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    Zen Master, I breathe vintage mopar!

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    Old Trucks, working on my land and spending time with my family and freinds
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    1953 2.5 Ton Semi, 1949 B1B " my first truck I bought in 1980

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    I bought my first pilot house when I was 15 years old in 1980. I have alway loved the way they look
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    Marion WI
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    Old trucks, working on my land, harleys and spending time with my wife.

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  1. I personally have had enough of the one sided administrative control. It seems like I have to put up with all the left side Dumb *** comments but when ever a “True” comment is made the topic suddenly gets deleted because it’s “political”. I AM DONE. This is the only site I look at, and this will be my last post. I will not be stalking or ever open this site again. I have made some Very good friends through this site and they all know how to contact me. Thanks for all the education with Dodge trucks, it’s been a fun ride. Todd B.
  2. “Display of power”. I remember that term several times in the early 80s coming from the officer outside my truck window. I do agree that the issue with the dog should be pursued for sure. Tie a short leash on him and throw him in the back of your truck.
  3. Footings for the lift? Floor drain? Just a few thoughts I had, it’s the builder and me.
  4. You are getting prepared for the Viking season. A place to dry your crying towels.
  5. We used to have a luau every two years which all the dodge people were invited. Merle and Mark usually attended. We now moved to every 4 years. This is the year of our luau. We are still tentatively planning it but stay tuned.
  6. This is the other side of the party shed
  7. Things are just starting to green up. I will check back in a month with updated photos.
  8. This a picture of one of our “rock” gardens. Hope it counts. I am done for the day and we just put steaks on the wood fired grill. My friends always say we are crazy for all of our lawn and outside projects. I tell them it’s cheaper than having a therapist.
  9. That would shot by now on my land.
  10. I had the tank out and it was spotless inside. You did make me think of something. A few years back one of my batteries smelled funny and I opened the hood and the battery was bubbling. I pulled the ground and changed the battery. I will check the date on the battery in the morning. I kind of think that is when all this happened.
  11. My dad always said to use pilot holes on larger sizes. But, I bought a very high quality set of bits at the Iola car show years ago and the salesman said never use a pilot. Just drill it
  12. Your car looks amazing! I am sure it’s not the same mainly because I deal with salt in the winter’s. But I have purchased two different dump trailers with, as they quoted high-quality powder coat paint and after two winters they look like crap. Paint comes off in sheets. The last one I purchased I paid extra for I believe a zink primer and after one winter it looks great. I absolutely love the quality of work you have been doing on your Pontiac.
  13. Thanks for all the input from all. The truck is in incredible shape and actually has more power than my 2018 Cummins. Maybe not more pulling power but definitely more power off the line and to get to 60 faster. It’s (only) got 225,000 miles and I would love this issue figured out.
  14. Well after I changed several items my truck still stalls out, only now it’s once in a blue moon. But now I have another strange, very strange thing going on. Few weeks ago I left for work and drove about 10 miles and my truck was blowing cold air, I stopped and shut my truck off and immediately started it again, my heater worked perfectly. (Remember when my truck acted like a ford and would stall out I would shut it off and restart it). So I drove it this morning and the heater set at half heat it blew unbelievably hot, it feels like a sauna in the cab. My temp gauge read normal. My mechani
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