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  1. Hi . The adapter plate will mount to a fluid drive bell housing and an a833 aluminum 4 speed will connect you to the adapter plate . BUT there is no long input shaft for an a833 transmission so it's not viable. The fluid drive and fluid drive bell housing would need to be replaced. You then need a standard flywheel , pressure plate and the a fine spline clutch . Your throw out bearing is a long one to accomodate the long transmission input shaft so the throw out bearing needs to be replaced with a straight standard throw out bearing . Sorry it's not an easy swap for a fluid drive car .
  2. ps: The Picture of George with a "pail" of Yuengling Lager was at his 85th birthday when he literally had a sip of my beer. That was his 1st sip in 85 years and he said that for his 90th birthday he was going to have his own pail for his 2nd sip! The other guy in the picture would be his good friend and my Dad Eddy Kingsbury who for years the two actually thought Dad was 2 days older than George. It was at Chrysler Carlisle in 2007 that George and Dad were chatting with another member of the 1932 Birthday club Big Daddy Don Garlits when the 3 of them pulled out the license
  3. I thought for George's 89th Birthday I would let you folks in on a small sliver of his past. A story I am sure many of you have heard and one I have heard from both George and his Uncle Harry Hein's, the Legendary Stock car driver of Car #90. Interesting, my Dad, Eddy Kingsbury who was born less than a handful of days from George's birthday, had long before ever meeting George, heard about an old Desoto Roadster with a Chrysler 6 beating a Hemi Powered Drag Car at the Flying Mile. Yes, it is often a very small world! In any case, lets start... Once Upon a Time, It was Sat
  4. Hi Dan - Well here is my blog entries on our adapter plate that allows someone to hook an A833 overdrive 4 speed to a mopar bell housing. My Dad 1st took a 1974 a833 in 1975 and bolted it up to a Dodge 265 ci flathead 6 in a 1956 Fargo (Dodge) pickup. On my blog you will see the bell housings and I know that our adpater plate will work for the early hemi bell housings and in the case of the mopar situation you use your stock flywheel, stock pressure plate, stock throw out bearing. Its only the clutch you need to change as the A833 uses a fine spine clutch. But t
  5. Well folks - A little progress report. After getting our customer orders locked in with the foundry we got a load of casting Aluminum from Alcan in Hamilton Ontario Canada on its way to California. The foam cores ( the yellow piece in the picture above) were produced and the foundry are now scheduled to have the intake casting finished next week. They will then be off to be heat treated and then shipped to Pennsylvania where we will have carb side and block side of the manifold all machined. Then for most the carb mounts drilled and tapped before they are packed up and shipp
  6. Hi Folks - After several emails i best weigh in. The factory dual carb , dual exhaust setup for the 25 1/2" motor was unveiled at the 1951 municipal show and was introduced 1st in the 1952 model year with the 1st delivery to Wellington County in Ontario Canada. Attached was the dealer poster that was sent to them in late November 1951, showing the introduction of both the hemi and the factory dual carb/ dual exhaust setup. At that time Chrysler Detroit marketing wanted the HP rating of the 265 engine scaled back as the plan was to push the hemi v9 which actually cost less
  7. Hi folks - The good news folks, is that the AoK Boys will be making another run of our AoK Intakes; The bad news is this will likely the last run we do... More at the end of this note, but as requested by many, a look back at how the intakes came to be... It was over 20 years ago that George Asche Jr and Eddy Kingsbury (both Feb 1932 babies) we hanging out at Chrysler Carlisle, or The All Chrysler Nationals. Along with George's son Rob and Ed's Son Tim, there was a few trips down memory lane from George's 142 mph run in 1954 on
  8. Hey guys - after several messages, I have made it even easier and put up the specifications of the most popular cams we either cut, or in a the case of a couple, guys are just just curious what the cam spec is. Their all up there, from mild to out of this world wild! Enjoy! Tim Kingsbury - George Asche Jr The AoK Boys
  9. Since I have been asked by a few for specifications for some of our more popular cam grinds, or in a couple of cases, people are curious as to what the specifications are, here they are.... While a lot hide behind names of the cam they sell, honestly, happy to hand out the cam details. If you can find a computerized cam grinder you should be able to cut any of these from the detail... so as my Grandfather would say - knock yourself out! 1) .380 - Mild and we likely sell the most of these. It would be a .380 lift cam which is going to give you 4500 rpm. It’s
  10. Im honestly not sure about a 1979 dodge van. I know long ago when we were doing them here was the this of the a833's we had researched as working. I will attach that document. The overdrive configuration with a 23-spline input appeared in these vehicles: o 1975 to 1979 Valiant, Duster, Dart, Scamp, Swinger, Volare, Aspen (3.09:1 ratio first gear) o 1975 to 1987 Dodge light-duty pickups and Dodge and Plymouth Vans (3.09:1 ratio first gear) o 1977 to 1979 Diplomat and LeBaron (3.09:1 ratio first gear) A p20 bell housing should be just fine
  11. Well what is the a833 out of ? Is it one out of a mopar or the one out of a GM ? what bell housing do you have ? Is it one like in the bog above or this original version ?
  12. Howdy belvedere666 that black center section goes into the bell housing hole. Fred just sat the adapter plate on the tranny, but the plate would bolt up to the bellhousing 1st
  13. since I keep being asked for the technical breakdown of T5 transmissions I will cave and post it here even though its clearly not what this blog is about. This is the splits of the average mopar 3 speed Plymouths 1936 – 1940 1st 2.57 2nd 1.55 3rd 1.00 Plymouths 1941 1st 2.57 2nd 1.83 3rd 1.00 Plymouth 1942 -1954 1st....2.57 2nd...1.83 3rd...1.0 reverse 3.48 T-5 Transmission Application Chart (attached) overdrive info - including a833 and t5 information.docx
  14. there are the splits of the aluminum a833 4 speed with overdrive and comparing to the earlier Plymouths factory 3 speed (without overdrive) Plymouths 1936 – 1940 1st 2.57 2nd 1.55 3rd 1.00 Plymouths 1941 1st 2.57 2nd 1.83 3rd 1.00 Plymouth 1942 -1954 1st....2.57 2nd...1.83 3rd...1.0 reverse 3.48 So here is the a833 primer stuff ! Aluminum cased a833's with overdrive started part way into 1975 thru mid 1987 Gear splits 1st: 3.09:1, 2nd: 1.67:1 3rd: 1:1 4th: 0.73:1 (Trucks use
  15. Hi Folks - I likely should have updated this back before Christmas. 100% of the AoK triples are sold out. The 1st batch of those came out in 2000 and there has been 5 or 6 runs of them done. The triple is for the 25 1/2:" Canadian engine which starting in 1936 was on Chryslers, Desoto, heavier Dodge trucks and in Canada, add Dodge Cars, Plymouth cars (other than convertibles), all Dodge and Fargo trucks unless you were talking the super big block that is a series of 331ci, 377ci and later 413ci. The AoK dual carb intake for the USA 23 1/2" block has been out a few years and th
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