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  1. I bought a fuel pump rebuild kit from Then & Now awhile back and it was top notch quality. I lost one of the pumping arm shaft retainers and have called, emailed, written, and tried to send a message on their web site form but have heard nothing. Just wondering what's up.
  2. Well, after thinking over the advice here, I decided to get an oil change this morning. I hit two places that were booked far out. But one of them offered to "suck" one quart of oil out of the oil pan. So he did. Cost me $18.00. I was very happy with that and the guy was very nice. I don't know why that other car dealer said an extra quart wouldn't hurt - another mechanic said basically the same thing - but two of them did mention the foaming inside the engine. So thanks folks for the sound advice. You probably saved my engine.
  3. My car dealership mechanic said an extra qt. won't hurt. I'm not saying he's right or wrong. That's just what he said. Maybe if I made him sign a document saying that he'd pay for the engine if he's wrong, he might change his mind.
  4. I accidentally misread the dipstick on my 2016 Subaru and added a quart of oil when it seemed to actually be in the safe mode. Will this damage the engine? Should I have an oil change to correct the quart capacity?
  5. What is the best method to take off the rust inside the door on the outer steel? Maybe a sander with a flex wire brush? And paint? A spray wand of some sort?
  6. I seem to recall some time ago that Bernbaum markets a tank that is claimed to be an exact copy of the original. I have an S-11 too, but have never needed to replace the tank as of yet. But I was shopping.
  7. After watching numerous fuel pump rebuild videos by Then & Now, I've solved my pump identification mystery. I bought the rebuild kit and was going to rebuild the used #588 pump that I got online very cheap. I was holding the two pumps in my hands and noticed one felt heavier than the other. You'd think that I would have noticed this earlier, but the 588 pump was lighter than the pump I took off my car. In comparing the two pumps, all of the design details were there on both, but the pump I took off my car has the casting much more defined than the 588. And it was much beefier than the 588. In other words, the 588 was designed as more of an approximation than an actual direct copy. That cover with the bolt off my car threw me, though. I thought it meant that the pump was another type just with no bowl. Upon closer inspection, there were the two indentations in the pump body for the glass bowl bail, indicating that originally this pump had a glass bowl. In watching a Then and Now video, I saw that on one pump he was rebuilding, there was a metal dome where a glass one would normally be. That's when I knew that somebody had probably rebuilt my pump off the car and replaced their bowl with this metal disc. The pump from my car also has a Mopar number sequence. I couldn't find it in the parts book but it has to be an original. I think. The 588 pump has no serial number. That is my theory on the whole deal. The rebuild kit is first class. And the rebuild seems very basic and easy.
  8. I just received my Then & Now fuel pump rebuild kit for what I hope is the AC 588 pump. I can tell by the fuel bowl screen that it has the two holes like my pump. It matches perfectly with the old screen. The accompanying pages of diagrams and rebuild instructions that come with the kit seem to be from some larger book with a section on fuel pumps. But some of the photocopied photos are so dark that I cannot read them. Anybody know where I might find these diagrams to re-copy them or any diagram for the AC 588?
  9. So for a first start in eight or so years for my 47' DeSoto, how do I know the pump is working?
  10. I'm assuming that since the fuel pump arm and cam were lined up when I removed the pump, if the engine hadn't been turned they will re-align if I just bolt the pump right in?
  11. Thanks. I wondered how you'd get those types of deals. I wonder a lot.
  12. That answers my question!!! Fleet Farm has a 6v with 540 cold cranking amps for $76.00. I only need to start my car after eight years sitting but maintained. Rebuilding the fuel pump now. So after I start it (hopefully) that'll be it till Spring. But every time I do this I lose the good weather and a new battery goes dead and it wasted. This time I want to beat the cold. So is 540 cca adequate for that chore?
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