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    woking on my dodge and driving my 39 Chevrolet Master 85that I have owned since the age of 13. I amo

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  1. I got to quit looking at these dang performance parts since it could lead to a lot of dead presidents running away from the chain tethered wallet device! LOL. M
  2. Was the de Soto equipped with bigger brakes than a Plymouth or Dodge of the same year?
  3. That PW has some serious pressure. There should not be much dirt on the frame once you are done! Living where I do, my washer logs a lot of hours. You will find yours indispensable. M
  4. A great electrical connection and switch cleaner is Deoxit D5. It can usually be obtained at electronics supply stores. It’s made by Caig Laboratories. M
  5. Wow that 2dr sedan is absolutely brilliant looking! Welcome! With a car like that this site is your ideal hangout for all that concerns it. ALL THE BEST M
  6. That is not bad rust at all. Apply a rust neutralizing agent, rinse, dry and apply paint suited for the previous treatment. Slight scuffing by wire brush is recommended prior to treatment. Knuck called that one like Howard Cosell.
  7. de Soto motor with performance equipment and dual exhaust would add some cool factor. PS welcome to the site man!
  8. My 218 had to be taken 60 over. I did not know there was any headroom after that so I feel less worried having taken it that far (but the bores were already 30 thou over at the outset and looked pretty crappy). Surprisingly the engine ran really well given the circumstances. Flat heads are truly amazing! M
  9. AS ABOVE! A texture free bed liner properly applied could be the most durable and appealing finish in the long run. The secret to success in this undertaking will be in the quality of the prep work. I have a semigloss protectant applied to the inside of the box on my Tacoma and the finish is extremely tough and abrasion resistant. It still looks good 7 yrs later M
  10. Thank you for the info DJK. I have a nice stamping on my engine mount bracket as well.
  11. Just wondering if anyone knows if a temperature gauge has had the probe and pipe cut off, can a new one be put back on? Does some form of repair kit exist or has the instrument been rendered irreperable? M
  12. The KBS blast is acid based and reacts with any rust and metal creating a primer coat for the rust seal paint. Paint can be brushed or sprayed and flows amazingly while curing using humidity in the air. Area 51 material lol. Rust is converted and choked out and will not return.
  13. I’m on it Andy. A firefighter that I know has a D15 cluster that I am trying to get! The crux of the matter on this part is it is attached to a speedo and part out units are very scarce. When it comes to parts I always have a scan on. Dunno about price though. LOL PS try vintagepartsource.com and check the instruments section. They have reams of instrument parts and repair contacts. Worth a try! M
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