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    woking on my dodge and driving my 39 Chevrolet Master 85that I have owned since the age of 13. I amo

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  1. As Robert mentioned, Ditto! Degrease block until none exists, attack block with various wire wheels and brushes on a drill you are comfortable with for many many hours. Once clean wipe it of with pre kleeno until shop cloth stays clean and block appears as a nice cast surface. Mask off and spray with VHT brushed aluminum engine paint. Results are surprising! M PS dipping should precede these steps and should ensure all passages are properly cleaned out. I cleaned and painted my block after it came back from the rebuilder making sure any openings were masked off.
  2. More room in my coupe trunk than my pickup truck's box! Ideal cars for smugglin them into the drive in with! lol .... or filled with mason jars for a helluva party!
  3. Your hubcaps look like new Pete. The enthusiast who does this does some damn nice work! Are 1940 Dodge skins available in NZ? I have scanned the web frequently for NA firms but to no avail. Thanks for the help! M
  4. Is that de Soto a 3 widow? You lucked out there man! Congrats! M PS all mopar coupes stand out. de Sotos are something else! Steering centre cigarette holders, hide away headlights and all!
  5. I'm at the point in the restoration on my 40 D14 where I would like to send these two sets of parts out for restoration, since doing it myself is way beyond my skills. What makes. it difficult is that first off the hubcaps are a stainless cover crimped to what appears to be a galvanized hub cap. Fixing the dings and imperfections on this set up needs someone who specializes in this. Buying a new or good used set is virtually imossible. Secondly the door sill plates are thin aluminum over what seems to be another galvanized base with portions of the aluminum having powdered away over the year
  6. I can't agree more Sniper! Do it once do it right despite the odd curve ball ( and those occur randomly, sometimes like torpedoes). Working on these old diamonds in the rough is a true game of patience. Sorta like getting a taxidermy exam and the only question is "stuff this moose"! Diligence pays off.
  7. I have been into pre war iron since I was an early teen. It's one of the things that has stuck with me all my life. The "Modern Streamline" styling never gets old even some 80 odd years later.
  8. If it is leaking a new rubber will probably be in order. You can get one from Steele Rubber Products and have a local body shop install it. I say body shop because the windshield opening will no doubt need some sorting before windshield with new rubber are installed. M
  9. These guys started doing skateboards guitar bodies and high profile goalie masks. They are getting a real good rep built up since the work does not leave until it is perfect and I will vouch for that. M
  10. That dash would make anyone jealous! I think the Chrysler Corp cars had the most attractive dash set ups for cars of the era!
  11. Your right leg will be much more muscular than your left leg when you are done. Chasing air from the system can be challenging as per my personal experience. M PS once you have your brakes bled for the 1st time and have good pedal, tap the master cylinder a bit with a rubber hammer or wood one ( repeated light blows). Repeat bleeding procedure and if all parts are good you will have released more air through the bleeders and your pedal will hold.
  12. That is one nice sedan. I have about 40 spent wire wheels and a drill that puked it's brushes out at me into my 40. Many many hours. Once you have the rusty bits and flakies taken off with wire wheel (s), go to the KBS coatings website. Their 3 step finishing system which consists of these 3 products: "aqua clean" (best degreaser out there bar none), "rust blast" which converts remaining rust into an adhesion surface in prep for "rust seal paint" which dries to a bullet proof pro look finish. Better than sandblast/prime/sand/paint paint option. I did my frame and undercarriage with amazing re
  13. Hey Frank a little wild turkey in the coffee chases off the cold. Works great up here since it's yarble freezing season! Have one for me cause i'm out and may have to visit the in and out store!
  14. I brought the parts to the shop totally unfinished and stripped of the trim ( except the glovebox door which had the trim riveted to it). Brandon who did the job found some of the original woodgraining and matched things from there with spectacular results. The whole works cost me 1200 canadian $ which was more than reasonable for the quality of the work ( 9 pieces).Kudos to a job well done Casper and GO Fleiter and thanks Mr Elder for your good words! Had I attempted this I would have probably ended up woodgrained myself since my painting skills are not too up to par. Nice to see the engeniou
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