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  1. Good thinking 'tho there may be some here who will be offended. I love the idea of subtle modifications that retain, but refine, the character of the original statement. Makes for a lot of work that many will miss,.... which is great fun. Go for it!!!! And, please share progress pics.
  2. I moved my gas tank. 'Tho you may not want to go to that extreme, what about "stacking" the pipes in that tight area, then becoming side by side at the bumper?
  3. I see tape on the plug tubes on the driver side and a tarp that may have covered it. Hopefully protection from internal water damage. Beware! On closer look, maybe that's note tape. More beware!
  4. I have started a build thread for my Baby Hemi for anyone who would like to question or comment. https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/poly-begets-a-hemi.1194565/
  5. Phone probably best anytime during daylight hours. 949)581-2392 Leave a message if I don't pick up and I'll call you back
  6. I ditto the prior remarks about the extended bell housing Chrysler. Neither DeSoto nor Dodge had that feature. Dodges and DeSotos are great alternatives to the Chrysler Hemi and they still have the "Hemi presence" If memory serves the Dodge is a good 2" shorter then the Chrysler and in every case narrower than the Chrysler at any deck height. DeSotos fall in between the two but IMO, DeSotos are the most rare and therefore even more expensive to rebuild. I am just now starting on my second Hemi build, a 270 cu. in. The prior 325 has just clicked over 40K miles and I couldn't be happier or more proud of an engine I built myself.
  7. I may be mistaken but, 277 inch Semi Hemi doesn't sound right. Everything I can remember seeing has the 56 Plymouth Poly V8 at 270 inches. The 277 cubic inch was the first addition of the new "LA" motor. The valve covers will tell you what you have. Check the attached pic. Never the less,.....I am just starting on a 270 Dodge/Plymouth originally "Poly" motor. I have found that the block and heads are scrap because it was a boat motor in salt water. Fortunately I had another 270 block and some Hemi heads and soooo,.....my Poly build has become a Hemi. Most parts excepting exhaust components are interchangeable. There's good Poly advice and parts from qualityengineeredcomponents.com a frequent contributor to this forum. Gary has helped me a lot on two engine builds. Here's what I started with. Feel free to contact me if I can offer any info or advice you may require.
  8. I've used Brillman too and endorse their product and customer service.
  9. Dodeguy and any others who may be interested, I don't remember my motivation but, for some reason I wanted a rear steer rack and Kugel fit that requirement. They were local for me and their response to my Plymouth application was, "never done that one before, but we'd like to work with you". Their customer service is excellent and to this day they are very open to questions from amateurs like me. I purchased their basic entry level setup. The "given" on their setup is the distance between the vertical surface of the tower upright and the kingpin centerline. The distance between the uprights is determined by your particular application. It's just a 4" tube cut to length. I decided to reduce the track width by 1" per side because I was running wider front tires. I just did the math and Kugel built it. Unfortunately, I don't remember or have any record of the numbers. I am more than pleased with the result. I see you're in the mid-West. There is a similar unit I believe made by Heidts in Illinois which might be an option to reduce shipping costs. If you are unable to connect with me via PM on this site, I will provide an email or phone number if you need more info.
  10. I split the frame thru the spring pockets back to the firewall, welded in a 1/4 plate that matched the width of the Kugel unit,....and welded the part of the frame I'd removed back on.
  11. This is a Kugel Komponents IFS I patched in to the stock frame. I an very happy with the performance and ride after 35K miles.
  12. Here's one I had years ago. Big plans for a little Red Ram Hemi that never happened. Wish I still had it.
  13. I believe there are adapters Hemis to Mopar TorqueFlite automatics. I had a small version of that trans w/overdrive called an A500. I believe it was frequently used in the 5.9 l Dakota pickups. I also believe those Dakotas also had a 5 spd manual. I love that IRS. Never seen one. That be too heavy a unit to go under a car?
  14. Looks like a nice car,.....with all the cautions as mentioned above. However, $29K is way over priced in my opinion. The collector car prices are way down, and more so for the less popular brands. I could accept that the owner easily has $30K into it but to me $15K is a more realistic starting price. I'm asking only half of what I have into my P15 and have had minimal nibbles. Go to classiccars.com and look for comparables.
  15. mrwrstory


    Rain-X has an aerosol clean and repel product that works quite well. I resisted for some time thinking it was a do-all product that probably didn't work very well. What I particularly like is I can achieve a streak free windshield that was almost impossible with the original stuff. It's important too to apply and let cure per the directions.
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