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  1. Nice to see cruise night has not fallen to the wayside during the last year and a half! That big green coupe really stands out in the pack! This proves us older guys have very refined parameters when it comes to automobiles. Like our cars we just don’t move as fast as our younger colleagues! LOL! All the Best to ya! M
  2. Check Motor’s Automobile Repair Manual. Your 2 wire type fuel level indicator system is described in detail and troubleshooting is also covered. The sheer complexity of the gauge for this system lends itself to problems. Sending unit impedances at 1 & 2 are also critical for proper operation relative to fuel level. Your wiring for this circuit should be thoroughly checked and grounds verified. I opted for a NOS gauge and a new sending unit and mocked up the circuit on the bench prior to installation proving out proper operation of these devices. If the combination does not work when instal
  3. If a 12 volt wiper motor is available to replace the vac type device, it is very possible to purchase a 6v to 12v converter aka a voltage doubler that will power it with no adverse effects. Street Rod HQ in Vancouver Wa sell this device for a reasonable price. If you have any basic electronic skills, a D.C. voltage doubler can be built using some pretty basic components. Many circuit designs exist and can readily be found online taking voltage regulation and current capabilities into consideration. Hope this helps. BTW the unique sound of a dual exhaust equipped 6 is bloody priceless and I wil
  4. Given the excellent reproduction you fabricated out of wood, it may be used as a model for a skilled metal fab guy to make one out of stainless steel. I am way sure someone out there can do this. In this hobby when it comes to certain parts rated as unobtanium, “desperation breeds invention”. A person that may be more in the know would be Kris Arneson in British Columbia who had some rally nice running board trim mouldings made from polished stainless for my 40 D14 coupe when he restored my boards. I think the guy that made them is based in Ohio. Hope this may help out and I am envious of your
  5. I have a repro rubber front carpet moulded from an original for my 40 business coupe. I believe it was purchased from Andy B. Cost was about 350 USD. The rest of the carpet should be compound ribbed rubber matting which is still available by the roll for little cost. M
  6. l have been through UPS hell while shipping a very valuable part for warranty rework. Their customer service is like 10 lbs of shizzle in a 5 pound bag. For the stupid prices they charge for this level of neglect, I will never use one of these clown act shippers if avoidable! I have had 100% results with good’ol USPS and Canuck post but it may take a bit longer. M
  7. Try Streetrod Headquarters in Vancouver Washington. Excellent quality tank and galvanized instead of painted black. Price was under 300 US.
  8. My friend is using inversion therapy for a messed up back due to a car hoist mishap. He swears by it! All that the sorcerers with a PHD usually push is painkillers which is about as useful as the a-y in okay. Chiros maybe should have taken up wrestling instead of docterin. M
  9. My favourite car from Australia is the 1939 Holden slantback. I would have liked to see that body style used more by the big three in North America! M
  10. As for the windshield seal go with the one from Steele rubber products. It has a built in centre strip seal and is one piece. The seal sold by the of the other supplier has to be cut to length and glued. It also does not have a centre piece. I will be ordering one from Steele and not using the one I purchased elsewhere on my coupe. M
  11. Regulation sized raccoon tail hanging from my rear view. M
  12. My friend’s Mercedes 500 AMG sedan of 2018 vintage has already ringed up more than 30 K Canadian in warranty repairs and has like only 60 thousand kliks on it. If it were mine I would remove the Burmeister sound system and ditch the rest of the heap! Some car for close to 200,000 dollars! This is why I drive a Tacoma which costs you regular maintenance and that’s about it. Loren, in my opinion new paint would not detract from your car at all and share the same opinion as you do. A word of advice on the re paint would be to use a one stage like PPG Concept since the final finish would closer re
  13. The forty percent hit that the Canadian rouble takes when ordering parts from the US using the trusty old Visa card really sucks. I wish I had closer access to the border to take advantage of free shipping to the lower 48 some companies offer. M
  14. What is the correct material for the manifold isolator gasket on the auto choke assembly? Direct contact to the manifold is not an option for proper function. It would be better to have a sheet of the material to make many gaskets rather than order one that was stamped out across the pond for 10 USD. Given the state of the supply chain these days, stocking up leads to more autonomy. To actuate the AC on my D14, I think you have to momentarily put the pedal to the metal with the key on to close the choke. Is a heat riser set up necessary for this assembly to operate in spec and open the choke
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