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  1. Congratulations! Always a hoot! Hopefully you'll experience many more.
  2. https://brillman.com/ in the Eastern U.S.
  3. I love it,....with a caveat. You'll never beat a Ford unless it's a Four Banger
  4. The last image shows the system running on the bench. All I gotta do now is plumb into the engine compartment.
  5. the first image is a mockup to be sure everything fit in the limited space available. the second image shows the modified water in/outlet locations. I found an old timey radiator repair shop and the proprietor was eager to work on something out of the ordinary. Note the detail on the water tubes. A tip from a forum member for a detail that simulates the bump to augment a god hose seal. It's 14 ga household copper wire soldered to the tube.
  6. Most all of the above input is valid. That said, I have not scene a coil-over modification into the stock suspension geometry. If cost and the requirement or interest to explore a new solution are not a concern,.... go for it. That said,...that said, cutting a coil and relocating the spring pocket will get you a decent drop, at virtually no cost. And the original spring has already "settled". And yes, remounting the shocks are a given. The ride will be stiffened and drivebility improved 'tho understand that in extreme cases the suspension may bottom out which is the cost of having a car with a more contemporary appearance. I did all that but eventually ended up with a IFS clip because I can't resist messing with, exploring the options. Good luck. How 'bout some pics.
  7. looks very much like a P15 dash that has been modified. The outboard ends, gauge cluster and glove box appear correct. The center has been modified, deleting the radio and speaker grill.
  8. As I recall,.....135# watercolor paper is REALLY expensive! I like the tip to the "Task Board" Thanks J. Great project. Please keep the pics and updates coming. Gives me some comfort re frustrations, patience, determination et al. Thanks Paul. I believe it was Winston Churchill who said, "success results from going from failure to failure without loosing enthusiasm",....or something like that. Best to all for the Holidays.
  9. I have used Redline Gauge Works in So Calif. They converted the gauges in my P15 to 12 volts and left the faces as "aged original" http://redlinegaugeworks.com/
  10. I'm lovin this thread!!!!! I'm thinking the majority of the folks on this site are "gritting their teeth"! I see the responses are light. So many here have issues with modifying a Mopar,....even more when violating them with Chevy parts. I think your 2 door is cool and provides a great canvas for doing your own thing. Please post more pics, and ask more questions.
  11. I had the same "cop car" rims on my car. They also accommodate various Mopar hubcaps. Nice upgrade with 60's profile radials. I'll try to find a pic. Not so sure 'tho with wide whites.
  12. Finally after a whole lotta head scratching, I think I've got it. Two pieces of folded sheet metal. The voids in between are the plenum for the air to pass through the heater coil and out the front. Part #1 (far right in last pics) mounts the muffin fans and is bolted to the firewall. Part #2 is attached to the original and modified housing and that assembly is attached to thefirewall part via bolts through the side flanges.
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