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  1. Here's one I had years ago. Big plans for a little Red Ram Hemi that never happened. Wish I still had it.
  2. I believe there are adapters Hemis to Mopar TorqueFlite automatics. I had a small version of that trans w/overdrive called an A500. I believe it was frequently used in the 5.9 l Dakota pickups. I also believe those Dakotas also had a 5 spd manual. I love that IRS. Never seen one. That be too heavy a unit to go under a car?
  3. Looks like a nice car,.....with all the cautions as mentioned above. However, $29K is way over priced in my opinion. The collector car prices are way down, and more so for the less popular brands. I could accept that the owner easily has $30K into it but to me $15K is a more realistic starting price. I'm asking only half of what I have into my P15 and have had minimal nibbles. Go to classiccars.com and look for comparables.
  4. mrwrstory


    Rain-X has an aerosol clean and repel product that works quite well. I resisted for some time thinking it was a do-all product that probably didn't work very well. What I particularly like is I can achieve a streak free windshield that was almost impossible with the original stuff. It's important too to apply and let cure per the directions.
  5. mrwrstory

    Roadster P15

    Here are two of the five Volvos I have owned over he years. Great cars and especially fun to drive. I had fantasies of putting a Baby Hemi in the wagon (still do) but life got in the way.
  6. mrwrstory

    Roadster P15

    I love it! I'd often though about Roadsterizing a Volvo 544. Had one back in the day. It would be half the size of the P15 Roadster shown above. The wheels are 17" Dodge Magnums.
  7. mrwrstory

    Roadster P15

    The Plymouth Roadster is one of my favorites. Unfortunately, I'll never see one in my possession. Sometime back I Photoshopped a "hardtop" version of my P15 just for fun. Next step would be to completely remove the top and finish with a tonneau cover like Plymouthy says.
  8. And after a test drive with the refurbed carburetor, try running w/o the air cleaner to see if that changes things. Do one change at a time so's in the end you discover what the fix is/was.
  9. 318 in my opinion too. Almost as many of those as the slant 6 and it's a real work horse. Wrecking yard parts should be readily available. That coupled to the stock 904 transmission makes a lot of sense. You'll have to fabricate motor and transmission mounts and maybe move the radiator to the front side of the core support.
  10. I've had the same experience. If you have carefully "flared", then tighten and re-tighten the fittings several times before starting over.
  11. How cool! You own it? Restoring it?
  12. Anyone use any of the oil additives that claim "improved seal sealing"? I installed a Mopar crate motor in my P15 and figured I'd treat it to "blended high zinc diesel oil" aka Rotella. The stuff is so slippery that the main seal can not do its' job. After 40K miles I have switched to conventional oil, 10W-30 but it still leaks like a sieve. Engine runs great and does not burn any oil,....just leaves the puddle in my garage. Never tried any of the 'snake oil" solutions. Any risk of damage or other complications. I'm not ready to pull the engine for a new main seal. Observations or experienced opinions welcome.
  13. Absolutely love it! You'll have some Mopar "experts" scratching their heads and others a bit more focused, absolutely irritated at the violation of the car if not the valve covers. Please show us more.
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