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  1. I looked at the manual and there is a tool I don’t have. I thought about using a clamp but I think the vise will work better. The other option was sockets of different sizes and a fine thread bolt to push the bushings through. The socket and hammer did not move the bushing. Bushings are in the spindle.
  2. Now that I have the king pins out does anyone have a clever way to remove the bushings? Can I use heat and the right sized punch and hammer or are they to tight and need a press?
  3. The king pins are out. I moved a jack stand under the frame directly adjacent to the spindle. Full weight of the front end on the stand. I heated the area for 10 minutes heating each side with my propane torch. I then put a sacrificial 14mm socket on top of the king pin and hit it with a splitting maul. Once the pin moved enough I had to use an deep socket to move it further than the short socket on top of that to finish it off. Thanks everyone one for the help.
  4. OReilys has a ball joint puller that looks like it might work. The thing just barely fits over the spindle but the rod is 7/8” diameter and is larger than the king pin diameter. I can use my impact hammer with it. Has anyone had success with one of these? I can’t find a king pin pusher to rent and they are to expensive to buy for just 2 king pins.
  5. I got in and got a closer look and see that the floor boards will have to come out or loosened and pulled back. I still have the cardboard kick panel so I didn’t see that the floor board is open at the top at the pedals and steering column. I’m soaking the screws and hopefully they come out.
  6. Did you have to use heat or was the hammer enough? Looks like you have it supported the same way I have it. Did you put something under the spindle when you hit it? Enjoyed the video.
  7. Here are some pics of the cradle with the trans. I get some more without the trans.
  8. I’m going to check into the clamp and an impact hammer. I have NAPA, Autozone and OReily. I’m sure my NAPA doesn’t rent tools but the others do.
  9. The axle is supported on jack stands with the weight of the engine on it. I wasn’t getting much bounce back. I had the heat on it for awhile but didn’t time it. It was pretty hot because the grease was melting and smoking. The spindle was also hot. I’m using MAP gas which is a little hotter than propane and a swirl frame torch.
  10. I found the draft gaskets online but wasn’t sure how they would go on without removing the pedals and steering column. Mine still have the draft seals on the shafts but are in pretty bad shape but still there. Cutting the seals would make them easy to install.
  11. The floor boards on my truck capture both pedals and the steering column in the floor boards. I would have to cut the top of each hole to remove the floor boards. That is something I don’t want to do. It had to go in so it has to come out. Can I take the bell housing of from the engine with it in the truck?
  12. If it goes together it has to come apart. I have hit the floor board bolts with liquid wrench in case that is the solution but I don’t think there is enough movement with it loose. If it can’t come off with no floor boards loosening them probably won’t help.
  13. I tried my splitting maul and a head bolt. Nothing. I bent an 8” clamp using a 9/16” socket. I have bent the handle on the clamp using a wrench for leverage. I’ll try the clamp again with heat and pound the edge. It might take an impact hammer which I don’t have.
  14. I tried the clamp but from the top. The bushings are so worn they are creating a lip on the bushing. I’ll try from below and move the king pin so it centers on the bushing.
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