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  1. Will all that is going on in CA - and I was born and raised there but left twenty years ago - I am amazed that the same type people keep get elected to governor and other decision-making posotions. My brother was a high mucky-muck politician in CA government and I know what goes on behind the scenes. CA was such a beautiful state.
  2. I had been pouring motor oil and Marvel oil down the cylinders of my flat head over time to prevent them from seizing, thinking that the oils would seep down around the pistons. On the first cranking with no plugs yesterday, cylinders five and six threw up oil like a fireworks show. The others were stuck. So much for that approach. I'm thinking the thinner viscosity 50/50 acetone and tranny fluid would have worked better over time. I was told that there is/was a vacuum kind of tool that fitted down into the cylinder and sucked out the excess oil before start-up. It makes sense to me. Would save a lot of engine compartment cleaning. Any ideas on this? Maybe I should re-phrase that. Anyone ever hear of this?
  3. The mechanic that I bought my '47 Desoto from seven years ago came over today and he got the engine to the point of turning over without plugs. Numbers five and six cylinders worked but the others didn't, and he said the valves were probably stuck. We shot some more PB80 into the cylinders and are letting it set and try again later. Even though we didn't get it running at least the engine turned over. And I had done quite a bit of work on the engine accessories the past year getting it ready. Some wiring. The starter that was such a bitch to remove and replace worked. My cheap $59.99 Fleet Farm 6v battery worked. All in all I'm pretty jazzed. I just hope we can un-stick the valves. My friend works at a classic car museum as a buyer. They have a complete shop there where they restore the cars they bring in. He goes out and buys cars if they check out. I've been on this board for all of those seven years and I want to thank everybody for their patience in getting me this far. I haven't always been a model member but all families have their ups and downs. Will keep you posted.
  4. That's great! So there is a reason for that hole.
  5. You guys are very patient and kind. I realized when I went back and thought things out that the cap self-locks. Duh! Thanks.
  6. Like a dummy, I thought that it made no difference on which side of the distributor cap on my '47 Desoto the snap-on metal clamps were located. When I went to put on the new one, I noticed a small hole under one of the cap snap-on indentations. Inside of the cap there is also a small built-up area of molded plastic that looks like it has some reason for existing. So, does the small hole go on the topside clamp or the bottom? Also, does it affect the timing if the metal clamps are not completely squared with the indentations on the cap?
  7. Let me clarify that. Not the cost, the amount of oil.
  8. Thanks much. I'm going with the MMO. How much?
  9. I'm starting up the '47 De Soto Saturday. I've been pouring oil down through the plug holes over time to keep things hopefully lubricated for this day. Should I add more motor oil or Marvel Mystery Oil before start-up, and if so, which?
  10. Thanks. I just bought an Attwood 6 gallon boat fuel tank with a built-in 1/4" fitting to attach the rubber gas line to. I feel much better about that.
  11. Okay, I believe that I've got everything ready on the flathead of my 1947 De Soto to start it after seven years. It started right up back then. It has an aftermarket fuel pump with no glass bowl. If I connect a line from a temp gas tank directly to the intake on the pump, shouldn't that work if the pump's okay? The other option is to connect the same line to the carb intake instead? Which would be preferable? And more importantly, which would be safer? After hearing some horror stories on here about temp gas tanks or lines leaking and catching people on fire, I'm a little anxious about it.
  12. More good ideas. I couldn't get that link to work, however.
  13. That's all great info. Thanks. The fuel pump doesn't work so we'll have to do gravity. Thanks.
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