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  1. Awsome! My 8 year-old granddaughter loves my old cars. Likes to turn wrenches with me.
  2. What do you charge to do weddings?  The few I have done were for friends. I have been asked by a planner if I would hire out. 

    1. maok


      I'm based in Australia, so laws regarding doing it legally will be different. I have all my pricing on my website www.roaringtwenties.net.au

  3. Had the chance to help make some wedding memories for a couple.
  4. I just changed rear wheel cylinders and have had a hard time bleeding as well. No leaks in the system. Finally gett just a bit of peddle but not like it was before. I didn't have this much trouble when I put disks on the front and replaced all the lines to all wheels. With the what Little I have I am throwing in the towel and going to get it on the trailer and take it to a brake specialist.
  5. Only work was cylinders and shoes. The lines were disconnected for just two days as I waited for the parts to arrive but I did tape them off. Unless the fluid evaporates quickly, there was no fluid spilling out of the two lines while they were disconnected and the master was pretty much full when I opened it to start bleeding. As to the shoes and adjustments, I used the procedure for adjustment without the special tool outlined in the tech section of this forum. Adjusting the minor out until it slightly drags, then adjusting the major (bottom ) to eliminate the drag and then repeat. On on one side I was able to save the cylinder pins, on the other they were so corroded that I replaced them. With the comments above, I plan to remove the drums again and start over from the point of the shoes being installed. Check to see that when the peddle is presses that there is good movement from the cylinders and repeat the adjustments. Lastly, I will try to run down a pressure bleeder to bleed the system. We will see then! Oher ideas are welcome.
  6. Will have to check. Means pulling the drums again. Howeve, I can confirm no fluid is leaking from the cylinder. Not able to build any pressure at the peddle.
  7. Update; I have been on the road for work and finally got a chance to do some more work. Disconnected the lines and pulled the cylinders, got the springs back on and went through the adjustment process. Tightened the all the nuts and started to bleed brakes at the right rear. I can not not seem to get the air out of either side. It is like there is a air leak in the system. No fluid is leaking at any point along the lines or at the wheels. I have gotten more than a pint of clear fluid through the bleeders (yes I have been putting fresh fluid in after a pump or 2 on the peddle) Is it possible that the new cylinders are bad? When I get my wife to press the peddle and hold it down, the rear brakes are not contacting the drums as if the cylinders are not pushing outward.
  8. Another question. On the bottom shoe pins there is an arrow etched into the end inside of adjusting pin. When installing new shoes, where should the arrow point to star the adjustment process? Straight up, facing inward or facing outward? thanks,
  9. Putting the new return springs back was a B$&@? The ones from Andy's are noticeable shorter than the ones that were on them.
  10. Got it! Used a 4' pipe over my 1/2 inch drive. When it let go, there was a loud bang and I thought I had broken the driver. Getting that side drum off was also tough glad I invested in the puller.
  11. Started the project. I am having trouble getting the castle/axle nut loose. Right side was easy just a bit of pressure and it was loose. Left side I couldn't get it to budge. Used Some penitrating oil, hit the wrench with a dead blow hammer even tried an air wrench. Should I try a breaker bar or heat next?
  12. Ordered cylinders, springs and shoes from Andy B's. Also getting a drum puller.
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