which front clip did you choose for your car/truck? thanks ,always like to hear and see other projects just .like racing it has so many choices ..front steer. rear steer ,,camber angles etc..
  3. great pointers guys and that gm pic looked great..plenty of header room looks like .,the front horns will be challenging but my son build /repairs dirt late models and he wanted to square tube it and use the racing stuff ….a little over the top for me as I keep it simpler with Dakota oem parts lols.and with his work back logged mine would be down a while at his shop..i wanted to do it in my on shop with what I already have and im sticking with the plan.....you guys have been a great help and thank you again. ( ill let him tubing chassis it after im long gone)
  4. pleaes don't critize work you have never seen ….just want to do it right..
  5. thanks for all the great pointers ..my car is a 47 3 window coupe ...lots of metal work already done..floor pans trunk floor and bottoms of fenders..love the old coupes is why I put so much time in it already..got peoples choice award at a local car show and this fueled the fire to get moving more on it .it is not painted yet ,but interior is done and new glass in..all stock except for 360 and 727 ,,changed to 12 v . drives ok now ,but safety first .dug dirt out of front of crossmember is how I found the holes on my lift ...no rust any where else .frame looks great on back.it measures like the 90 Dakota will slip inside the frame rails very snug...I do appreciate your help and really did not want to reinvent the wheel starting from scratch....I have a 41 dodge truck on a 96 s 10 frame ..kind of narrow ...used 12 in. wheels on rear and 10 on front...727 360 also...….drives great too. have done the mustang ifs on fairlanes ,maverick and 59 ford truck,,,too narrow for mine and frame angle makes this swap a little tougher ….not going that route .gone to the shop,,.tear down time....thanks very much..
  6. my crossmember is rusted out near lower control arm mounting bolts...where to cut ..both frames??Dakota is 1990...1947 dodge business coupe
  7. it has no inner lip ....the lip is on the outside in front of glass ,,,on my parts car ,old seal is over metal lip on outside and window lip is inside ...looks like glass is mounted behind outer lip ....does this mean glass goes in seal from inside the car .....high dollar seal and very different looking
  8. do you put the seal on the metal frame and then install glass one side at a time or put glass in on both sides of seal and install seal from inside ...my 1947 coupe glass was already gone and I do not have a clue how it should look or be installed ..thanks
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