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  1. After talking to another member of POC at our tall pines region meeting today, I'm going to replace the oil pan gasket and see if that solves my problem.
  2. No, I believe that the seals are either or. I had a 53 218 with the above. I attempted to replace it 25 years ago, but I only was able to replace the bottom half. I believe the 218 had the bolt-in in the 52 and before.
  3. Hint: After I bled the brake lines I still had a soft pedal. I used two brass plugs to replace the brake lines and basically "brench Bled" the MC to firm up the pedal.
  4. How many have purchased and used this gasket? From where did you buy it and what was the cost. I attempted to replace this seal 25-years-ago in my 53 flathead. The upper seal was flush and I was not able to remove it. It's time to replace the seal on my 56. I watched a video attached, that shows installing the seal NOT flush which makes sense to me. I'm ready to try again with 25 years more experience.
  5. Took it in to the shop today for a oil leak. Oil pan covered with coolant and oil. Radiator leaks on both sides the guy at the shop think the rear seal is leaking. The rebuilt motor doesn't have 1000 miles on it So slow leaks, just going to keep every thing filled for the rest of summer. Then change the Oil Pan gasket in the fall and pull the radiator.
  6. Went for a drive today, just a little coolant on top of the motor.
  7. After a drive yesterday I discovered a trail of coolant on top of head and the base of the thermostat housing was wet. Check bolts on thermostat and gave the hose claps a 1/4 turn. Next step is to go for a drive to open the thermostat and check for a leak when idling in the drivway. Excessive heat warnings Friday - Sunday and storms. Minnesota Plymouth Owners Club meeting Sunday, hopefully the rain will hold off.
  8. Since replaceing and tightening the spark plug their is no longer oil, only a little antifreeze. I never been a fan of additives no "Bar's Leaks" for now. I'll continue to keep a close eye on the head and coolent level. Maybe this is a good example of a time to use Bar's Leak. Any other thoughts?
  9. It's been a couple of years since I had front arm rest in my card. I think the arm rests are held on machine screws. I took a quick look in the parts manual but didn't see them. Does a 10/24 screw sound right.
  10. DJ, may I call you DJ? thanks for your response. This is one of the weirdest of all. I know I'm on the edge of senility, but I swear that in the begining it was oil in the spark plug well. Then when changed and tighten the sparkplug their seems to be antifreeze in the sparkplug well. I had the engine bebuilt 4 years ago and I sure I haven't put a thousand miles on it. I spent two years dealing with a fuel issue and after rebuilding Carbs and installing a electric fuel pump that is no longer used, and new fuel pump and replacing fuel lines I discovered that replacing the main jet solved my issuse. So it seems like my dianostic skills are somewhat lacking.
  11. We had a little green tint to the fluid today. It is so weird to have fluid in the spark plug well on top of the engine.
  12. I'll check today. and maybe I get to a compression check.
  13. I did front and rear springs at the same time, using Aerostar coils and rear springs from Andy Bernbaum. The car was higher and level when I was finished. Had I only done the coil springs I sure the car would look like it was squatting. I when I replaced the rear springs I commented on here that the old springs had the shape of a handlebar mustache
  14. Squirebill, maybe the tiny amount of oil that coats the cylinder wall during the lubrication process builds and leaks around the sparkplug because it's not burn during combustion when the sparkplug fails to fire. Replaced the plug today, tested the plug on the top of the block and pushed the starter button. It Sparked, went for a ride and really couldn't tell the difference. I guess it ran so well with 5 cylinders that 6 cylinders is just a bonus. I check for oil later.
  15. I pulled a couple of plugs and discovered two things. The plug with the oil was a Rj12YC and other five are RJ12C. That shouldn't make adifference. The five plugs look great with a ash/gray color. The one plug looked unsed but dirty. I measured the resistance of the bad plug and came up 1.00, max resistance? Maybe the plug never worked or stopped working. Bought a spark plug today, didn;t get back to the car yet. The car runs so well now, I'm excited to try driving with 6 cylinders.
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