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  1. I bought mine at Andy Berbaum. I also used Ford Aerostar front coil springs. Car seems high but it's level and it's the right height. https://www.oldmoparts.com/parts-springs.aspx
  2. THANKS TO "NICKPICKTOO" Here's another link. Nickpicktoo has a very long thread of his car build. I pick a page that shows his installation of the ECI system using their master cylinder and a adjustable residual valve.
  3. The first upgrade is new brakes. Last year I upgraded to front disc and I removed the residual valve in the master cylinder. Best thing I've done in the 52 years I've owned the car. I also had a 2000 cherokee rear axle installed with all new brake parts.
  4. Is your two barrel mounted on a stock manifold? Is it a true bolt on replacement? Also, the progressive two barrel carburetor, with a Manual Choke intrigues me.
  5. In the past I have seen a reference to a 70s Ford carburetor that can be used to replace the Carter. I have rebuilt my G6H2 carb many times and swap parts from other carbs to make it the best I can. I don't know if it was a one or two barrel. Does anyone know of what I speak. I have looked at the Carb on the Langdons Stovebolt site. http://www.langdonsstovebolt.com/store/#!/NEW-Manual-Choke-32-36-Carburetor/p/15456407/category=18665965
  6. At one time I toyed with the idea of using the Wilcap adapter and going with a Chevy automatic transmission. I guess I never considered a 70-year-old overdrive transmission, just keeping is simple and not concerned with using original parts. http://www.wilcap.com/chryslerfh.html?230350BOPAT
  7. I used a 8.25 from a 2000 Dakota because the dimensions make it a easy bolt-in replacement, even though I didn't do the work
  8. Last Spring I bought a 2000 Dakota 3:55 rear axle in a junk yard for $150. A shop in Anoka Minnesota, disassembled it, I had it sand blasted and painted. They reassembled it with all new brake parts that I bought from rock auto. I also bought the mounts on-line. They built a driveshaft. All brake parts a new, I also installed Scarebird front disc brakes. These are best things I have done to my car in the 52 years that I have owned it.
  9. Does anyone remember a post about using a New Ford Carb that may have been used on a 6 cylinder Maverick. I don't know if it was a one or two barrel.
  10. Sorry, sometimes your subject can get hijacked. I wish people wouldn't do it, but try searching here and on google, sometimes a google search will bring you back to a thread here. I hope you were able to find some answers.
  11. It seems to me that when you spend over $500 in parts that dust caps aren't that big of deal. I went Scarebird and I couldn't be happier. A little mod on a dust cap or buy a new one. I no longer have to adjust four brake shoes and my car stops in a straight line. I would buy them again in a heart beat.
  12. I assume that the dust cap manufacture is slightly off and buying another after-market might work. I lost a cap on my first cruise. I discovered that the old bearing buddies from a boat trailer fit very snug, except they wouldn't work under the hub cap. I think I merely put a couple of smal dimples in the edge of the cap and never had another problem.
  13. Getting back to your comment. NickPickToo has a very long rebuild tread, I have included a link to that thread. Page 32 is where he starts installing a ECI brake conversion. I've also included a links to a thread that I started on deciding which disc brakes to go with, and my Scarebird installation thread.
  14. My mother bought this car for me in April 1968 for $75. I joined the Army in 1970 and forgot to get out. It's NOT restored, I just keep fixing it. In the passenger windshield is my High School parking permit.
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